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Episode 108: Britt Frank: You are Not Crazy. You are Not Broken

*Warning: Sensitive Content, Language and Adult topics.

Britt Frank, SCSW, LCSW, SEP, is a ​trauma specialist and speaker, teacher, and therapist. She’s also an award-winning adjunct professor at the University of Kansas.  Britt has worked as a primary therapist at a nationally renowned, Arizona based drug and alcohol treatment center that has been featured on A&E.

She is also a grief and loss expert and teaches classes and workshops on this topic. As a graduate of both Duke University (BA) and University of Kansas (MSW), and certified in Somatic Experiencing (learn more about SE), Britt is licensed in KS and MO to practice with adults, families and children.

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Episode 107: Sasha Heinz, Ph.D: Perfectionism, People-Pleasing and Positive Psychology

Sasha Heinz, Ph.D., MAPP, Developmental Psychologist and Life Coach, is an expert in Positive Psychology, lasting behavioral change, and the science of getting unstuck. Dr. Heinz has leveraged her academic expertise as a former faculty member at the University of Pennsylvania’s Master of Applied Positive Psychology program to give her clients the tools to change their lives for good. In her private coaching practice, she helps achievement junkies feel as good on the inside as their lives look on the outside. A graduate of Harvard University and a working mom, she’s lived life on the frontline of the battle with perfectionism. So, she can help you with that, too.

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Dr. Sasha Heinz says, “Therapy didn’t get me unstuck. It helped me understand why I was miserable, but instead of changing anything, I stayed married to that story: my mother, my childhood, feeling pressured to be perfect, yadda yadda. Understanding without changing, I was rolling around in the muck instead of cleaning it up. As a tool for change, “why” fell short.

Then, I got a coach (a year after calling and hanging up on her when I wasn’t ready). The coach helped me unlearn my self-destructive habits and replace them with positive ones. We worked on my mind and my emotions, but, most importantly, took action in a way I hadn’t done in therapy. She helped pull me out of the rough water and find my footing on terra firma.

The concept that life could be lived in a joyful, healthy, and internally driven way was fascinating new terrain for me. If I could make behavioral changes that seemed impossible to me and radically change my relationship with myself, what else could I do? What could I help other people do? I wanted to pour my academic curiosity into the science of well-being, behavioral change, and optimal human functioning. I did—and made it my career.

Since then, I have studied under and taught alongside some of the most influential and innovative psychologists in the field of Positive Psychology, including: Martin Seligman, Ph.D., Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, Ph.D., Angela Duckworth, Ph.D., Barry Schwartz, Ph.D., Jonathan Haidt, Ph.D., and Barbara Fredrickson, Ph.D. Not only did they pioneer the psychological study of happiness, but made terms like “flow” and “grit” a part of our colloquial vocabulary. My research at Columbia with Dr. Suniya Luthar focused on the developmental outcomes of both affluent and low-income adolescents.”

Episode 106: Emily Giffin: Something Borrowed, Something Lawyered, and Something Written

“All writers are neurotic and somewhat miserable.” 🙂

Emily Giffin, author of major hit novels such as Something Borrowed (adapted for the screen and hit theaters in May 2011, starring Kate Hudson, Ginnifer Goodwin and John Krasinski.), and eight others – well, she is one of my writing heroes.

Her books, all filled with endearingly flawed characters and emotional complexity, have resonated deeply with both critics and readers around the world, achieving bestseller status in a number of countries, including the United States (#1), Canada (#1), United Kingdom, France, Brazil and Poland (#1). The books have been translated into thirty-one languages, with over eleven million copies sold worldwide. In addition, five of her novels have been optioned for the big screen and are in various stages of development.

Emily Giffin, a Chicago native, graduated summa cum laude from Wake Forest University and the University of Virginia School of Law. After law school, she moved to Manhattan and practiced litigation at a large firm for several years while she paid back her school loans, wrote a novel in her very limited spare time, and dreamed of becoming a writer.

Despite the rejection of her first manuscript, Giffin persisted, retiring from the legal profession and moving to London to pursue her dreams full time. It was there that she began writing Something Borrowed(2004), a story of a young woman who, upon turning thirty, finally learned to take a risk and follow her heart. One year later, Giffin’s own gamble paid off, as she completed her manuscript, landed an agent and signed a two-book deal on both sides of the Atlantic. The following summer, Something Borrowed, hailed as a “heartbreakingly honest debut” with “dead-on dialogue, real-life complexity and genuine warmth,” became a surprise sensation, and Giffin vowed never to practice law again.

Dubbed a “modern day Jane Austen” (Vanity Fair) and a “dependably down-to-earth storyteller” (New York Times), Giffin has since penned six more New York Times bestsellers, Something Blue (2005), Baby Proof (2006), Love the One You’re With (2008), Heart of the Matter (2010), Where We Belong (2012), The One & Only (2014) and First Comes Love (2016).

Giffin now resides with her husband and three children in Atlanta. Her ninth novel, All We Ever Wanted, was released on June 26, 2018.

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Episode 105: Mike Reilly and Hunter Allen: LIVE from NormaTec Recovery Headquarters in Boston (Race Mania 2019)

At the fundraiser for the IRONMAN Foundation on March 23 in Boston, Mike Reilly and Hunter Allen sat down with Meredith to record a podcast LIVE with the event attendees at “The Spirit of Endurance,” a community gathering to raise money for the IRONMAN Foundation featuring Mike Reilly, “Voice of IRONMAN”; Hunter Allen, renowned cycling coach; and Meredith Atwood, coach, podcaster and motivational speaker. This event takes place at NormaTec headquarters in Watertown, MA.

Listen to prior podcast with the Voice of IRONMAN, Mike Reilly here on Episode 46.


New Book: Finding My Voice – Buy here

Mike Reilly is the official “Voice of IRONMAN” worldwide and the only person to have been inducted into the IRONMAN Hall of Fame, the USA Triathlon Hall of Fame and the Running USA Hall of Champions. He has been involved in endurance sports for over 40 years and is one of the most prominent personalities in the field. Reilly has called over 400,000 athletes across finish lines with his iconic phrase, “You are an IRONMAN!” and countless hundreds of thousands more in other triathlon and running events. Over his thirty years of announcing he’s listened to hundreds of stories from athletes, race directors, families and volunteers and, now, at long last, he’s gathered the most compelling of these stories into his long-awaited book, “MIKE REILLY: Finding My Voice”.

Learn more about Mike and the book at at


New Book: Training and Racing with a Power Meter – Buy here


Widely known as one of the top experts in the world in coaching endurance athletes using power meters, Hunter Allen is a legendary cycling coach, co-author of “Training and Racing with a Power Meter” and “Cutting-Edge Cycling”, co-developer of TrainingPeaks’ WKO+ software, and founder of Peaks Coaching Group. Hunter has traveled to over 20 countries and taught thousands of cycling coaches and riders the principles of power training. Hunter is a USA Cycling Level 1 coach, was the 2008 BMX technical coach for the Beijing Olympics and has taught the USA Cycling Power Certification Course since 2005. A former professional cyclist on the Navigators Team, Hunter has been coaching endurance athletes since 1995, and his athletes have achieved more than 2000 victories and numerous national, world championship titles and Olympic Medals. Hunter is known as the “Coaches Coach” and frequently has coaches from around the world consulting with him to learn more about the latest in cycling and triathlon training principles. He is a sought after consultant for many endurance oriented tech companies and has worked with numerous companies to develop products for the cycling world, including the Leomo Type-R and the ICG indoor bike, the IC8.



The RACE-MANIA Summit & Expo is designed to educate, equip and inspire endurance athletes on the eve of a new season. Triathletes, runners, cyclists and swimmers are offered a full day of informative seminars, hands-on clinics & workshops, competitive events, an expo with 85+ exhibitors and more. This year’s event took place on 3/24/19, at the BU Fit Rec Center in Boston, MA.

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The IRONMAN Foundation creates positive, tangible change in race communities through grant funding and volunteerism. “We are athletes. We are volunteers. We are givers. We are on a mission to create change in countless lives in race communities. We “Give Globally and Act Locally” by providing grant funding and service project opportunities around the world in partnership with local nonprofit organizations. We are in 64 national and international race communities creating positive impact with our local nonprofit partners. In 2018, the IRONMAN Foundation distributed more than $1.7 million to 1,400 organizations worldwide.”






Episode 104: Amy Dresner: My Fair Junkie – Getting Clean, Suicide. Keep Talking

*Explicit Content. Earmuffs may be required. But EVERYONE should listen.

Addiction. Recovery. Suicide. Chex Cereal. Lawyers.  We cover it all.

Amy Dresner is a former professional stand-up comic, having appeared at The Comedy Store, The Laugh Factory, and The Improv. Since 2012, she has been a contributing editor of the online addiction and recovery magazine She’s also written for the Good Men Project, The Frisky, Refinery 29, and has been a regular contributor to and, where she has her own addiction blog entitled “Coming Clean.” “My Fair Junkie” is her debut book.

The Book

My Fair Junkie

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Episode 103: Kate Northrup: Do Less

As an entrepreneur, bestselling author, speaker, and mother, Kate Northrup has built a multimedia digital empire with her husband, Mike Watts, that reaches hundreds of thousands globally. They are committed to supporting ambitious women to light up the world without burning themselves out in the process. Kate teaches data-driven and soul-driven time and energy management practices that result in saving time, making more money, and experiencing less stress. Kate has a membership of over 1,000 entrepreneurs called Origin® Collective that’s about infusing more feminine energy into your business and reclaiming your time, and she has also helped over 5,000 students heal their relationship with money with her signature Money Love Course.

Her first book, Money: A Love Story, has been published in 5 languages, and her second book, Do Less: A Revolutionary Approach to Time and Energy Management for Busy Moms, is now available wherever books are sold. Kate’s work has been featured by The Today Show, Yahoo! Finance, Women’s Health, Glamour, The Institute of Integrative Nutrition, Wanderlust, The Huffington Post, and more. Kate lives with her husband and business partner, Mike, and their daughters in a cozy town in Maine.

The Book

Do Less: A Revolutionary Approach to Time and Energy Management for Busy Moms

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Episode 102: Matt Javit: World Travels

Twenty-seven months of full-time travel? A mid-career break? Yes, please.  Matt Javit and his wife took off on this adventure- over 25 countries and 100 cities later, they are nearing the end of their travels–and are coming back even better than ever.


World Barbershop Adventures:



Episode 101: Matt Fitzgerald: Life is a Marathon

Matt Fitzgerald is an endurance writer known for his powerful and expert advice. His new book, Life is a Marathon: A Memoir of Love and Endurance, is unlike any book he has ever written–and I personally believe if just might be his best, most impactful and amazing.

A New Hampshire native, Matt became a runner at the age of eleven, after running the last mile of the 1983 Boston Marathon with his father (who had run the whole thing) and his two brothers. By that time Matt was already a writer (specifically a comedic poet), having declared his intention to make his future career as a writer at the age of nine. He never changed his mind.

Although he never intended to marry his passions for sports, fitness, and writing, that’s how it worked out. Before he’d even graduated from high school Matt was making a little money writing articles about the exploits of his Oyster River High School Bobcats Cross Country Team for a local weekly newspaper.

Matt moved to California for no particular reason in 1995, two years after earning a B.A. in English from Haverford College (a DIII track and cross country “powerhouse” where Matt had intended to run but did not because of burnout). Willing to take the first writing job he could find in San Francisco, Matt received an offer from Bill Katovsky, the original founder of Triathlete, to join the tiny staff of an endurance sports startup magazine based in Sausalito.

This opportunity has led to every subsequent opportunity in Matt’s career, which has included stints at Triathlete,,, and Competitor Group. Matt’s byline has appeared in a long list of national publications including Bicycling, Maxim, Men’s Fitness, Men’s Health, Men’s Journal, Outside, Shape, Stuff, and Women’s Health. The son of a novelist, Matt has a special passion for writing books. His best-known titles include Racing Weight, Brain Training for Runners, and Triathlete Magazine’s Essential Week-by-Week Training Guide.

