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Tuesday Thoughts

When I was training for my first Ironman in 2013, I would religiously track the weather the days leading up to the long ride on the weekends. “Oh no, it’s going to rain, guess I’m on the trainer for 4 hours. Six hours.” I would set up my trainer. Get Netflix ready. Lube up the […]

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Why We Tri

100 Days. Well, 99 days until Ironman Lake Placid.  (But who’s counting. I started this post yesterday). I remember how I felt 100 days before my first Ironman in 2013.  Unsure of what I was doing (even though I had a coach).  Unsure of why I was doing it (the Expert had lost his job, I wasn’t […]


All THE Things….

It’s really hard to manage All The Things and get them all “right.” It’s easy to get wires crossed and intentions twisted up and all messy. I usually do a “decent” job, but every once in a while I am reminded of how very (very) mortal and untimely and clumsy I can be. At the […]

A Little Feature on Another Mother Runner


Tips for Making the Open Water Less Intimidating

In this month's Triathlete Magazine...  

"My first open-water training swim may have been one of the worst in the history of open-water swimming. The horrifying tale went something like this: 43 degrees outside, 62 degrees in the lake and my first time in a wetsuit. I knew the open water would be tough, but I was a good swimmer. I would be fine."  Read more...


Proud to be a Member of the 2015 Klean Athlete Team




New Badass Mother Runner Book

Tales from Another Mother Runner was just released by the Mother Runners, and I have one of the essays featured in the book.

"In “I Just Try Really Hard,” Meredith Atwood writes about her inability to identify as a real runner and athlete, even after completing an ironman triathlon. Atwood describes her journey toward “learning to love the athletic me, the triathletic me, just me, right where I am.” The essay speaks to the lack of esteem that seems endemic among mother runners, who downplay their efforts, unwilling to believe that they are indeed what Bowen Shea and McDowell call “bad-assed mother runners” (or BAMR for short)."  Read more...


What We Do

Being a Swim Bike Mom is sometimes the greatest challenge and gift.  Love this poster from SBM, Kerri. #justkeepmovingforward!


Women for Tri:  The Board Meeting

Incredibly honored (understatement) to be a part of the inaugural Women For Tri™ Board of Advisors. I am so in love with the sport of triathlon and am thrilled to take part in this initiative--to unite and empower female athletes of all ages and fitness levels, and to work to break down barriers to entry into triathlon.  We had our first Board Meeting on Feburary 4.  Go here to learn a little about what we hope to accomplish.


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Swim Bike Mom Gear

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