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JOIN NOW and SAVE 10-50% from amazing sponsors ALL YEAR LONG!

(Still the #BestTriClubEver!)

Spiritus Tri Club (a/k/a #BestTriClubEver) is VIRTUAL triathlon club full of amazing people from around the world who love to tri and love to be a part of a community.

We do not replace your local tri club, but we can be your home club if you do not have one.

We are a club unlike any other—where everyone is welcome in a virtual space—no matter his or her ability, size, shape, age, ethnicity, politics, race, gender identity, sexual orientation, favorite color is pink or red, or even if you don’t like lizards (who doesn’t like lizards!?)

This is a welcoming club for anyone who tris, or who is interested in becoming a triathlete.

What is a Tri Club?

Traditionally, a triathlon club is a local organization where you may have group swims, rides and runs, holiday parties and tents at races.

Maybe you have a coach or two who likes to work overtime and help out. Maybe you have a team kit that you all race in, or indoor cycling classes. Maybe there are local politics and the like to deal with. Maybe you love your local tri club, and if you do, that’s great!  Don’t get me wrong–local clubs are amazing.

(This Club is STILL for you—even if you have a current club!)

What we realized, however, is that this is also 2018-2019! We can do even more with a virtual tri club.

With the way of the internet, virtual everything and friends who we have across the globe–who we have never met–we have a tri club that can meet these demands.

It’s the place where you may be new to the sport and just want to do your workouts (alone), but also desperately need a support network–that maybe can’t be or won’t be local. Maybe you live in the middle of nowhere, work the night-shift, have young kids, and more. Maybe life is just too busy to commit to the local groups.  All of these lifestyles are all really tough to schedule with a local tri club. (And how can you get to know people when you can never be there?)

And that’s exactly where this Tri Club was born.

In our second year, we are continuing to think outside of the box with the ideas, the inspiration and the discounts. We are available all the time. For virtual trainer rides. For connection. For advice. For laughter. For tears. For a sense of community that isn’t filled with any sort of elitism, specific speed requirements, or anything other than L-O-V-E and T-R-I.


Why We Are Different

Spiritus Tri Club is a national (and international) virtual tri club comprised of men and women.

Our home base city is wherever you are.

Our home base meeting is on Facebook.

Our people are real, welcoming, loving, supportive.

Our sponsors cover all the tri gear you need from bikes to goggles to shoes to skin care.

The difference is:

  • We have resources in the form of friends, coaches and sponsors, live videos from our sponsors and experts.  We have a large resource base of knowledge, people and friends in the community
  • The Club is backed by amazing sponsors ALONG with years of proven morale, community and true support of the friends in Swim Bike Mom—and the community that has grown since 2010
  • We are here for you no matter what your ability, size, shape or place in life is.
  • Whether you do sprints or IRONMAN, or none of the above—if you like to run, but are thinking about tri? We are here.
  • 2019 meet-ups, including exclusives on the Triathlon for the Every Woman book tour
  • The Club is a true “no drop” ride–no one who is part of this club will be left behind–ever!

What Do I Get?

With membership, you are given access to not only an amazing community, but also amazing sponsor discounts—you will literally have a discount for every single thing that you “need” in triathlon – ranging from your goggles to your bike to your running shoes.

Add on a Discounted Training Plan:

Training Plans are available for purchase at a big discount to club members. The Team Spiritus Coaching plans are available starting February 1, and you can begin your cycling whenever you are ready after February 1.  Plans range from Sprint to 140.6, and 12 to 24 weeks. You will have access to Meredith Atwood and Todd Nixon, coaches, in the Tri Club group during your training plan.
*Discounted, exclusive one-one-one coaching is also available for Tri Club members. Learn more about Team Spiritus Coaching here.

Find Your Tribe:

Be part of a “team” if you don’t have a local team (or you can choose to race as part of our team!).  You will have support as a new or seasoned triathlete from your community. You will have access to new friends and like-minded triathletes across the globe. Find new friends and triathletes in your area.

