The Power of Consistency

I preach to my athletes:  Triathlon “success” is all about consistency.  Hit your workouts, put in your time, don’t ignore your HR zones, and you’ll get there. Where in the hells bells have I been?  Oh, that’s right… not following my own advice. Sure, I was a little burned out after 140.6 in […]


Do I REALLY Need a Coach??

Having a triathlon coach to mentor you, write your training plans—and (most importantly) to talk you off the edge when you are freaking out— is, in my opinion, money well spent.  I have been a coached athlete since January of 2011, and I know it’s been the best thing for me. […]


Training and the Family Dynamic

The most common question I receive is: “How do you get to a half Ironman or an Ironman, manage all that training with a job and a family?” The only answer to that question is:  carefully I have an upcoming article in Triathlete coming out in a few months where I talk in-depth […]


Spandex Who!?

One of the most challenging parts about our amazing sport is the attire. OH lawdy, the tight, sausage-inducing clothing that we must wear in races.  This little poster has made its way around the internet for awhile now.  (And yes, this actually was me in 2012, Ironman 70.3 Augusta). I do […]

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Runner Back!

On this last post of 2014, I thought I would end on a positive note… [And the people rejoiced.] I pulled myself together for a 3.5 mile trail run in Mountain Park today.  I haven’t done much in the way of running over the last week  two weeks or so […]

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Setting an Intention

I dabble in yoga. [I mean really dabble.] I go to yoga when my internal head scramble is so much jumble that I can’t see straight.  When in reality, I should be going to yoga on a regular basis to prevent the internal head scrabble from happening in the first place. […]

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Beach 2 Battleship 140.6: The Swim Bike Mom Race Report

Beach 2 Battleship 140.6 Who:   Setup Events When:  October 25, 2014 Where: Wilmington, NC How Far:  2.4 mile swim, 112 mile bike, 26.2 mile marathon (also known as the IRON distance, but not a branded Ironman race) The Long Road Down… er, Up… er, Over? The Swim Bike Family […]


Pre-Race Bear Sabotage

As I stood at the kitchen sink last night literally inhaling ice cream with Magic Shell on top (mmmmm, Magic Shell), I had to kick myself in the ass once again.  I am doing it. The pre-race sabotage. I do this before every, single “big race” that I have.  The […]


“You are a Beast” …and a Birthday!

Happy birthday to you, Happy birthday to you, Happy birthday DEAR BLOG…. Happy birthday to you! Swim Bike Mom started four years ago today, with a simple post. A few simple words.  Which just could have been a whole lotta hot air. I have decided to become a Triathlete. So simple, yet so […]

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Today Matters

…sometimes more than we realize. Today is one of those days where I feel like a complete and utter failure. I am missing my children…  I feel like I have failed them. Like I have missed out on loving them the best that I can.  That I have missed out […]


The Sucky Rotation Schedule

Received this email this morning, and with the permission of the sender, I thought I’d post here… and respond. I feel like her question/concerns are a very common one for us Swim Bike Moms, so here goes: Hey Meredith [that’s my real name, in case any of you didn’t actually […]

Women for Tri

Incredibly honored (understatement) to be a part of the inaugural Women For Tri™ Board of Advisors. I am so in love with the sport of triathlon and am thrilled to take part in this initiative--to unite and empower female athletes of all ages and fitness levels, and to work to break down barriers to entry into triathlon.

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Remembering why we "TRI"

Some days it just feels IMPOSSIBLE to get moving and keep going in this triathlon journey.  But each day and each workout is a gift. It's important to remember the "why" behind the "tri" - why did you start this journey in the first place? What do you hope to accomplish?  Keep your eyes on the prize and #justkeepmovingforward!



New Triathlete Magazine Article

Check out Meredith's most recent installment in Triathlete Magazine, in her column "Beginner's Luck".  A little lesson in self-compassion. On newstands now.

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Swim Bike Mom Gear

The official re-launch of Swim Bike Sell has happened!


Need a Winter Training Plan?

Swim Bike Train has your 12 week plan for the off-season! Go here to learn more.