A certified sports nutritionist, Matt has served as a consultant to numerous sports nutrition companies, including Energy First, Healthy Directions, PacificHealth Labs, and Next Proteins. Having coached for Carmichael Training Systems in the early 2000’s, Matt continues to design readymade training plans for triathletes and runners that are sold through and, as well as customized plans available through this website.

Matt intends to keep racing until he can’t. He’s run a bunch of marathons and countless shorter running events since returning to the sport at age 27. In 1998 he branched out to triathlons, and four years later completed his first (and only) Ironman. Matt lives in Northern California with his wife, Nataki, who is more important to him than running and writing.

Outside Article:

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Buy the Book, Life is a Marathon: A Memoir of Love and Endurance:

Episode 100: Heather B. Armstrong: From Dooce to the Valedictorian of Being Dead

Big fan girl moment speaking with Heather B. Armstrong –founder of –and author of the upcoming book, The Valedictorian of Being Dead. And happy 100th episode, podcast 🙂

I think the intro from Heather B. Armstrong’s famous blog,, probably describes her best:

Hi. I’m Heather B. Armstrong. When I first wrote a bio for this site I called myself a SAHM—a Stay At Home Mom, or, Shit Ass Ho Motherfucker. More than a decade later I am now what’s referred to as a FTSWM—a Full-Time Single Working Mom, or, Fuck That Shit Where’s Marijuana.

This used to be called mommy blogging. But then they started calling it Influencer Marketing: hashtag ad, hashtag sponsored, hashtag you know you want me to slap your product on my kid and exploit her for millions and millions of dollars. That’s how this shit works.

Now? Well… sit back, buckle up, and enjoy the ride. dooce is back. And she’s talking about herself in the third person, so you know you better have a barf bag at the ready.

I came, I talked, and I fan-girled with this authentic AF mom, writer and advocate.

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Episode 99: Peter Shankman: Fast Than Normal

The New York Times has called Peter Shankman “a rockstar who knows everything about social media and then some.” He is a 5x best selling author, entrepreneur and corporate keynote speaker, focusing on customer service and the new and emerging customer and neurotatypical economy.  With three startup launches and exits under his belt, Peter is recognized worldwide for radically new ways of thinking about the customer experience, social media, PR, marketing, advertising, ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) and the new Neurodiverse Economy.

In addition to his passion for helping people and companies find success, some of Peter’s highlights also include:

Founder of HARO – Help A Reporter Out, which became the standard for thousands of journalists looking for sources prior to being acquired three years after launch

The ShankMinds Breakthrough Network, an elite, online mastermind of thought leaders, business experts, and change makers
Faster than Normal – The Internet’s #1 podcast on ADHD, focusing on the superpowers and gifts of having a “faster than normal brain,” which has helped thousands of people all around the world realize that having a neuroatypical brain is actually a gift, not a curse
The Book: Faster Than Normal

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Episode 98: Kathryn Hansen: Brain Over Binge (Eating)

Kathryn Hansen’s mission is to help women and men end binge eating in a practical way, using simple brain science. She offers an alternative voice in the field of eating disorders. She’s the author of “Brain over Binge” and “The Brain over Binge Recovery Guide,” and the host of the “Brain over Binge Podcast.”

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Brain over Binge Podcast:

Buy the Book

Brain over Binge: Amazon

Episode 97: I Hate This Amazing Body: Meredith Atwood at Outspoken

This is a recording of the intimate session at the Outspoken Summit, November 2018, where I talked about: I Hate This Amazing Body. You can listen below right here in your browser, iTunes, Stitcher, or Spotify too (just search “The Same 24 Hours” in your favorite podcast app).

For those of you who couldn’t attend, I wanted to make sure that you had a piece of the amazing event. Here’s my session. Enjoy and share.

And to that I reiterate: “Well-behaved* women seldom make history.” ​– Laurel Thatcher Ulrich

Note: Edited for content and length, removing audience feedback (due to low quality), and overall audio enjoyment quality.

*Listener Warning* – Some Language, some sensitive, potential-triggering topics about body image, race, eating disorders, and transitioning.

*Audio Quality: Because this was a LIVE event, some audio discrepancy exists. We cleaned it up the best possible, but thanks for understanding.

Episode 96: Kyle and Brent Pease: Heart and Soul and Kona

The boys are back with the report from the IRONMAN World Championship. (If you think you can’t do something, then think again. Kyle and Brent Pease are BACK on the show, with the UPDATE from IRONMAN World Championship in KONA.) Check out their full story on Episodes 4 and 26!

Kyle and Brent Pease are the ultimate “no excuses” brothers. Kyle was born with cerebral palsy with spastic quadriplegia, but that did not define anything in his life. Nothing stopped him or his brother, Brent, together from becoming IRONMAN triathletes. That’s right – they have completed  IRONMAN triathlons together (that’s a race consisting of 2.4 mile swim, 112 mile bike ride, and a 26.2 mile marathon). In this heart-warming and inspiring podcast, Meredith sits down with the brothers in a story that will inspire, awe and make you belly-laugh.

Through their Foundation, the Kyle Pease Foundation (KPF) creates awareness and raises funds to promote success for persons with disabilities by providing assistance to meet their individual needs through sports. Programs include scholarship opportunities, purchasing of medical equipment or adaptive sports equipment for others or contributing to other organizations that provide similar assistance to disabled persons as well as participating in educational campaigns to create awareness about Cerebral Palsy and other disabilities. KPF will provide these services directly to individuals as well as to partner with other existing non-profit organizations to achieve these goals.  Direct benefits will be limited to persons with disabilities who need adaptive sports equipment, mobility devices or medical care.

How to Get Involved

Learn more and Donate:

Upcoming Events:


Follow the Brothers and the Foundation on social:



Episode 95: Lauren Zander: Humans are Rated X and Your Parents are Having Sex

She’s BAAAACK! “We are FAKE! Humans are fake. We are snake-y-nice.” We do things that if anyone knew–we’d all be in trouble and pretty much no one is talking about the lies.

“Humans are not rated PG. They are rated R or X.”

“Love and management… is abnormal.”

Lauren first appeared on the Podcast on Episode 16—and she rocked (and scared our world).

Maybe YOU’RE the problem? LAUREN ZANDER is a life coach, university lecturer, public speaker, and the Co-Founder and Chairwoman of Handel Group®, an international corporate consulting and private coaching company based in New York City.

Lauren is also the author of Maybe It’s You: Cut the Crap, Face Your Fears, Love Your Life (Published by Hachette Book Group, April 2017), a no-nonsense, practical manual that helps readers figure out not just what they want out of life, but how to actually get there. She has spent over 20 years coaching thousands of private clients: entrepreneurs, couples, families, professors, politicians, Emmy, Peabody and Academy Award-winning artists, Grammy-winning musicians and Fortune 500 CEOs. Her corporate clients have included executives from Sony BMG, The New York Times, News Corp, J. Walter Thompson Agency, Citibank, Dropbox, LinkedIn, Uniworld, The Gap Inc., BASF, NYU Langone Medical Center, and Vogue. She has fixed corporate business relationships, mediated contract negotiations, reconciled marriages, and helped resolve complex family issues.

In the early 2000s, Lauren created a groundbreaking methodology, The Handel Method®, which is supported by top educators and psychologists, and has been taught in over 35 major universities and institutes of learning across the country including MIT, Stanford Graduate School of Business, Stanford Medical School, NYU, Columbia, Yale School of Drama, Wesleyan, Fordham, Rutgers, Middlebury College, Scripps Research Institute, and in the New York City Public School System. Elsewhere, internationally, The Handel Method was taught for the first time in October 2015 in the esteemed CEMS Program at Vienna University of Economics and Business, one of the largest business schools in the world.

With her unique, honest and irreverent approach, Lauren is a contributor for several publications and media outlets, including: The New York Times, BBC, Harvard Business Review, Forbes, Self, Women’s Health, Men’s Health, Vogue, Ebony, Cosmopolitan, Experience Life, Marie Claire, Family Circle, Elle, Prevention Magazine, and The Huffington Post. She has appeared on television and in film, starring in A&E’s Biography Channel TV Special, “Celebrity Life Coach,” as well as the critically acclaimed feature documentary, “My Own Man,” produced by Edward Norton. She has been an expert on The Dr. Oz Show, The Meredith Vieira Show, The Dr. Drew Show, MTV’s True Life and Businessweek’s “Coaches Corner.” She has also worked with Dr. Phil McGraw on his TV special, “The Marriage Test,” which starred two of her senior coaches, using The Handel Method to help fix troubled marriages.

In 2015, Lauren was the spokesperson for Marshall’s national “Go Ahead Campaign,” guiding women to lead a powerful and fulfilling life. She’s led seminars and conferences all over the world for organizations, including: the World Bank, the US Department of Justice for Judges, Rodale Publishing, Mayya Movement International, Leading Age, Prevention R3 Conference, Donna Karan’s Urban Zen, Soho House, Empowering Latin American Women’s Conference and and the Journalist Salon series: A conversation about Feminism (with best-selling authors, Gail Sheehy, Esther Perel, and Miki Agrawal). Also, Lauren presented her coaching methodology at the world renowned TEDx Women’s Conference in Amsterdam, and was a moderator running the roundtable for the White House Office of Center for Social Innovation Conference at Stanford University. Lauren is happily married, has three children and lives in Westchester, NY. She is an artist in her spare time, specializing in pointillism.

Coaching & Programs:

Learn to Human Better with Lauren Zander’s online coaching course, Inner.U. Sign up now with your SAME24HOURS100 coupon and get $100 OFF! Sign up before March 20th and also receive these free gifts: 3 coaching cheat sheets, 3 coaching videos, and exclusive access to a live group coaching call with Lauren Zander on launch day. Get Started here:

Talk to a human and see if Handel Group coaching options are right for you:

On the web: www.HGLife.Coach


On Instagram:

The Book:

Maybe It’s You: Cut the Crap, Face Your Fears, Love Your Life (Published by Hachette Book Group, April 2017), a no-nonsense, practical manual that helps readers figure out not just what they want out of life, but how to actually get there.

Episode 94: James Newbury: Strength, CrossFit and “The Method”

One of my favorites–athletes AND interviews! James Newbury spent four years as one of Australia’s top bubble athletes before qualifying for his first CrossFit Games in 2016. His most recent stats:  2 x Australia’s Fittest man; 7 x CrossFit Regionals Athlete; 3 x CrossFit Games Athlete; 18th Fittest in the world (2018)

Follow James:



The Method:

The Method is an online company providing personalized, one-on-one nutrition coaching. They hand pick the right coach to work with you based on your goals and training regime. Method coaches work with clients around nutritional intake and timing, body composition changes, goal setting, along with many other non-nutrition related subjects like sleep, hydration, training and mindset all of which play a key role in your health and well-being. For your first two weeks free, mention me when getting started!”

Episode 93: Bob Harper: From The Biggest Loser to the Biggest Heart – Survivor & Thriver

Bob Harper. Need I say more? I LOVE BOB!

As a health and fitness expert and a best-selling author, Bob Harper inspired audiences nationwide to get fit on the hit show The Biggest Loser. He was the picture of health. Bob never considered that a heart attack could happen to him. But it did. “It was hugely shocking to me,” Bob reveals. “I learned a lot about myself.”

Bob was working out, as he did each day, when he lost consciousness. He woke up two days later and learned he’d had a near-fatal heart attack and had gone into cardiac arrest. He had to be shocked three times by an automated external defibrillator (AED) device to restart his heart.

Today, Bob is passionate about another kind of training: emotional recovery. While changes to his diet and exercise routine are an important part of his physical recuperation, Bob credits further education with helping him evolve his mindset and believes this plays an equally important role. That’s why he’s committed to help other survivors find the support and encouragement they need.