Save Money:

Save hundreds (potentially thousands) on triathlon gear with over 25 sponsors.  The membership pays for itself – with amazing discounts from sponsors! If you buy ONLY one pair of shoes, one pair of goggles, some gels and a pair of socks – you will break even with the membership fee.   And you know you’re going to buy more than that in 2019 to support your habit. 🙂

If you are in the market for large items like: bike, wetsuit, power meter or race wheels – you are going to save HUNDREDS of dollars with your membership… up to thousands over the course of the year with these big items!

We have anywhere from 10%-60% off pricing for our members on: bikes, wetsuits, race entries, race wheels, sunglasses, cycling gear, socks, goggles, shoes, trainers, power meters, bike racks, nutrition, skin care, tri kits, sunscreen, make-up and more.

Our sponsors will have dozens of freebies and giveaways scheduled throughout the year.

More Benefits:

Online and instant access to education, videos, events and resources from our sponsors.

If you are interested in starting a local chapter, this is the start for the local Spiritus Club Ever chapter in your area. We are looking for leaders and coaches to help us across the globe as beta clubs in 2019 and beyond.

(Optional) Race as part of the IRONMAN Tri Club Program under Spiritus Tri Club for early race entries and other Tri Club benefits.

NOTE: Racing as part of the the IRONMAN Tri Club program is NOT mandatory for club membership.

Who are the Official Sponsors?

We are thrilled to announce our Official Sponsors for 2019.  This list will be continuously updated, so check back often!

Quintana Roo Bikes (Official Bike Sponsor)

Orr Cycling (Carbon Race Wheels)

ROKA Sports (Goggles, Wetsuits, More)

Rudy Project (Sunglasses, Helmets, More)

Best Bike Split (Training Software)

Klean Athlete (Supplements)

Amphiphod (Hydration Systems)

Rock Tape (Kinesiology tape & products)

Huma Gel (Race and Training Gel Nutrition)

Nuun Hydration (Electrolytes)

CycleOps (Indoor Trainers)

PowerTap (Power Meters)

Saris (Bike Racks)

Running Warehouse (Shoes and more)

Headsweats (Headwear)

Tri Bike Transport (Bike Transport to Races)

Tailwind Nutrition (Race and Training Liquid Nutrition)

Swiftwick Socks (Socks)

The Original Worm  (body roller)

BeautyCounter (Makeup, Hair Care, Sunscreen)

Cannon Cyclery, Local and Virtual Bike Shop, Atlanta

1st Choice Sports Rehab (Sport Chiropractic) Atlanta

Other Tri Club FAQs

Q: How much is Membership?

A: Membership in the club is $69 (less than $8 a month) for the entire 2019 year.  Is there a discount for renewal? (Yes, please see the Spirtus Tri Club Facebook group!)

Q: Is this a Yearly Fee? 

A: Yes, membership fee will be a yearly fee.  All registrations renew on January 1 of each year, or with early bird specials, regardless of when joined.

Q: Is the Club for Men and Women?

A:  Yes.

Q: But I am already a member of a local club. Can I join this club?

A:  Yes, absolutely.  We do not want to take away members from local clubs–that is NOT the point of this Club AT ALL.

Q: For IRONMAN and USAT, which Club do I list as my affiliated club?

A:  That is up to you completely. We would love to have you race as a member of ours—however, that is up to you. Please note, however, that you will not be eligible to be a part of early entry for races if you are not listing the Club as your primary club. That is an IRONMAN rule, and it is checked.  You simply choose “SPIRITUS TRI CLUB” from the dropdown on profile.

Q:  Is anyone welcome to register?

A:  Yes, absolutely! All levels of triathletes or new triathletes or want-to-be triathletes are welcome.  Any age, experience, gender, nationality, etc…  Everyone is welcome to register. If for some reason we cannot accept your membership due to overwhelming conflicts, general concerns such as social media bullying history, or the like, you will be refunded the registration fee in full.

Q:  Are there Family Memberships?

A:  Because of the agreement with our sponsors and the nature of this non-local club, each registrant who is in the Facebook group must execute the agreement and registration and pay the yearly fee.

Q: Can I get a Training Plan without Joining the Club?

A:  Yes, but you save money with the Tri Club. Go here to learn more about coaching and the plans.

Q: When can I use my Discounts?

