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Why a Watch Changed Everything

…okay, maybe not everything. So, yes. I made the ridiculous investment in the new Garmin 920xt (with HR monitor) two weeks ago.  And man, oh man… I was wondering what the fuss was about. But I am in total love with it. But it’s not just this watch, really. (Okay, maybe it is…)  But I have been […]

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Go Slow to Go Fast

Here’s an excerpt from my book, written by my former coach, about the benefits of heartrate training. Go Slow to Go Fast Two very important things to remember when you begin a running program, especially in triathlon: Go Slow to Go Fast and Focus on Quality Instead of Quantity What does “go slow to go […]


Ambassador Spotlight: Laura Burnett

Love the spirit and drive of this week’s spotlight ambassador, Laura Burnett.  She’s fun and awesome and loves to run in the snow, apparently.      Laura Burnett City/State:          Davison, Michigan Age Group:         40-44 Biggest Inspiration:   First my son, who gives me unconditional love and support.  I’m so proud of the young man he has […]


50 Women to Kona, Mud, Social Media and Rain

Today, I endured an amazing and wet and muddy 48 miler at the Cartersville Budweiser Plant. The Expert, “You can’t be seriously going riding in this weather.” To which I said, “Yes, yes I can. Every single rainy cycling day before Ironman Coeur d’Alene? I sat on my trainer and watched the damn sun come […]

Proud to be a Member of the 2015 Klean Athlete Team




New Badass Mother Runner Book

Tales from Another Mother Runner was just released by the Mother Runners, and I have one of the essays featured in the book.

"In “I Just Try Really Hard,” Meredith Atwood writes about her inability to identify as a real runner and athlete, even after completing an ironman triathlon. Atwood describes her journey toward “learning to love the athletic me, the triathletic me, just me, right where I am.” The essay speaks to the lack of esteem that seems endemic among mother runners, who downplay their efforts, unwilling to believe that they are indeed what Bowen Shea and McDowell call “bad-assed mother runners” (or BAMR for short)."  Read more...


What We Do

Being a Swim Bike Mom is sometimes the greatest challenge and gift.  Love this poster from SBM, Kerri. #justkeepmovingforward!


New Triathlete Magazine Article

Check out Meredith's April recent installment in Triathlete Magazine, in her column "Beginner's Luck". Tri-ing for two. On newstands now.


Women for Tri:  The Board Meeting

Incredibly honored (understatement) to be a part of the inaugural Women For Tri™ Board of Advisors. I am so in love with the sport of triathlon and am thrilled to take part in this initiative--to unite and empower female athletes of all ages and fitness levels, and to work to break down barriers to entry into triathlon.  We had our first Board Meeting on Feburary 4.  Go here to learn a little about what we hope to accomplish.


Need a Training Plan for your Sprint, Oly or 70.3?

Swim Bike Train has your plans! Go here to learn more.


Swim Bike Mom Gear

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