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Episode 92: The Best of the Same 24 Hours: Some of the Greatest Advice You’ll Ever Hear

As we near the end of 2018, I put together a powerful compilation of some of the best advice from the guests on The Same 24 Hours Podcast. *Listener Warning*

In this episode, you will hear treasures and snippets from the amazing Tony Hawk (Episode 88), Dr. Shefali (35), Laila Ali (73), Melissa Hartwig (68), Dr. Aviva Romm (39), Lizzie Velasquez (65),  Lauren Zander (22), David Leite (17), the Pease Brothers (4, 26), Chrissie Wellington (60), Jeff Galloway (18), Mike Reilly (46), Randy Spelling (53), James Lawrence (57), Anthony Malone (40), Jason Jaksetic (50), Annie Grace (29), Brian MacKenzie (89), Natalia Cohen (27), Kyle Maynard (82) and Shay Eskew (77) (and more!).

Episode 91: Gary John Bishop: Unf*ck Yourself and Stop Doing that Sh*t

*Listener Warning* – some language is not suitable for everyone. Listener discretion advised.

Gary John Bishop began his life journey in Glasgow, Scotland. The grit and wit of his early life have contributed to his tough-love, in-your-face approach to coaching. Coupled with world-class training and development, Gary has created a potent brew of effectiveness and the ability to reach through the crust of people’s lives and root out the deeper issues that consume them and tie them to their hurdles. His ability to elevate and expand people’s greatness makes the kind of life-altering impact that is so rare in the industry. Gary’s hyper-awareness and years of elite training allow him to assess each client and guide them to the path that best expresses their lives; with micro precision, he cuts straight to the heart of what is going to make a difference.

Gary’s experience and quick ascent to becoming a senior program director for one of the world’s leading personal development organizations is proof that he is dedicated and committed to what is possible for every client and person he encounters. He doesn’t claim perfection. He’s been through life and doesn’t sugar coat his folly. He uses his experience as both a human and a world class coach to mentor and coach people to raise the bar higher for what they once thought would be their greatest self.

Gary John Bishop is one of the leading Personal Development experts in the industry with a global reputation that has impacted tens of thousands of people worldwide. His “urban philosophy” approach represents a new wave of personal empowerment and life mastery that has caused miraculous results for people in the quality and performance of their lives. He calls it like it is while being influenced by ontology, phenomenology and the philosophy of some of the world’s greatest thinkers. You be inspired, unburdened and grounded. Working with Gary creates the space to be an altered version of you. The greatness you once imagined becomes a reality, only its bigger, better and more incredibly freeing than you dreamed it could be.

Gary is willing to say what needs to be said. His writing is a higher level experience and the benefits of his philosophies have touched lives worldwide.

Gary John Bishop is the author of Unfu*k Yourself, Get Out of Your Head and Into Your Life.

Get the Book:

Follow Gary John Bishop:





Episode 90: From Meredith

A little update from your host, Meredith Atwood, on the future of “The Same 24 Hours,” what’s coming, “The Year of No Nonsense,” and more.

Episode 89: Brian Mackenzie: Speed Power Endurance and Unbreakable Runner Running

Wait, I don’t need to run 100 miles a week for my marathon training? What is CrossFit (really)? How do I run without getting hurt?

Brian Mackenzie is a human performance and movement specialist. He is the innovator of the endurance, strength and conditioning paradigm. He has studied performance and movement since 2001 with altitude, hypoxia, breathing mechanics & methods, along with heat and cold exposure. He has spent a lot of his time training and understanding in and around the water, and desert. He has participated in Ironman (Canada 2004) and has run the Western States 100 and the Angeles Crest 100 mile endurance runs. He co-authored the books Power Speed Endurance and The New York Times Best Seller UnBreakable Runner.

His clients include: Ari Emanuel, Kelly Starrett, Tim Ferriss, US Military Units (Navy, Army, Marines), Tia Clair Toomey and many others.  He resides in San Mateo, CA.

• New York Times Best Selling Author
• Founder of Power Speed Endurance (Currently Creative Director & CEO)
• Co- Founder of XPT Life

Follow Brian and Power Speed Endurance


Instagram: @_brianmackenzie / @powerspeedendurance

Twitter: @brianmackenzie 

Episode 88: Tony Hawk: Skateboarding, Chimpanzees, Parenting and Video Games

Tony Hawk was age 9 when his older brother gave him a blue fiberglass skateboard, chipped and scratched from years of use. The first time Tony stepped on it and rolled down an alley behind the family’s house in San Diego, there was no epiphany, no revelation … no foreshadowing whatsoever that he would go on to become the most famous skateboarder of all time. He reached the end driveway, looked back at his brother and shouted, “How do I turn?”

Eventually, of course, Tony learned to do more than merely turn. Practicing at the now-defunct Oasis Skatepark, the undersized prodigy soon began to attract attention by performing maneuvers well beyond his years. At age 12 he was winning amateur contests throughout California, at 14 he turned pro, and at 16 he was widely regarded as the best competitive skateboarder in the world. By the time he was 25, he’d competed in 103 pro contests, winning 73 of them and placing second in 19—a record that will almost certainly never be matched. He was crowned vertical skating’s world champion 12 years in a row.

As a 17-year old high school senior, Tony’s annual income surpassed that of his teachers, mostly as a result of royalties from his primary sponsor, Powell Peralta skateboards. He was able to buy his first home before he graduated. Through the late ‘80s, he traveled the world, skating demos and contests. Then, in 1991, the sport of skateboarding died a quiet but sudden death. Tony’s income shrank drastically; times were so lean that he survived on a $5-a-day Taco Bell allowance.

But while many of his peers moved on to other, more traditional pursuits, Tony never gave up on the sport he loved. The next few years flew by in a blur of financial uncertainty. Confident that skating would rebound, Tony refinanced his first house and with a friend launched his own skateboard company, Birdhouse Projects. The first few years were rough: Birdhouse wasn’t making money, and Tony’s future was sketchy.

But, almost as abruptly as it died, skating’s popularity surged skyward, and the Hawk became the Phoenix. Birdhouse grew into one of the biggest and best-known skate companies in the world, and Tony signed a wide range of endorsement deals. In 1998, he and his family started a children’s skate clothing company called Hawk Clothing. A year later, skating rocketed to unprecedented heights, from which it has yet to descend. Tony’s career came with it; in fact, he provided much of the fuel.

In 1999, Tony teamed up with Activision to create the Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater video game franchise. The Tony Hawk video game series became one of the most popular game franchises in history (and has now surpassed $1.4 billion in sales). His life would never be the same. In a stroke of good timing, at the X Games that year, Tony also became the first skateboarder to ever land a 900, a maneuver that had eluded (and occasionally hobbled) him for 10 years . It was one of skating’s most gripping moments, playing out in front of a collection of his peers and fans, and on national TV. That exposure, along with his successful video game, helped establish Tony’s mainstream celebrity

Soon after the 1999 X Games, Tony retired from competition, although he continues to put on demos and exhibitions all over the world. His Boom Boom HuckJam Tour featured some of the top skateboarders, BMXers and freestyle motocross riders in a giant tour that played in large arenas and theme parks across the country. Tony’s action sports exhibitions and shows continue to pack venues worldwide.

Tony has won numerous awards, including Make-A-Wish’s Favorite Male Athlete, Teen Choice Awards’ Choice Male Athlete and Nickelodeon’s Kid’s Choice Awards’ Favorite Male Athlete, beating out such sports icons as Shaquille O’Neal, Tiger Woods, and Kobe Bryant. From video games to skateboards to online media to clothing to world tours, Tony has dominated the Action Sports market with his laid-back style. He is the most recognized Action Sports figure in the world and, according to some marketing surveys, one of the most recognizable athlete of any kind in the United States.

Today, his business skills have helped create a Tony Hawk brand that includes a billion-dollar video game franchise, successful businesses such as Birdhouse Skateboards, Hawk Clothing, and the Tony Hawk Signature Series sporting goods and toys. Tony regularly appears on television and in films, as well as on Sirius XM radio. His autobiography, HAWK—Occupation: Skateboarder was a New York Times bestseller and is currently available in paperback. In 2010, Wiley Publishing released How Did I Get Here? The Ascent of an Unlikely CEO. During 2012, in partnership with Google, Inc. Tony’s film production company, 900 Films, launched RIDE Channel on YouTube, the world’s most popular video site, and has now teamed with Complex Media to take it to the next level with

Tony is a role model for fans of all ages. His Tony Hawk Foundation has given away over $5.2 million to 556 skatepark projects throughout the United States. Tony’s foundation helps finance public skateparks in low-income areas in all 50 states, providing a safe place to skate, and helping to build the self-confidence of youths from Marathon, Florida to Sitka, Alaska. Skateparks that received financial assistance from the Tony Hawk Foundation currently serve over 4.8 million kids annually.

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Birdhouse Skateboards

900 Films


Tony Hawk Foundation 

Episode 87: Kara Saunders: CrossFit Inspiration, Games and “Rubbish” Food

Kara (Webb) Saunders is a 7-time CrossFit Games Competitor, finishing 4th in 2018 and 2nd in 2017.

Meredith logged in with her 9-year old daughter, Stella Rae (founder of @Wods4Kids ), to speak with Kara–an incredible inspirational CrossFit athlete. In 2017, Kara opened her own gym, CrossFit Kova, in Albion, a suburb of Brisbane, Australia.  Up on the episode is nutrition, favorite CrossFit workouts, tips about training and some fun stuff too.

Here is the letter mentioned in the episode:


Dear 20 year old Kara,

Just a heads up that you’re about to start this thing called CrossFit and it’s going to rock your world. You’re going to fall in love with it but face more challenges you could ever imagine. The cool thing is though, you’re going to overcome them. Through the struggle and heartache you will rise a better woman than you would have been otherwise. At some point in time you’ll think it’s about winning and you will cry when you don’t, but then it will become so clear that the process was what holds the most value to you. Work hard despite the outcome, build a good life with people to share this with and you will forever be content. There will be some amazing people by your side including the love of your life, so don’t ever for a moment forget to see how lucky you are. Soak it all up. 

P.s. your mum raised you to be that special kind of resilient so when times get hard just remember its temporary and that stubborn head will come through with a win in some capacity every single time.

Love from your 28 year old 4th Fittest Woman in the world self. ?

* * *

“CrossFit matches my personality. CrossFit offers me the constant challenges that fuel my desire for more. On a simple level, I really like exercising because it makes me feel good, is actually good for me, and this style keeps me from getting bored. The variation will keep me entertained for a lifetime.”

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Episode 86: Erik Weihenmayer: No Barriers on Mt. Everest and in Life

“Life is harder off the mountain.”

On May 25, 2001, Erik Weihenmayer became the first blind person to reach the summit of Mt. Everest. In 2008 he climbed Carstensz Pyramid on the island of Papua New Guinea, completing the Seven Summits, the highest point on every continent.  This accomplishment closed the circuit on a 13-year journey that had begun with his 1995 ascent of Denali. He is joined by a select company of only 150 mountaineers to have accomplished the feat.

As word spread about Erik’s remarkable achievements, the world took notice; shortly after his summit of Everest, he was honored with a Time cover story detailing his conquest of the world’s highest peak. Since then, he has authored multiple books, including his memoir, Touch the Top of the World. Yet for those who had long known him, his propensity for taking on and knocking down the loftiest of challenges came as no surprise.

Even as retinoschisis began to rob him of his vision by the age of 14, Erik resisted the idea that blindness would sweep him to the sidelines of life. He established himself as a formidable wrestler in high school, representing his home state of Connecticut in the National Junior Freestyle Wrestling Championship in Iowa. As a teenager, he also discovered rock climbing and a natural dexterity for the tactile aspects of scanning the rock with his hands and feet for holds.

After graduating a double major from Boston College, Erik became a middle-school teacher and wrestling coach at Phoenix Country Day School. Yet it was atop the highest point in North America, the mountain known in the native Inuit language as Denali, where his quest for adventure began to take shape. Erik’s triumphs over some of the world’s most formidable mountains were fueling a growing aspiration to take the lessons he learned in the mountains to help others shatter barriers in their lives.

