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Training Plans

All Spiritus Training Plans are original plans created for each distance listed, for any male or female athlete. (Note: These are not the plans for one-on-one coaching. Those are created for each athlete, individually. Go here for more.)  In the training plans, the run and bike workouts are built in TrainingPeaks and able to be uploaded to your Garmin for easy-to-follow workouts based on your personal HeartRate Zones and Pace (from the testing within the plans). A Garmin is recommended, but not required.

The Plans are loaded through TrainingPeaks (so you will need a account). As a BONUS, you will receive an Introductory PDF with video tutorials for setting up your Heartrate and Pace zones in TrainingPeaks and your Garmin.

12-Week Sprint or Mini-Sprint Plan

The 12-week Sprint plan is intended for the budding/baby/newbie triathlete training for their first or next sprint or mini-sprint distance race. Athletes should (at a minimum) be able to swim 100 yards/m (4 pool lengths) continuously, ride a bike for 20 minutes, and run/walk 1 mile (no matter how slowly!) before beginning the plan.  Garmin with HeartRate monitor preferred (but also optional) to get the most out of the plan. See a Sample Week here.

16-Week Olympic Distance Plan

The 16-week Olympic plan is for an advanced beginner or intermediate athlete who has completed several Sprint races and is ready to jump Olympic distance. Athletes should be able to swim 500 yards/m continuously, ride their bike for one hour or more without stopping, and run a 5k comfortably, no matter how slowly. See a Sample Week here. Garmin with HeartRate monitor preferred (but also optional) to get the most out of the plan.

20-Week 70.3 Plan

The 20-week 70.3 plan is for an intermediate triathlete—no matter how fast or slow—but with a solid endurance base. Athletes should have at least one race season under their belt and should be able to do an Olympic distance triathlon comfortably. Garmin with HeartRate monitor preferred (but also optional) to get the most out of the plan. *This plan is not designed for a brand new athlete, but will work well for any speed of athlete who consistently puts in the time and effort into their training. See a Sample Week here.

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About the Coaches

Meredith Atwood is a four-time IRONMAN finisher, seven-time 70.3 finisher, IRONMAN certified, USA Triathlon Level 1, Youth and Junior Certified triathlon coach, Level I Metabolic Efficiency Training Specialist (METS I), USA Weightlifting Level II Advanced Sports Performance Coach… and what she likes to call a “life and dream coach” with TEAM Spiritus Tri. Meredith has coached athletes to successful sprint, Olympic, IRONMAN 70.3 and IRONMAN finishes. She started from the couch and went to her first IRONMAN (2.4 mile swim, 112 mile bike, 26.2 marathon) in three years–while working full-time and living the family life. Contact Meredith.


2017-02-02Todd Nixon is a multiple-time IRONMAN finisher, USA Triathlon Level 1 Certified and Youth and Junior Certified triathlon coach, IRONMAN certified triathlon coach, and a Level I Metabolic Efficiency Training Specialist (METS I) with TEAM Spiritus Tri.  He is the owner of Boom Multisport coaching. He has coached triathlon since 2014, and lives in the Atlanta area with his wife, Sara, and three kiddos.  Todd is the Spiritus Tri Club (#BestTriClubEver) manager and Director of Sponsor Relations. He has been a valuable part to the Swim Bike Community for several years now.   Contact Todd via this link.


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