A: The Tri Club officially re-opens with new discounts and deals on January 1 with the 2019 Sponsors.  However, you can take advantage of our 2019 discounts by joining anytime before 2019 once registration is open.

Q: How will I keep up with all this information?

A:  All rules, social media info, code of conduct, discounts and the like will be stored in the Facebook group for easy access.

Q:  Will there be a Meet-Ups? 

A:  There will will be several meet-ups across the country during the year, including Meredith Atwood’s BOOK TOUR for Triathlon for the Every Woman.

Q: Is Facebook required to be a Member of the Club? 

A: Yes. Facebook IS required to be part of the Tri Club. Because we are a virtual club, this is a requirement. No exceptions as this is where the club communications and documents will be housed.

Q: Will you have Club Kits or Gear?

A:  We will have Team Visors and T-Shirts available.  At this time, we are not offering Club Kits–mostly because many of the Members will have local clubs, sponsors and the like–and want to wear their own kits. We will explore further in the year if the demand grows.

We will hopefully have new 2019 visors for you to rock on the course to see your Club-mates.


Q:  Am I required to love and promote all the Sponsors?

A:  No, of course not.  However, those sponsors you DO love, you are requested to show the love for them if you are using their products and Club codes.

Q: What types of discounts am I getting from the Sponsors?

A:  This will be fully disclosed in the group. However, the average discount from our sponsors is 20% on products.  Race wheels are $300-500 off. Huma Gel has offered a generous 35% off, while Klean Athlete is giving 50% off to club members.

Every sponsor is offering a discount to club members, or supporting regular giveaways in the group.

Q: Can I share my cool discounts with my friends?

A:  Tri Club discounts are exclusive to Members.  Sharing of the discounts outside of the club is strictly prohibited.

Q: Do I have to do social media things? I hate social media!

A:  We are a heavy social media club, and there are requests to share the love about the Club and our sponsors during the year. You do not have to go crazy, but when you get a sponsor discount and product you love–then share the love!  More on this in the Agreement.

Q: How do I Register?

A:  Please go to this link and complete the registration form. You will be directed to PayPal, where you can create an account or simply pay with a card.  After you complete the process, please click on the final link and complete the Tri Club Agreement.

Q: Registration  FAQ – I am confused!  Here’s your guide to the registration form.

  • Does it work on mobile?
    Yes. However, if you have difficulties, we recommend attempting to register from a computer before contacting us. If that doesn’t work, please attempt another browser as sometimes they are crotchety.
    If you still have issues, please contact:
  • Why do you need my mobile number?  What will you use it for?
    Naturally, for crank calls. In all seriousness, you don’t have to provide it. BUT if you don’t enter your email correctly, then I have no way to reach you. I promise that I will not call you or sell your number to third parties. Privacy policy here.
  • If there’s a required item that doesn’t apply to me, what do I do?
    Simply use “N/A”
  • If there’s a required question that I don’t understand, what do I do?
    Simply use “N/A”
  • What is “Facebook Email”?
    This is the email address associated with your Facebook account.  A Facebook account IS required to be part of the Tri Club.
  • I don’t have (or want) an Instagram or Twitter account, what do I do?
    You may simply enter “N/A”. However, if you do have a social media account, please provide it. Don’t skip over this item to hurry through.

Q: I changed my mind after I joined. Can I get a refund? 

A:  Refunds may be given within three (3) days of registration.  After January 1, 2019, no refunds are given on club membership due to the exclusive nature of the information and sponsor relations in the club.

Q: My money was refunded a few days after the registration and I wasn’t added to the Facebook group – what gives?

A:  For reasons that may include conflict of interest or other, we reserve the right to refund any registration fee fully at the time of registration for any reason.

Q:  I don’t like the sponsors or the registration process, and I don’t like you or your membership fee. Will you change everything to make me happy?

A:  No, I’m sorry. We have worked tirelessly to make it the #BestTriClubEver! 🙂 We have amazing discounts and sponsors and members and people and friends. If this doesn’t make you happy, then nothing will, and that’s okay—but it’s probably not the right place for you.  🙂

I Am SO In!  What Next?

Please note that there is a TWO-STEP process – a registration form and an agreement. Please ensure you fill out both.  We look forward to this upcoming year, so much.

Join Our Community.

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