To advance this idea, Erik co-founded not merely an organization, but rather a movement called No Barriers. The mission is to help people with challenges, all of us to some extent, to turn into the storm of life, face barriers head on, embrace a pioneering and innovative spirit and team up with great people to live rich in meaning and purpose. The motto is “What’s Within You Is Stronger Than What’s In Your Way.” To this aim, Erik continues to challenge himself to live a No Barriers Life and in September 2014 he kayaked the entire 277-miles of the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon.

Erik is one of the most inspiring, engaging, and sought after speakers in the world. His presentations engage and inspire audiences by capturing lessons from his life and adventures around the world. Erik’s essential messaging focuses on harnessing the power of adversity, developing a guiding vision and building a strong “rope-team.” Erik sees every new challenge as an opportunity to problem solve, strategize and pioneer new ways forward.

“I think this is the best time in history, the most precious time in history to be a pioneer, to reach out, to seize hold of adversity and challenges we face, to harness energy not only to transform our own lives, but to elevate the world around us.”

– Erik Weihenmayer

Through Erik’s groundbreaking adventures around the world, he has explored and defined what it means to live a No Barriers Life, describing it as a map we build to navigate and to pursue a life that matters. Central to this journey is a mindset to continually challenge ourselves to grow and evolve – in Erik’s words, to “climb” while others “camp.”

Erik’s inspirational speaking career has taken him around the world from Hong Kong to Switzerland, from Thailand to the 2005 APEC Summit in Chile. Erik has shared the speaking platform with notables like:

  • George W. Bush
  • Al Gore
  • Tony Blair
  • Colin Powell
  • General Norman Schwarzkopf
  • Rudy Giuliani
  • Tom Peters
  • Marcus Buckingham
  • Stephen Covey

The No Barriers Life
As a blind adventurer who has climbed Mt. Everest and kayaked the Grand Canyon, Erik understands better than most that barriers are real, not merely perceived, and that that obstacles encountered can either stop us in our tracks, or we can figure out a way to harness them and propel ourselves to new places that we would never get to in any other way. Erik calls this “alchemy,” the process of turning lead into gold.  “With an alchemist,” he says, ” you can throw them in the midst of a fierce competitive environment, strip away their resources, throw roadblocks in front of them, and they’ll still find a way to win – not despite adversity, but because of it.”

Erik will take audiences on a journey to discover the tools and insights to develop what he calls the “No Barriers Mindset,” what it takes for individuals, teams, and organizations to turn into the storm, convert challenges into greatness, and reach for nearly impossible goals.

No Barriers Summit – NYC (October 5-6th 2018)

Buy the Book(s):

No Barriers: A Blind Man’s Journey to Kayak the Grand Canyon
Touch the Top of the World

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Episode 85: Dr. Christiane Northrup: Dodging Energy Vampires and Goddesses Never Age

“Our belief system becomes our biology.”

Christiane Northrup, M.D., is a visionary pioneer and a leading authority in the field of women’s health and wellness, which includes the unity of mind, body, emotions, and spirit. Internationally known for her empowering approach to women’s health and wellness, Dr. Northrup teaches women how to thrive at every stage of life.

“Getting older is the time to increase value and competency.”

A board-certified OB/GYN physician, Dr. Northrup graduated from Dartmouth Medical School and completed her residency at Tufts New England Medical Center in Boston. She was also an assistant clinical professor of OB/GYN at Maine Medical Center for 20 years.

Dr. Northrup knows that the key to vibrant health on all levels is within us—our inner wisdom. She says, “When we find the connection between our thoughts, beliefs, physical health, and life circumstances, we find that we are in the driver’s seat of our lives and can make profound changes. Nothing is more exhilarating or empowering.”

Dr. Northrup’s work has been featured on Super Soul Sunday on OWN, The Oprah Winfrey Show, the Today ShowNBC Nightly NewsThe ViewRachael RayGood Morning America20/20, and The Dr. Oz Show.  Women clearly trust Dr. Northrup’s approach. In 2013, Reader’s Digest named her one of “The 100 Most Trusted People in America.” And, in 2016, she was named one of Oprah Winfrey’s Super Soul 100, a group of leaders who are using their voices and talent to awaken humanity.

Dr. Northrup has spent her life as an advocate for women’s health and wellness, first as a practicing OB/GYN physician for 25 years and now as an internationally respected writer and speaker. Her books have been translated into 24 languages.

A multiple New York Times best-selling author, Dr. Northup’s most recent book, Dodging Energy Vampires: An Empath’s Guide To Evading Relationships That Drain You And Restoring Your Health And Power (Hay House, April 2018) was an immediate success. In it Dr. Northrup sheds light on the real reason so many people suffer from seemingly inexplicable health conditions. Based on her professional and person experiences, Dr. Northrup provides strategies for removing narcissists and other cluster b-types from your life, and how you can recover your health after a relationship with an energy vampire.

Dr. Northrup put her own personal truth on paper in 1994, with the first edition of Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom (Bantam, 1994). This groundbreaking classic quickly became a New York Times bestseller, and has been the veritable bible of women’s health for nearly two decades. With its raw facts and intriguing case histories, Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom explains exactly how to “create physical and emotional health and healing.”

Her second book, The Wisdom of Menopause (Bantam, 2001, 2006, 2012), has been embraced by women everywhere, including Oprah Winfrey, who sought Dr. Northrup’s wisdom when she turned 50 and faced “The Big M.” In this New York Times bestseller, Dr. Northrup once again challenged convention with inspiring insights—the “change” is not a collection of symptoms to be fixed, but a mind/body revolution, which brings tremendous opportunity for happiness.

Mother-Daughter Wisdom, Dr. Northrup’s third book (Bantam, 2005), was voted Amazon’s #1 book of the year in both parenting and mind/body health, and was also nominated for a Quill Award.

In The Secret Pleasures of Menopause (Hay House, 2008) and The Secret Pleasures of Menopause Playbook (Hay House, 2009), Dr. Northrup outlines the crucial link between health and pleasure.

Beautiful Girl, (Hay House, 2013) Dr. Northrup’s children’s book, brings her positive message to the youngest of girls.

In Goddesses Never Age: The Secret Prescription for Radiance, Vitality and Wellbeing (Hay House, February 2015), which quickly became a New York Times bestseller, Dr. Northrup inspires women (and men) with an entirely different mindset about what it means to grow older.

In her book, Making Life Easy: A Simple Guide to A Divinely Inspired Life (Hay House, 2016) Dr. Northrup shares the essential truth that has guided her since medical school, and advises her readers how to make their lives truly easy.

Dr. Northrup has also hosted eight highly successful public-television specials, beginning in 1998. Her latest was based on her book, Goddesses Never Age, and first aired nationwide in February 2015.

Dr. Northrup also founded Amata Life, a company that manufactures and distributes a product line featuring the Pueraria mirifica plant, a traditional medicine used by Thai women for 700 years. These health and beauty products help alleviate the symptoms of menopause, so women can truly thrive in the wisdom of this uniquely female life stage.

As a business owner, physician, former surgeon, mother, writer, and speaker, Dr. Northrup acknowledges our individual and collective capacity for growth, freedom, joy, and balance. When she’s not traveling and teaching, Dr. Northrup loves devoting her leisure time to dancing Argentine Tango, playing the harp, going to the movies, staying fit, getting together with her daughters and friends, boating, and reading.

Follow Dr. Northrup

Dr. Northrup stays in touch with her large and growing tribe worldwide through her Internet radio show Flourish!FacebookTwitter, her biweekly e-Newsletter, and her website

Episode 84: Off the Clock – Reframing the Story of “Busy”

“I have no time.” Laura Vanderkam teaches us how to learn to savor life’s best moments–no matter how busy you are–through mindset shifts that alter your perception of time.

She’s the acclaimed author of What the Most Successful People Do Before Breakfast, but isn’t like other time-management gurus. She’s not trying to shave off 30 seconds here or there; she’s interested in the emotional and psychological side of the 168 hours everyone has each week. Her core message is that you have more time than you think you do, and you can feel less stressed while getting more done.

With the right habits, you can live efficiently and effectively, and yet still see time as abundant.


Off the Clock: Feel Less Busy While Getting More Done

List of 100 Dreams Challenge

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Episode 83: Mike Rouse: The Joy of Running and Running and Running

Mike Rouse is a runner, ultra-runner, 3x Ultraman World Champion and owner of Run Texas in Frisco, Texas. He has a fascinating story from prison to running and beyond. Enjoy!

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Instagram: mikerousesruntexas
Twitter: RunningRousey

Episode 82: Kyle Maynard: No Excuses, Climbing Mountains and Fear

“Know your limits, but never stop trying to break them.”

Kyle Maynard is a motivational speaker, bestselling author, entrepreneur, and ESPY award-winning mixed martial arts athlete, known for becoming the first quadruple amputee to reach the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro and Mount Aconcagua without the aid of prosthetics.

Oprah Winfrey called Kyle “one of the most inspiring young men you will ever hear about.” Arnold Schwarzenegger described him as “the real deal,” “a champion human,” and “one of the most inspiring people” he’s ever met. Even the great Wayne Gretzky has spoken of Kyle’s “greatness.”

Despite being born with a rare condition known as congenital amputation, that has left him with arms that end at the elbows and legs that end near his knees, he learned early on with the support of his family, to live life independently and without prosthetics. Kyle thrives on physical challenges and following a few rough middle school football seasons; he went on to become a champion wrestler, CrossFit Certified Instructor and gym owner, competitive MMA/Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu fighter, world record-setting weightlifter, and skilled mountaineer.

In 2012, Kyle became the first quadruple amputee to climb – actually bearcrawl – the 19,340 feet to the top of Mount Kilimanjaro without the aid of prosthetics. His 10-day ascent was widely covered by the press, followed on social media, and raised money and awareness for wounded veterans as well as Tanzanian schoolchildren. Upon his return, Kyle won his second ESPY (Excellence in Sports Performance Yearly) award for Best Male Athlete with a Disability.

Four years later, he reached the summit of Argentina’s breathtakingly beautiful and sometimes deadly Mount Aconcagua – the highest peak in both the Western and Southern Hemispheres, standing at 22,838 feet. Following that epic summit, Nike featured Kyle in the powerful commercial “Unlimited Will,” which debuted globally during the 2016 Olympics, was viewed by millions around the world – and was part of the series that AdWeek named the most memorable of all commercials during the 2016 Olympics.

Kyle has not let his success be defined by anything or anyone but himself. He has lived his life striving to do more, learn more, push harder, go further—and to inspire others to do the same by sharing his story and living by example. Though he tailors his speeches to his audience, his messages are centered on building a life driven by purpose and meaning, the importance of the undying pursuit of dreams, and the belief that no obstacle is too great and nothing in their lives can keep them from accomplishing their goals.

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Episode 81 – Lisa F. Smith: Girl Walks Out of a Bar

Lisa Smith was a bright young lawyer at a prestigious law firm in NYC when alcoholism and drug addiction took over her life. What was once a way she escaped her insecurity and negativity as a teenager became a means of coping with the anxiety and stress of an impossible workload.

Clean and sober for more than 10 years, Lisa is passionate about breaking the stigma of drug and alcohol addiction, particularly for professional women. Her book, Girl Walks Out of a Bar, is her story.

The book explores Smith’s formative years, her decade of alcohol and drug abuse, divorce, and her road to recovery. In this darkly comic and wrenchingly honest story, Smith describes how her circumstances conspire with her predisposition to depression and self-medication in an environment ripe for addiction to flourish. When her close-knit group of high-achieving friends celebrate the end of their grueling workdays with alcohol-fueled nights at the city’s clubs and summer weekends partying at the beach the feel-good times can spiral wildly out of control.

Girl Walks Out of a Bar is a candid portrait of alcoholism through the lens of gritty New York realism. Beneath the façade of success lies the reality of addiction.

