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Complete Show Notes Archives here

Episode 111: Gretchen Rubin: Outer Order, Inner Calm & Happiness

Episode 110: Joyce Shulman: 99 Walks, Macaroni Kid and Motherhood

Episode 109: Gary John Bishop: Stop Doing that Sh*t

Episode 108: Britt Frank: You are Not Crazy. You are Not Broken.

Episode 107: Sasha Heinz, Ph.D: Perfectionism, People-Pleasing and Positive Psychology

Episode 106: Emily Giffin: Something Borrowed, Something Lawyered, and Something Written

Episode 105: Mike Reilly and Hunter Allen: LIVE from NormaTec Recovery Headquarters in Boston (Race Mania 2019)

Episode 104: Amy Dresner: My Fair Junkie – Getting Clean, Sobriety, Suicide. Keep Talking

Episode 103: Kate Northrup: DO Less

Episode 102: Matt Javit: Traveling the World and Mid-Career Gap

Episode 101: Matt Fitzgerald: Life is a Marathon

Episode 100: Heather Armstrong: Dooce and the Valedictorian of Being Dead

Episode 99: Peter Shankman: Faster Than Normal

Episode 98: Kathryn Hansen: Brain Over Binge (Eating)

Episode 97: I Hate This Amazing Body: Meredith Atwood at Outspoken – November 2018

Episode 96: Kyle and Brent Pease:

Episode 95: Lauren Zander: Humans are Rated X and Your Parents are Having Sex

Episode 94: James Newbury: Strength, CrossFit Games & “The Method”

Episode 93: Bob Harper

Episode 92: The Best of the Same 24 Hours: Some of the Best Advice You’ll Ever Hear

Episode 91: Gary John Bishop: Unf*ck Yourself and Stop Doing that Sh*t

Episode 90: From Meredith

Episode 89: Brian Mackenzie: Speed Power Endurance and Unbreakable Runner Running

Episode 88: Tony Hawk: Skateboarding, Chimpanzees, Parenting and Video Games

Episode 87: Kara Saunders: CrossFit Inspiration, Games and “Rubbish” Food

Episode 86: Erik Weihenmayer: No Barriers on Mt. Everest and in Life

Episode 85: Dr. Christiane Northrup: Dodging Energy Vampires and Goddesses Never Age

Episode 84: Off the Clock – Reframing the Story of “Busy”

Episode 83: Mike Rouse: The Joy of Running and Running and Running

Episode 82: Kyle Maynard: No Excuses, Climbing Mountains and Fear

Episode 81 – Lisa F. Smith: Girl Walks Out of a Bar

Complete Show Notes Archives here

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Episode 80 – Mirna Valerio: Ultra-Running, Body Image, Bears, Oh My

Episode 79 – Rachel Joyce: IRONMAN Champ, Mum, Recovering Attorney

Episode 78 – Ben Dziwulski: WODPrep, CrossFit and Stronger Things

Episode 77 – Shay Eskew – What the Fire Ignited

Episode 76 – Dr. Will Cole – Functional Medicine & Nutrition

Episode 75 – Emily Ann Peterson: Bare Naked Bravery

Episode 74 – Leah Weinberg – Color Pop Events & Entrepreneurship

Episode 73 – Laila Ali – Boxing and Thinking Outside the Box

Episode 72 – Kyle Kingsbury – UFC Fighter and Total Human Optimization

Episode 71 – Jeffrey Davis: Tracking Wonder

Episode 70: Brad Cooper: Godspeed – The Race Across America

Episode 69: Bob Clagett: I Like to Make Stuff & Making Time

Episode 68: Melissa Hartwig:  Whole30 and “The Same 24 Hours”

Episode 67: Nicole DeBoom: Running this World and Skirt Sports and Stuff

Episode 66: John Young:  “The Hammer”

Episode 65: Lizzie Velasquez: Dare to Be Kind

Episode 64: Benjamin Hardy: Willpower Doesn’t Work

Episode 63:  Kelly Roberts:  She Can and She Did (f/k/a Run Selfie Repeat)

