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The Inaugural Swim Bike Mom TrainCation

We are home from the first Swim Bike Mom TrainCation event in “sunny” Florida!  And “sunny” is most definitely in quotes.  I am still trying to thaw out… Brrrrrrrrrrr. I could write about all the fun things and crazy-cold weather, but I think pictures are worth a thousand words–so I’ve included a ton of them. We […]


The Big Scary

Many of you probably already know that my foolish tail signed up for Ironman Lake Placid, which takes place in July.  And yes, that’s leaving Ironman Louisville still on the table for October.  And yes, I am fully aware of how dumb and crazy it is to do two Ironman races in one year. My […]

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Sh*t that Gets In Your Head

I was eating my wonderfully healthy fish and salad for lunch, dilly-dallying on Facebook, when I came across an archenemy’s profile. (Okay, so I don’t really have an archenemy, but anyway.) There she was, in her profile picture, this so-called-yes-no-yes-archenemy who used to be ugly and “fat” (she wasn’t really fat or ugly, for the […]

Augusta 70.3 Athlete Village

Ambassador Spotlight: Karen Vickers

Spotlight for this week is on SBMAT Ambassador, Karen Vickers.  She’s one of my athletes who I coached to her first 70.3 last year.  This is my favorite coach picture moment at the finish of her first 70.3 last year… I brag about Karen all the time—because I think in the 10 months that I coached her […]

What We Do

Being a Swim Bike Mom is sometimes the greatest challenge and gift.  Love this poster from SBM, Kerri. #justkeepmovingforward!


New Triathlete Magazine Article

Check out Meredith's April recent installment in Triathlete Magazine, in her column "Beginner's Luck". Tri-ing for two. On newstands now.


Swim Bike KID Gear On Sale Now

Available now for Pre-Order through March 2!  Your kiddos will look awesome in this fancy pants new gear from Swim Bike Kid!


Women for Tri:  The Board Meeting

Incredibly honored (understatement) to be a part of the inaugural Women For Tri™ Board of Advisors. I am so in love with the sport of triathlon and am thrilled to take part in this initiative--to unite and empower female athletes of all ages and fitness levels, and to work to break down barriers to entry into triathlon.  We had our first Board Meeting on Feburary 4.  Go here to learn a little about what we hope to accomplish.


Need a Training Plan for your Sprint, Oly or 70.3?

Swim Bike Train has your plans! Go here to learn more.


Swim Bike Mom Gear

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