Buy the Book:

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Episode 80 – Mirna Valerio: Ultra-Running, Body Image, Bears, Oh My

“I think that people are really having trouble grappling with the idea that fit comes in many forms and that people can still participate in athletics no matter what kind of body they have,” she says. “I want to continue sticking my big ass into places where people think I don’t belong. That has been the nature of my life—I’m going to do it and I’m going to do it proudly.” – Mirna Valerio

Mirna Valerio came to my house and we had a great time!  Also known as “The Mirnavator,” she is a plus-size ultra-runner who has shaken things up in the running and ultra world with her body-positivity and activism for fitness at whatever place you are.

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Episode 79 – Rachel Joyce: IRONMAN Champ, Mum, Recovering Attorney

Rachel Joyce is a recovering attorney, wife, mom and amazing professional triathlete! In 2005 Rachel grew bored of following the black line and so decided to give triathlon a go: the natural next step for a 50m specialist in the pool!  An attorney at law by day, Rachel would switch her work suit for spandex during her lunch hours as well as pre and post work to fit in training where she could.  Sometimes this meant closing a deal at midnight and hopping on her bike for the ten mile journey home through the city. Whilst working as a lawyer Rachel achieved some promising age group results:  including winning her age group at the inaugural Ironman 70.3 World Championships in 2006 and placing top age grouper at Ironman 70.3 Monaco.  In 2008 Rachel took the plunge and resigned from her job at London city law firm, Taylor Wessing ( to give her best shot at being a professional triathlete.  Since then Rachel has enjoyed a steady rise in the sport.  She placed fifth in her first Ironman, Ironman Florida in 2008 in a time of 9:37 and less than a year later was crossing the line at the Ironman World Championships in 6th place (her first time racing on the Big Island).  She now has six top ten finishes in Kona to her name (6th:2009, 5th:2010, 4th:2011, 2nd:2013, 3rd:2014, 2nd:2015), a world title and three Iron distance titles (Ironman Lanzarote 2011, Challenge Roth 2012, Ironman Texas 2013 and Ironman Cozumel 2013).  Her finish time in Challenge Roth (8:45:03) also puts her down as the fifth fastest woman over the Iron distance and is one of only 4 women to finish in sub-9hours at the Ironman World Championships (8:57:28).

London was “home” for  10 years but now Rachel has moved Stateside and lives year round in Boulder, Colorado.  She has been coached by Julie Dibens since the end of 2014.  Her ambition in the sport is to win Kona as well as tick off a few “bucket list” races she has on her list….Wildflower, Ironman Lake Placid, St Croix 70.3 and Escape from Alcatraz to name a few.

Outside triathlon Rachel is known to be up for a challenge and this has seen her race in 3 degree C waters in the European Cold Water Swimming Championships, where she took the 25 metres breaststroke title in 2004.  She also volunteered to be a “buddy swimmer” to a friend on her English Channel crossing.  This involved 6 hours of swimming in the 16 degree waters…no wetsuit. In fact, it’s almost the law that she has to jump into any cold body of water that she comes across including Loch Ness, Loch Tay, the chilly waters of San Francisco Bay and the Irish Sea.  When not biking, running and swimming Rachel can usually be found sniffing out new coffee joints, with her nose in a book, baking up a storm in the kitchen or sleeping.  She also writes occasionally for Triathlete and has a monthly column in Triathlete Europe.

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Episode 78 – Ben Dziwulski: WODPrep, CrossFit and Stronger Things

Ben Dziwulski is the founder of “WODPrep” – one of the best online sources for upping your CrossFit movements and game. You may think you need the newest, flashiest equipment, or to spend thousands on private training, but really what it comes down to is breaking down the movements in an easy-to-digest manner. At WODprep, they fully believe that when coaching is kept simple, it is also the most efficient.

If you love CrossFit or have thought about trying it out–check out this episode  and for sure!

We talk about CrossFit, pull-ups, HSPU, muscle-ups, Oly lifts and more.  Enjoy this fun episode with Ben.

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Episode 77 – Shay Eskew – What the Fire Ignited

Shay is an All American and World ranked triathlete, burn survivor with scars over 65% of his body and is a sought out national motivational speaker. Despite being told he’d never compete in sports again at the age of 8, Shay is living testament to “Anything is Possible”: 4x Ironman, 4x member of Team USA, ranked top 2% of Ironmen worldwide and has competed in 8 triathlon world championships, including the Ironman World Championships in Kona, Hawaii. His mantra has always been to not merely be a “finisher” but to be a “competitor.” Last year, he finished 21st at the International Triathlon Sprint World Championships – all of this despite not being able to sweat on 1/3 of his body due to his scars and suffering from severe dehydration during each race.

Shay’s story is a parent’s nightmare – an innocent 8 year old set afire with gasoline by a neighbor’s child. The severity of his burns resulted in the amputation of his right ear, years of rehab to regain use of his right arm after being permanently melted to his side, learning how to write left handed to resume attending school and the wearing of plastic orthotic braces for 3 years – including 35 surgeries over 30 years. Always the first to make light of his situation, Shay shares how having a detachable prosthetic ear can be quite entertaining, even when it pops off at unpredictable times.

His message underscores we all face adversity, some physical, some mental, but “everyone has a story” and it is how we embrace adversity that defines who we are. Shay truly believes getting severely burned as a child was a blessing and served as a motivator to excel in athletics and become a top 1% income producer. It’s hard to imagine a kid who cried himself to sleep at night for years due to being compared to Freddy Krueger would one day be an extremely successful sales executive. “It’s all about being memorable” Shay tells his audiences.

Shay is well-known in the national triathlon community. He was selected as 1 of 6 nationally most inspiriting stories in the 2012 Ironman Kona Inspired contest and featured during the NBC Broadcast of the 2012 Ironman World Championships. He was also featured as the amateur male athlete in the 2012 Ironman 70.3 World Championships and as a feature cover story “Forged by Fire” in the 2012 USA Triathlon Olympic Preview issue. Shay is also a sponsored triathlete and a member of the Ironman Foundation/Newton Running Triathlon Ambassador team.

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Episode 76 – Dr. Will Cole – Functional Medicine & Nutrition

Dr. William Cole D.C, graduated from Southern California University of Health Sciences in Los Angeles, California. He has his post doctorate education and training in Functional Medicine and Clinical Nutrition through The Institute for Functional Medicine and Functional Medicine University. Dr. Cole consults both locally in the Pittsburgh area and via webcam consultations for people around the world. He specializes in clinically investigating  underlying factors and customizing health programs for chronic conditions such as thyroid issues, autoimmune, hormonal dysfunctions, digestive disorders, diabetes, heart disease and fibromyalgia.

Dr. Cole has been featured numerous times on Pittsburgh news affiliates WTAE-TV, KDKA-TV and WPGH-FOX. He is a health writer for international publications such as mindbodygreen and lectures nationally.

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You Tube:

Episode 75 – Emily Ann Peterson: Bare Naked Bravery

Emily Ann Peterson is  a singer-songwriter, author & creative consultant inspiring courageous expression. After a debilitating neurological disorder changed her life as a professional cellist, Emily Ann learned to find her “barenaked bravery” and is now inspiring others to do the same.

The Book and the Podcast:

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Episode 74 – Leah Weinberg – Color Pop Events & Entrepreneurship

Leah Weinberg is the Owner and Creative Director of COLOR POP EVENTS – a New York City based Wedding planning company. Color Pop Events focuses on the details and lives in the logistics. Now in her fifth year of business, Leah excels at her work as she leverages skills like organization, attention to detail and client service from her prior life as a commercial real estate attorney.

Her colorful work and party planning tips have been published online and in print with Vogue, Glamour, Marie Claire, Martha Stewart Weddings, the Knot, Brides and more.

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Episode 73 – Laila Ali – Boxing and Thinking Outside the Box

Laila Ali is a retired world-champion boxer, author, entrepreneur, wife and mother–and the daughter of the late, great Muhammad Ali. Did you know that her dad did not want her to box? That boxing is “a man’s sport”? No? Well, now you do. I love this episode with Laila and learned so much about her amazing life.

Laila’s Books

Reach: Finding Strength, Spirit and Personal Power 

Food for Life: Delicious & Healthy Comfort Food from My Table to Yours Laila’s Podcast:

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Episode 72 – Kyle Kingsbury – UFC Fighter and Total Human Optimization

Kyle Kingsbury is a retired UFC Fighter and is a proponent of “Total Human Optimization” with Onnit. We talked everything from suicide and drugs to fasting to working out to fighting with the UFC.  Learned a bunch in our short time together.

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Facebook (Onnit):

Show Note Links:

Onnit Podcast:

Solo Podcast mentioned:

Wim Hof Breathing:

Aubrey Marcus’ book: Own the Day, Own Your Life: Optimized Practices for Waking, Working, Learning, Eating, Training, Playing, Sleeping, and Sex :

Episode 71 – Jeffrey Davis: Tracking Wonder

What a refreshing conversation with the amazing Jeffrey Davis. Jeffrey is a speaker, author, founder of Tracking Wonder & Brand Artistry Labs. “Wonder is your surprising advantage,” Jeffrey says.

You don’t have to surrender or suppress your curiosity. Whether you’re an executive, professional, creative, or entrepreneur, you are a storyteller. And you don’t have to sacrifice your big idea in pursuit of profit. Forget about choosing between being “responsible” or living a fulfilling life. You can do both. Today, we live in a world where you can build a meaningful business and life while also making a living and a difference.

We talk about mostly parenting, creativity and life… but such a great time with this amazing Wonder. :)

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Episode 70: Brad Cooper: Godspeed – The Race Across America

“Let’s ride our bikes across America!” Many of us would say, “Huh?!?” if someone called us and made a statement like that -but not Brad Cooper when his acquaintance, Jerry Schemmel asked him.

This conversation is with Brad – and it was such a fun time learning about this bicycle race stretching over a week and from Oceanside, California all the way to Maryland.

The documentary film, Godspeed: The Race Across America hits theaters on May 22 for a showing – don’t miss out!

The Team:

Brad Cooper:

Brad is the co-founder and currently serves as the CEO of US Corporate Wellness, an organization that partners with corporations to bring specific, sustainable engagement to the management of individuals’ health and wellness. He also co-founded the Catalyst Coaching Institute. Brad is a nationally recognized speaker and has authored several books. Brad is an 11- time Ironman finisher (4 times at the Hawaii Ironman World Championship).

Jerry Schemmel:

Jerry is a local Denver radio personality currently serving as the play-by-play announcer for the Colorado Rockies Major League Baseball franchise. He has previously served as the play-by-play announcer for the NBA’s Minnesota Timberwolves and Denver Nuggets. Jerry is a seasoned triathlete and ultra- distance-cycler. Jerry is also a highly sought after motivational speaker and the author of “Chosen to Live” and “The Extravagant Gift”.

About Race Across America

Race Across America (RAAM) is one of the most respected and longest running ultra-endurance events in the world. RAAM is seen as a pinnacle of athletic achievement not only in cycling circles but the greater sporting community as well.

There is no other race in the world like RAAM. There is no race that combines the distance, terrain and weather; no other event that tests a team’s spirit from beginning to end. The Race inspires everyone who has been a part of it – racer, crew, staff and fans alike. RAAM is the true test of speed, endurance, strength and camaraderie, the ideal combination of work and play.

About the Movie:

GODSPEED is a riveting documentary with Jerry Schemmel and Brad Cooper and their quest to win the 2015 Race Across America ultra cycling competition.

Watch the Trailer:

Episode 69: Bob Clagett: I Like to Make Stuff & Making Time

Bob Clagett likes to makes stuff, AND help others find their inner craftsperson–through an amazing YouTube channel with well over a million subscribers: I Like to Make Stuff. Whether it’s music, websites, software, furniture, vintage scooters or motorcycles—you name it–he likes to make it.