Episode 62: Cheryl Haworth: Olympian and Weightlifter

Episode 61: Dr. Kelly Brogan

Episode 60: Chrissie Wellington

Episode 59: Another Mother Runner Icons, Dimity McDowell and Sarah Bowen Shea

Episode 58:  Fit Legally: Rachel Brenke

Episode 57: James Lawrence: The Iron Cowboy

Episode 56: Amy Morin: Mentally Strong People and Parents
Episode 55: Ted Rubin: #NoLetUp
Episode 54: Richard Turner: Dealt
Episode 53: Randy Spelling: Unlimiting You

Episode 52: Natalie Brenner: This Undeserved Life
Episode 51: Michael Stevens: Mind Field
Episode 50: Jason Jaksetic: Spartan Racing
Episode 49: Craig Kulyk: Create Good Mornings
Episode 48: Diane Berberian: Lose of Sight and Seeing Life
Episode 47: Josh Mathe – Trail Running and More
Episode 46: Mike Reilly : the Voice of IRONMAN

Episode 45: Christine Goodner: Music, Children and the Suzuki Method
Episode 44: Kim Stemple and We Finish Together
Episode 43: Down Syndrome & Law Syndrome
Episode 42: Rob Jones: Double-Amputee and 31 Marathons in 31 Days in 31 Cities
Episode 41: Ally Faber: Treacher Collins Syndrome and Nolan
Episode 40: Anthony Malone: Yoga and Life
Episode 39: Dr. Aviva Romm

Episode 38: Louise Green: Big Fit Girl
Episode 37: Erin Musto: Maddie’s Mark
Episode 36: Dina Griffin: Metabolic Efficiency Training
Episode 35: THE Dr. Shefali: Conscious Parenting

Episode 34: John Kim: The Angry Therapist
Episode 33: David Dillard-Wright: Meditation and A Mindful Life
Episode 32: David Garrow: Barack Obama and Pulitzer-Prize Winning
Episode 31: Kim Dinan: The Yellow Envelope
Episode 30: Jeff Goins – Real Artists Don’t Starve
Episode 29: Annie Grace – Naked Mind and Alcohol
Episode 28: Mirinda Carfrae:  IRONMAN World Champion and Mom-to-Be
Episode 27: Natalia Cohen:  Losing Sight of Shore

Episode 26: Kyle and Brent Pease: IRONMEN Times Three
Episode 25: Josh Mathe:  I, Athlete
Episode 24: Sarah Hepola: Blackout
Episode 23: Scott Rigsby: Unthinkable & Making an Impact
Episode 22: Deb Cheslow: Unrealogical and Brave
Episode 21: Dr. Anthony Jay: Estrogeneration
Episode 20: Michelle Kalinski
Episode 19: Lesley Paterson: The Brave Athlete
Episode 18: Jeff Galloway: Running and Walking and Running
Episode 17: David Leite: Notes on a Banana
Episode 16: Lauren Handel Zander:  Maybe It’s You. (Cut the Crap)

Episode 15: Megan Melgaard: Fix My Swim
Episode 14: Dr. Darryl Johnson:  Marijuana (Yes, Really)
Episode 13: BethAnn Telford: Brain Cancer and Beyond
Episode 12: Audrey Sanchez: Balanced
Episode 11: Dr. Michael Greger: How Not to Die
Episode 10: Jason Cohen : #BigChangeTheFilm
Episode 9: Bridget Quinn: Art and Life
Episode 8: Sika Henry
Episode 7: Susan Wintersteen: Savvy & Generous
Episode 6:  Holly K. Dunn: Sole Survivor
Episode 5: Danielle Grabol: Fear No Distance
Episode 4: The Pease Brothers: Together We Wheel
Episode 2: Anna Woods: She Strength
Episode 1: Heart Rate Training with Gerry Halphen

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