He is the father of four, husband of one and loves his life completely. He recently left the software industry to make stuff for a living and started I Like To Make Stuff. I Like To Make Stuff is a place to chronicle the work and interests of Bob Clagett with the aim of providing inspiration to the DIY and maker community.

The YouTube Channel:

Some of Meredith’s Favorite Episodes:

Secret Door Bookcase:

Indoor Climbing Wall:

Office Rennovation:

Double Bunk Beds:

The Book: Making Time

“I wrote a book about my journey to becoming a full time content creator, and some of the things I learned in the first two years. It’s not a how to book, but instead stories and experiences that I didn’t expect and never dreamed of.”

Follow ILTMS on Social:







Episode 68: Melissa Hartwig:  Whole30 and “The Same 24 Hours”

Melissa Hartwig and I were fighting.  Okay, so no we weren’t… but we had an exchange on Instagram that could have gone several ways.  And the way that two intelligent, hard-working and badass women do things? Well, they discuss with respect, kindness and in a way of growth.

[Hence, this podcast!  (We did it!)]

Melissa Hartwig is a Certified Sports Nutritionist who specializes in helping people change their relationship with food and create life-long, healthy habits. She is the co-creator of the original Whole30 program, a four-time New York Times bestselling author (It Starts With Food,  The Whole30, Food Freedom Forever, and The Whole30 Cookbook). She has been featured by Dr. Oz, Good Morning America, the New York Times, the Wall Street JournalDetailsShapeOutside, and SELF, and ranked #27 on Greatists Top 100 Most Influential People in Health and Fitness in 2017. Melissa has presented more than 150 health and nutrition seminars worldwide, and is a prominent keynote speaker on social media and branding, health trends, and entrepreneurship.

Melissa enjoys kettlebell training, yoga, hiking, solo traveling, and riding her motorcycle. She lives in Salt Lake City, UT.

Follow Melissa / Whole30 on Social

Facebook: hartwig.melissa
Instagram: @melissa_hartwig
Twitter: @melissahartwig_


Episode 67: Nicole DeBoom: Running this World and Skirt Sports and Stuff

Can I say how much I LOVE NICOLE DEBOOM? Thiiiiiiis much!

Nicole is the founder of Skirt Sports – she started with the goal of helping women find strength, power and happiness through running. Today Skirt Sports has expanded from its initial running skirt to a full line of inspirational women’s fitness apparel sold in hundreds of stores across the US and throughout the world as well as a huge focus on events as the main driving force for women to move their lives forward.

Shes continue to lead the company as the Founder & CEO, now balancing the challenge of staying fit, running a business and chasing around a young daughter!
She also has an amazing podcast “Run this World” where we first “met” officially!
Listen to this episode for a discount!

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Episode 66: John Young:  “The Hammer”

Why do they call John Young “The Hammer”?  Well, you’ll have to listen and find out.  In this episode, Meredith and John talk about everything from racing to bullying to parenting.  John is the first person with dwarfism to complete an IRONMAN triathlon. He’s also an avid athlete – running several marathons, including Boston, and is tackling a really cool goal this year.

John Young on Social:






Episode 65: Lizzie Velasquez: Dare to Be Kind

Lizzie Velasquez was cruelly dubbed “The Ugliest Woman in the World” on a viral YouTube video over ten years ago. Born with an extremely rare congenital disease called Marfanoid–progeroid–lipodystrophy syndrome that, among other symptoms, prevents her from accumulating body fat and gaining weight. Out of that horrific YouTube incident, rose a fire and a desire in Lizzie to use her talents to become successful, motivate others and show what it means to be kind. Her 2013 inspiring TedX talk, “How Do You Define Yourself” has over 4 million views. Her documentary, A Brave Heart, is a must-watch for everyone -especially those with tweens and teenagers. Her paperback book, Dare to Be Kind, is out now.

Enjoy the episode with Lizzie.

Get the Book: 
Dare to Be Kind: How Extraordinary Compassion Can Change the World

Paperback now:

The Documentary:
A Brave Heart: The Lizzie Velasquez Story

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TedX Talk:




Episode 64: Benjamin Hardy: Willpower Doesn’t Work

Ben Hardy is an author and the #1 Writer on  I met Ben at a conference last year, and he listened to me ramble about my scrambly ideas about my second book.  We decided to record a podcast, and the rest is history. The big news is, however, his NEW BOOK is OUT NOW!

The Book: Willpower Doesn’t Work

Available NOW:

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On Medium:



Episode 63:  Kelly Roberts:  She Can and She Did (f/k/a Run Selfie Repeat)

Run Selfie Repeat. #SportsBraSquad.  She Can and She Did.  #BQorBust. “I set out to inspire people who were struggling to find a way to feel proud of themselves.”  Kelly Roberts is in the house!  We talk about running, injury, the hot guys in the NYC half marathon, the haters, the sports bra squad and more.

She writes on her site:  “When I started a blog called Run, Selfie, Repeat in 2013, I had no idea what the hell I was doing. I had just “gone viral” for taking selfies with “hot guys” behind me while I tried to survive a half marathon. Suddenly, I found myself on Good Morning America and was struggling to navigate the fleeting hurricane that is going viral.

“That’s when my badass lady gang swooped in and encouraged me to start a blog and run with my five seconds of fame.

“I wanted to inspire people who, like me, had a hard time with physical activity (that’s putting it lightly – I used to call myself the President of the “I f*cking hate running club”). I set out to inspire people who were struggling to find a way to feel proud of themselves. And so, I started a running blog because despite the fact that running consistently humbled the hell out of me, it also gave me a way to set a tangible, seemingly impossible goal, and work to make it a reality.

“A lot happened in a very short four years. I met the royals, went from “I don’t think I’m a runner” to a 3 hour and 41 minute marathoner(!!!), started the #SportsBraSquad, landed the cover of Women’s Running Magazine(!!!), and saw thousands of badass women cross their very first finish lines.”

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Episode 62: Cheryl Haworth

Cheryl Haworth is a 3x Olympian in the sport of Olympic Weightlifting. While does not consider herself a pioneer of women’s weightlifting, most everyone else does. Haworth was one of four Americans to compete in women’s weightlifting’s Olympic debut in 2000, and she was one of two to medal, earning bronze in the +75 kg. class at 17 years old in Sydney.

Before retiring in 2010, Haworth’s list of accomplishments included a bronze medal at the 2005 world championships, three Olympic appearances, a Pan American Games gold medal, three junior world titles and 11 national titles (the most by any U.S. woman).  For those reasons and more, Haworth was inducted into the USA Weightlifting Hall of Fame in 2015.

She is also the star of the documentary, Strong!

She now coaches weightlifting in Atlanta, Georgia and is a truly kind, compassionate and wonderful person. Enjoy this episode!

Watch Her Lift

Her Accomplishments

  • Bronze Medalist in Olympic Games (2000)
  • Olympic team member (2000 + 2004 + 2008)
  • Junior World Champion (2001 + 2002)
  • Senior National Champion (1998–2008)
  • Silver Medalist in Junior World Championships (1999)
  • Pan Am Games Champion (1999)
  • Goodwill Games Champion (2001)
  • Inducted into the USA Weightlifting Hall of Fame (2015)

Where You Can Train with Cheryl

BTB Fitness in Atlanta (Buckhead):

Follow Cheryl:





Episode 61: Dr. Kelly Brogan

Dr. Kelly Brogan is a revolutionary MD who asks this question: “What is the happiest, healthiest version of yourself that you can imagine?”

[Pssssst! How many of YOUR doctors ask that question?]

Dr. Brogan has spent her medical career helping women reclaim their lives without drugs, without antidepressants and taking back their health. I will admit that I was hesitant to consider talking to Dr. Brogan–only because her work is so sensitive, so personal. But she is NOT in the business of shaming women–quite the opposite. Her work is empowering women to take control. And I had to share her work once I read her book.

Her book, A Mind of Your Own: The Truth About Depression and How Women Can Heal Their Bodies to Reclaim Their Lives – has four a half stars on Amazon on a sensitive and controversial topic–women reclaiming their lives and their health. I know it changed the way that I will forever look at pharmaceuticals.

She writes, “Many of us are far from our ideal vision of health. Meanwhile, mass media, drug companies, and the food industry hope we stay there – reliant on them. I’m here to tell you that you have choices and the power to change your life. You can get healthy and live happy – without drugs. I know, not just because of my medical training, but also because I’ve been where you are. On a beautiful day in NYC I got some bad news. The reason for my brain fog, why I’d repeatedly lost my keys, was literally losing my hair, and going through an excessive amount of cocoa butter lotion, along with other symptoms: postpartum thyroiditis, or Hashimoto’s disease.

“Despite many years earning my medical credentials, I was not ready for a life dependent on pharmaceuticals. So, I searched for an alternative – and I found the gentle, hopeful world of natural self-repair. Two-and-a-half years and one pregnancy later, I was symptom free – and prescription free. But, more importantly, I’m on a mission. Now, in addition to my training as a psychiatrist, I’m also board-certified in integrative and holistic medicine, helping women get healthy and happy – without drugs.

“Depression isn’t a disease. It’s a symptom. Learn more in the new book, . Purchase your copy today! ”  – Dr. Kelly Brogan

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Get the First Chapter of A Mind of Your Own:

If you like this episode, watch the two hour podcast with Joe Rogan:

Episode 60: Chrissie Wellington

For me, Chrissie Wellington is the epitome of heart, grace, athletic prowess, mental toughness and kindness. I was inspired by Chrissie from the second I entered the sport of triathlon–and I continue to be inspired by her to this day.

Her new book, To the Finish Line : A World Champion Triathlete’s Guide to Your Perfect Race, is available now.

Another favorite episode.

Get the Books

To the Finish Line:  A World Champion Triathlete’s Guide to Your Perfect Race

A Life Without Limits:  A World Champion’s Journey

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Twitter:  @ChrissieSmiles

This Episode is Sponsored by GENERATION UCAN

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UCAN delivers smarter energy for athletic performance, workouts, and daily life

So why is UCAN’s energy smarter? Because it’s steady and balanced without sugar or stimulants. No heart-racing highs and no crashing lows, just feel-good energy for body and mind.

How’d they do that? With their revolutionary SuperStarch, a hydrothermally cooked non-GMO starch that provides a slow-release of complex carbs to steady your blood sugar, keeping you fueled and feeling good.

Episode 59: Another Mother Runner Icons, Dimity McDowell and Sarah Bowen Shea

The Mother Runners are here! Founders, mother runners and inspiration behind “Another Mother Runner” – the virtual aid station for all runners–near and far, moms and not, new and “old,” and inspiration abounds. Authors, social media entrepreneurs, podcasters and more. Sarah Bowen Shea and Dimity McDowell – so much fun! Enjoy the show!


Tales from Another Mother Runner, Run Like a Mother (2010) and Train Like a Mother (2012),

“For a woman, being a mom and a runner aren’t always complementary identities. In fact, when you add a career, partner, and possibly even a social life to the mix, finding time for all of it can be as challenging as tiptoeing across your child’s room in the middle of the night without stepping on a Lego.”

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Episode 58:  Fit Legally: Rachel Brenke

Founder of Business Bites podcast, and several successful business brands including TheLawTog®FitLegally, and BlogLegally, Rachel is also a mother, wife to a disabled Army Veteran, practicing, lawyer, five-time author, cancer-survivor, Team USA Athlete, and champion of all endeavors entrepreneurial.

Through her podcast, brands, and 1-on-1 services, Rachel helps creative entrepreneurs form businesses, draft contracts, and successfully navigate intellectual property law by providing copyright and trademark protection tools.

“Creativity can be more than a passion—it can be a livelihood too. But only if you’re willing to develop the business plan and legal protection necessary to thrive.” – Rachel Brenke

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Episode 57: James Lawrence: The Iron Cowboy

50 Iron distance races, 50 states, in 50 days. Meredith and James talk about some of the ups and downs of this incredible journey, the TEN YEARS of hard work that happened LONG before the 50-50-50, and Meredith asks him ONE question that he has NEVER been asked before.

Repeatedly mocked for choosing a goal so big, Lawrence took on the challenge of doing 50 Ironman races, in 50 consecutive days, through all 50 US States. His journey will make you laugh, cry and possibly squirm in your seats in disbelief. James lives with his wife, Sunny, and their five children in Utah. After breaking several Guinness World Records, James wondered if he had truly found his mental and physical limits. He knew there was more. Experience firsthand the remarkable journey of James Lawrence and his family.

James is originally From Calgary, Alberta Canada. He grew up a wrestler and later in life became to love endurance racing to escape the hectic routine of Corporate America. After losing everything in 2008, James turned to his new found passion for triathlon racing and went on to break two world records within three years. In 2015 James accomplished the unthinkable despite everyone saying his end goal was impossible. He completed 50 Ironman distance triathlons, in 50 days, in each of the 50 United States — The 50-50-50.

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56: Amy Morin: Mentally Strong People and Parents

As a psychotherapist turned author, Amy’s mission is to make the world a stronger place. Her education and expertise as a psychotherapist, combined with her personal experiences overcoming tragedy, give her a unique perspective on mental strength.

In 2013, Amy introduced the world to the concept of mental strength when her article, 13 Things Mentally Strong People Don’t Do, became an anthem read by more than 50 million people.

She’s been dubbed the “self-help guru of the moment,” by The Guardian and Forbes refers to her as a “thought leadership star.” Her advice has been featured by numerous media outlets including Time, Fast Company, Success, Business Insider,, Fox News, CNN, CNBC, and Today. She also appears in a Red Bull TV show called Visions of Greatness.

She lectures across the globe to provide trainings, workshops, and keynote speeches that teach people how to build their mental muscle. Students from 42 countries access her online mental strength course.

Amy’s also a lecturer at Northeastern University. She is a columnist for Forbes, Inc., and Psychology Today. She also serves as a parenting expert for Verywell.

Follow Amy: 

Buy the Books:

Episode 54: Richard Turner: Dealt

Inspiring interview with sixty-two year old Richard Turner–a famous “card mechanic” and star of the new documentary, Dealt.  You don’t want to miss this incredible story and man.

Dealt: The Film
A documentary by Luke Korem. Winner of the SXSW Audience Award for Documentary Feature, Dealt is the inspiring story of sixty-two year old Richard Turner who is renowned as one of the world’s greatest card magicians, yet he is completely blind.  In this documentary, Richard traces his journey from his troubled childhood, when he began losing his vision, to present day as he relentlessly pursues perfection while struggling with the reality that his biggest weakness might also be his greatest strength.

Episode 53:  Randy Spelling: Unlimiting You

Randy Spelling grew up in the entertainment industry as the son of, Aaron Spelling, one of the most prolific Hollywood producers in history. Up until his mid twenties, Randy acted in various hit primetime television shows such as Beverly Hills 90210, Malibu Shores, and Charmed. He starred in a daytime soap opera for four years called Sunset Beach and was featured in several feature films.This contributed to Randy earning a dedicated global following.In 2006, amidst a struggle with addiction and feeling lost, Randy went through a process of getting sober that led him to go within and find his purpose. Success and notoriety had not brought the deeper satisfaction Randy was desperately seeking.

With near-fatal outcomes, he made a choice to do the hard work of getting clean and started on a serious spiritual quest to find meaning in his life. While on the journey, he reconnected with his latent intuitive talents as well as his ability to listen deeply to the hearts of others, both of which turned out to be an excellent fit for the career of life coaching. Randy entered a two-year, credentialed coaching program to become an International Coaching Federation Certified Life Coach. Randy is a life coach, spiritual facilitator, author, and speaker, with his own life coaching and wellness company, Being in Flow. He provides one-on- one coaching with an emphasis on helping clients discover how to improve their lives and live free of limitations. Randy frequently holds workshops and face-to-face consultations in his hometown, Los Angeles, and other cities across the country. Randy’s workshops, group coaching sessions, tele-seminars, and public speaking engagements fuel his passion for helping others. Whether it is with individuals, couples, families, or groups, Randy makes spiritual and universal truths simple, presenting them in grounded ways that can be used in everyday life. Randy lives in Portland, OR, with his wife and two young daughters.

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Facebook Page:

YouTube Channel:


Buy The Book

Unlimiting YouStep Out of Your Past and into Your Purpose

Free Gifts

3-Part Video Series: Changing Worry into Happiness:

Short and sweet videos sharing 3 of the most powerful tools for turning a frown upside down in 10min or less!

Training Video: Why Your Dream Isn’t Coming Fast Enough:  – Discover why things aren’t flowing in your life and what to do about it!

Episode 52: Natalie Brenner: This Undeserved Life

Loss, motherhood, grace, adoption, faith, forgiveness and more. Natalie Brenner writes in, This Undeserved Life about all of these things. Have the walls of your life ever unexpectedly shattered, but you didn’t feel you were allowed to acknowledge pain?  Natalie honestly shares her story of infertility and miscarriage, church trauma and abuse, transracially adopting while pregnant, and birth trauma. But this story is so much more than her story: this is your story. Regardless of the details of your story, Natalie confronts the question: how do you follow Jesus in the midst of suffering and loss? Natalie charges straight into the ugliness of suffering and the scandalous grace of the cross. This book will invite you into grieving loss in honest ways. You will uncover brokenness is not a part of God’s plan, you are not faithless if you choose to give loss the space it demands, and you are not petty if you offer sorrow a voice.

The Book:

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Episode 51: Michael Stevens: Mind Field

Michael Stevens is the host of the YouTube Red series, Mind Field.  Mind Field premieres its second season on YouTube Red on Wednesday, December 6th.  Mind Field is a partial binge with four episodes available, and then one will roll out every week after that for a total of eight episodes in the series.

In the new season, with the help of the world’s top scientists and research labs, Michael explores mind control, the power of suggestion, the effects of technology on the brain’s hippocampus and spatial memory, and even experiences temporary brain damage by having his own brain magnetically stimulated, and much more.

Michael is currently on a nationwide tour with Mythbusters host Adam Savage called “Brain Candy Live”.

Mind Field
Season 2 launched December 6th, 2017 on YouTube Red. The YouTube Red critically acclaimed series Mind Field is hosted by Vsauce founder and science educator Michael Stevens.
Vsauce is the dominant educational network on the internet with over 18 million subscribers – millions of children and adults alike tune in to their various shows to learn about topics including social psychology, artificial intelligence, space exploration, and more – with an emphasis on making science accessible to all and applicable to the everyday. In Mind Field, Michael demonstrates how a seemingly mundane or simple topic can become fascinating and thought-provoking. Each episode inspires viewers to take a look at their everyday life in a new way.
Watch the Trailer:
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Episode 50: Jason Jaksetic: Spartan Racing

Get back to the earth. Today’s episode is with Jason Jaksetic, the lifestyle brand manager for Spartan Races.  What a great time talking about how he went from a trialete in Kona to a man hauling sandbags up mountains…for fun. LOVED this episode and looking forward to taking on a Spartan Race in 2018. Who’s coming with me!?

Be a Spartan!





Follow Jason:



Episode 49: Craig Kulyk: Create Good Mornings

“Do more. Stress less. Make every day count.”

Craig Kulyk, founder of Create Good Mornings, on the podcast. Enjoyed this episode immensely and have adopted some of the suggestions and changes…for the good.

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Episode 48: Diane Berberian: Lose of Sight and Seeing Life

Diane lost her vision, but that didn’t stop her–in anything.  One of the most fascinating and inspiring interviews to do.  Diana is a woman who knows no limits. Living with Macular Degeneration (MD), Diane has become one of the most celebrated and successful female Ironman athletes in the sport. Never racing the same long distance course twice, Diane thrives on taming the challenges that the sport of Paratriathlon offers; earning her the nickname of “The Iron Maven”.

With the aid of a sighted guide, Diane has pushed herself to remain competitive in a sport that draws only the strongest of character to it – the Ironman; a 2.4 mile swim, a 112 mile bike and 26.2 mile run.

Never one to settle, Diane set her sights on a new challenge and qualified for the USA National Paratriathlon Team in 2013. She earned the title of TRI6B National Paratriathlon Champion and the honour to represent her country at ITU Paratriathlon Worlds, where she placed 5th overall.She won the National Championship for Visually Impaired Females at the Woodrow Wilson Bridge Half Marathon in Washington, DC in October, 2014 then traveled to Wilmington, NC where she won the Para Division of the Beach 2 Battleship Half Ironman. That victory was the finishing touch on her long course competition career.

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Episode 47: Josh Mathe – Trail Running and More

He’s back!  We scheduled a podcast to talk about trail running and slow-packing, but as usual, Josh and I had a great chat about so much more:  why we (as humans) crack self-deprecating jokes, why trail running can feel scary, what goals are really about, and more.

We also have a CHALLENGE for you all! You won’t want to miss out on the GIVEAWAY and the CHALLENGE at or the group:

Josh’s new book, “I, Athlete” talks about awakening that ATHLETE inside of all of us – whether to acheive massive goals, or to just be the best version of ourselves. I really enjoyed this chat with Josh Mathe. Get inspired with his outlook, upbeat attitude and sage wisdom on all the things—yes, even medititation.

More on Josh

Josh Mathe is passionate about squeezing every last drop from life, and helping others do the same.  He the best-selling and award-winning author of In the Footsteps of Greatness and I, Athlete, as well as a speaker, fitness expert, nutritionist, ultra endurance athlete, and life adventurer.  Josh is the owner of One10 Performance & Nutrition, and when not in the office he spends his days running, biking, swimming, backpacking, or lifting heavy things.  Josh holds a Master’s of Science in Human Nutrition, and is a certified sports nutritionist (CISSN), Performance Enhancement Specialist (PES), and endurance coach.  He lives in Sacramento, CA with his wife and three crazy animals.

For more information or to contact Josh directly, please visit

Episode 46:  Mike Reilly : the Voice of IRONMAN

“You are an IRONMAN!”

Anyone who has dreamed of that finish line has also dreamed of those words being shouted at their finish—and if you are very lucky, by the man himself, Mike Reilly.  Mike “called” Meredith into the finish at IRONMAN Coeur d’Alene in 2013, and Lake Placid in 2015 (receiving a smooch on the cheek in 2015 from her!).

Enjoy this candid and fun interview with @IronmanVoice, THE Mike Reilly, where we get the scoop:

  • Where did “You are an Ironman” start?
  • How long has he been announcing races?
  • What is Mike’s most memorable “call in”?
  • How does he stay so positive?
  • Would he tell someone they “should” do an IRONMAN?
  • What’s a day in the life of an IRONMAN day?
  • What does Mike do outside of triathlon?
  • What does his grandson call him?
  • How does he (or does he) pick which races he attends?
  • What races for 2018?
  • What’s next for Mike
  • How YOU can tell Mike your story…

Follow Mike


Episode 45:  Christine Goodner: Music, Children and the Suzuki Method

“The Viola is NOT just a big violin.” (We make music jokes here on the podcast!) Christine Goodman is a Suzuki violin teacher, mom, & Suzuki student from the age of 3.  Her writing and book, “Beyond the Music Lesson” is designed to give teachers, parents & students new ideas, inspiration and remind us of the powerful impact of music and the Suzuki method in our lives.

Folllow Christine:

Free Checklist: 

The Book

Beyond the Music Lesson:


Episode 44:  Kim Stemple and We Finish Together

All medals are donated by a community of runners, swimmers, singers, triathletes all across the US to be given with a handwritten ribbon message and handmade tag to someone who needs to know they have the support and care that they may need to get them through whatever challenges face them. No “need bar”, other than keep the medal close, know that we are always holding your hand.

Start a “FLEET”

A Fleet is a “chapter” of We Finish Together. If you are interested in starting your own fleet, we ask that you please reach out to us at one of the emails below or through our Facebook messaging to let us know:

We Finish Together on Social


Episode 43: Down Syndrome & Law Syndrome

Down Syndrome: three moms (Michelle, Leslie, and Dori) talk with Meredith about their kiddos, families and “law syndrome.” The biggest take away from this episode for me was the fact that Down Syndrome individuals are REALLY just like us… truly. Listen more to these women tell their stories—such a great episode. Approximately one in every 700 babies in the United States is born with Down syndrome, making Down syndrome the most common chromosomal condition. At NDSS you’ll find an introduction to Down syndrome and an overview of related facts, myths and truths and our preferred language guide.

Law Syndrome:
Law Syndrome affects 100% of people with Down syndrome.  It’s a series of antiquated laws that impede the pursuit of a career or living independently without risking Medicaid benefits. Help us fix the law and end #LawSyndrome.

National Down Syndrome Society

Episode 42:  Rob Jones: Double-Amputee and 31 Marathons in 31 Days in 31 Cities

Rob Jones: Double-Amputee Marine is Training to Run 31 Marathons in 31 Days

“I grew up on a farm in the small town of Lovettsville, Virginia. I graduated from Loudoun Valley High School in 2003, and from Virginia Tech in 2007.  In my junior year at Virginia Tech, I joined the Marine Corps Reserve as a combat engineer at Bravo Company, 4th Combat Engineer Battalion in Roanoke, VA. In the Marine Corps, combat engineers are responsible for a multitude of disciplines but the primary role that I and my fellow combat engineers undertook was the use of explosives, and the detection of buried IEDs and weapons caches.

“I deployed to Habbaniyah, Iraq in 2008, and again to Delaram/Sangin, Afghanistan in 2010. During my deployment to Afghanistan while operating as a part of a push into Taliban territory, I was tasked with clearing an area with a high likelihood of containing an IED. It was in this capacity that I was wounded in action by a land mine. The injury resulted in a left knee dis-articulation and a right above knee amputation of my legs.

“I was taken to National Naval Medical Center in Bethesda, MD for the initial phases of my recovery, which consisted primarily of healing and closing my wounds. I was then transferred to Walter Reed Army Medical Center for the remainder of my rehabilitation. At Walter Reed I was fitted with prosthetics, and worked very hard to learn how to walk with two bionic knees. I also used the time to relearn how to do other things with my new challenge including riding a bicycle, running, and rowing. I took naturally to rowing, and since I am always in search of a challenge that I can use to become better, I decided to train for the 2012 Paralympics.

“After being honorably discharged from the Marine Corps in December, 2011, I immediately moved to Florida to train with my rowing partner, Oksana. We spent five months there, and during that time period won the trunk and arms mixed double sculls trial race held by USRowing to become the USRowing national team for our boat class, and also won the Final Paralympic Qualification Regatta in Belgrade to qualify for the Paralympics. We then moved to Charlottesville, Virginia to continue training until the Paralympics in September, 2012. Our hard work paid off for us as we brought home a bronze medal in our event. I continued in the sport of rowing through the 2013 season, where my partner and I placed 4th in the 2013 World Rowing Championships.

“On October 14, 2013 I began a solo supported bike ride across America which started in Bar Harbor, Maine, and ended in Camp Pendleton, California.  The ride was 5,180 miles long and completed on April 13, 2014, a total of 181 days after it began.  Over the course of the ride, along with my team, I raised $126,000 for the Coalition to Salute America’s Heroes, the Injured Marine Semper Fi Fund, and Ride 2 Recovery, three charities which aid wounded veterans.

“Between Fall 2014, and Summer 2016, I trained in the sport of triathlon with the intention to compete in the 2016 Paralympic Games.  I saw considerable personal improvement, but was unable to qualify.

“Currently I am planning to complete a month long back to back marathon challenge in which I will run 31 marathons in 31 days in 31 different major cities, once again raising awareness and funds for wounded veteran charities.

The Month of Marathons:

Episode 41: Ally Faber: Treacher Collins Syndrome and Nolan

Ally Faber is the mom to Nolan, who has a rare genetic syndrome known as Treacher Collins. This was an incredibly positive, uplifting and heart-warming episode.

Ally writes, “Nolan is the best thing to have ever happened to our family and he’s transformed the way I view life. I’m a married, vegan Oregon momma of TWO boys who decided to embark on a minimalism journey this calendar year for financial freedom, a healthier emotional state and a less wasteful and more conscious life as a consumer. I long to own less so that we can do more as a family.”

Contact: P.O. Box 3466 Salem, OR 97302

Episode 40: Anthony Malone: Yoga and Life

Namaste, y’all.  Anthony Malone – yogi, triathlete, vegan and owner of Paper Plane Yoga in College Park, Georgia is on today’s episode.  We had a great time talking about yoga, veganism, alcohol, healthy lifestyle, stress and more.  Enjoy this one!  Anthony has such an amazing spirit and voice – I will be chatting with him again sometime soon!

Yoga on Social
The Studio:

Episode 39: Dr. Aviva Romm

Herbalist. Doctor. Midwife. (And don’t forget leader of the NEW revolution).  Meredith and Dr. Aviva Romm discuss what the “Adrenal Thyroid Revolution” is all about, and some more amazing stories from Aviva on her childhood, midwifery practice, fight or flight, fasting (and insulin resistance) and her decision to become an MD to empower women to take charge of their lives and health.

That whole constellation of new knowing lit a fire in me and my life path became clear—to do my part in helping make health care more fair­—and actually healthy—for women, and taking care of the health of the planet, because I learned that the two are inseparable.


Learn more about Dr. Aviva here.

The Book:

Buy the book, The Adrenal Thyroid Revolution.

Hashimoto’s • Chronic Overwhelm • Fatigue • Brain Fog • Hormone Imbalances • Anxiety or Depression • Stubborn Weight • Poor Sleep • Adrenal fatigue • Chronic Disease

If you’re struggling with any of these, then this book is for you. Through Root Cause personal assessments The Adrenal Thyroid Revolution teaches you to easily identify your personal root causes of these symptoms and guides you through a natural 5-Step drug-free protocol to reverse them in as little as two weeks!

Get your copy and let’s get you started on this groundbreaking action plan, written by a woman MD, for women,  that has already helped thousands of women transform their health and feel at home in their body again.

Follow Dr. Aviva Romm


Episode 38: Louise Green: Big Fit Girl

Fit. Fat. Thin. Plus-size. Body Positive. Diet-Culture. Fat Activism. What IS all this? Why is “food” such a volatile topic? Meredith and the amazing Louise Green — two “big fit girls” talk about fitness, food, weight, stigma, triathlon and more.

In her book Big Fit Girl, Louise Green describes how the fitness industry fails to meet the needs of plus-size women and thus prevents them from improving their health and fitness. By telling her own story of how she stopped dieting, got off the couch, and unleashed her inner athlete—as well as showcasing similar stories from other women—Green inspires other plus-size women to do the same.

Green also provides concrete advice, based on the latest research, about how to get started, how to establish a support team, how to choose an activity, what kind of clothing and gear work best for the plus-size athlete, how to set goals, and how to improve one’s relationship with food. And she stresses the importance of paying it forward—for it is only by seeing plus-size women in leadership roles that other plus-size women will be motivated to stop trying to lose weight and get fit instead.

Buy the book Big Fit Girl:  

Louise Green on Social

Episode 37: Erin Musto: Maddie’s Mark

Erin Musto is a momma to 3 amazing girls- one who happens to be an angel. She spends her days working on Maddie’s Mark Foundation to work to support families with sick children and help them enjoy “Best Days Ever.” She also write and blogs and bares it all regularly on Climbing Up the Polka Dot Tree. She loves challenges and opportunities to try new things and share her passion- support and changing Childhood Cancer.

Erin and Maddie’s Mark on Social
Twitter: @MustoErin
Maddie’s Mark:

Do you know a child that resides in New York State and is in need of a ‘best day ever’?  Perhaps you want to reach out to set up a fundraiser or event. You can contact the Maddie’s Mark Foundation via email at:


Learn more about the incredible indoor cycling products from Cycleops.

And there’s a giveaway!

Episode 36: Dina Griffin: Metabolic Efficiency Training

Dina Griffin, MS, RDN, CSSD, METS II is a Registered Dietitian, Board Certified Sport Dietitian, and Certified Level II Metabolic Efficiency Training Specialist with eNRG Performance. She’s an incredible athlete and has completed numerous marathons (including Boston and NYC), ultra-running races including Leadville 100 Trail Run and Comrades road Ultra-Marathon in South Africa, short and long course triathlons (including IRONMAN Coeur d’Alene) and cycling.

Meredith and Dina collaborate on OPTIMAL THRIVE, a program bringing Metabolic Efficiency Training to all athletes of every level and non-athletes alike.

Dina’s specialty areas include:

  • Management and treatment of metabolic and hormonal conditions such as PCOS, diabetes and pre-diabetes, metabolic syndrome
  • Weight loss
  • Supporting the nutritional health and physiology of the female athlete
  • Devising fueling and hydration strategies for active and athletic individuals (endurance focused)
  • Event and race day fueling/hydration planning
  • Physiological testing services including metabolic efficiency testing and sweat sodium concentration testing
  • Metabolic Efficiency Training ™ for eight years

Dina’s clientele includes adults of all ages and activity levels, from “off the couch” athletes to recreational and elite/professional endurance athletes including fitness enthusiasts, runners, ultra runners, road and off-road cyclists, triathletes, and adventure racers.

Based out of Boulder, Colorado, she provides nutrition coaching for clients and athletes nationwide and internationally through her services at eNRG Performance, LLC. As a result of her own personal athletic accomplishments, Dina not only is trained in, but personally understands the wide array of nutrition challenges (and successes!) in athletes.

Learn More about Optimal Thrive Nutrition with Dina Griffin

Website & Learn More:




Episode 35:  THE Dr. Shefali: Conscious Parenting

Conscious Parenting. I have never been so moved by “advice” on parenting as from Dr. Shefali Tsabary (Best known as “Dr. Shefali”). I put “advice” in quotes, because her WORK transcends beyond advice. The word advice is inadequate for the ground-breaking and life-changing work she does.

If you are a parent, have BEEN a child, or can’t figure out why in the world you can’t connect with your children, then this podcast will be a game-changer for your world. If you are LOST in your adulthood, this podcast is for you. Have a listen and be forever changed in the way you look at parenting—and yourself.

“We cannot expect THEM to become something that we are not ready to embody ourselves.” – Dr. Shefali
Dr. Shefali Tsabary

Author of the The Conscious Parent, Out of Control and NEWEST BOOK The Awakened Family. Also an International Speaker, and Clinical Psychologist.


Hundreds of participants have joined us for this weekend of personal transformation and now it’s your turn! Join Dr. Shefali and a line-up of speakers including Michael Beckwith and Tom Shadyac, for our 3rd Annual EVOLVE conference in Long Beach, CA. Hosted this year by the Renaissance Long Beach Hotel, you’ll be among hundreds of others who want to learn how to shed years of cultural conditioning and live their absolute best lives. Whether you’re a parent, teacher, life coach, or just someone who wants to live more authentically, peacefully, and with joy to spare, join us Sept. 15- 17 in Long Beach for EVOLVE.

Conference details:

$50 off with code 50OFF

Partial Scholarships available – apply by writing to:

Episode 34:  John Kim: The Angry Therapist

“My F*cking Feelings?” As he was going through an expired relationship, John Kim created a blog on Tumblr and titled his first post “My F*cking Feelings”. He named his blog The Angry Therapist and started to document his journey post divorce.

Even though he was a licensed therapist, John chose not to present himself that way. He wore t-shirts and jeans. He preferred the language of “me too” as opposed to “you should”. He blogged about his short comings, revelations, and his views on relationships, the self help business, and the world. He found CrossFit, bought a motorcycle, and started coaching people in unconventional ways.

The Angry Therapist has become greater than just John Kim. Today, it is a place to find support no matter where you are or what you’re going through. It’s a place where definitions of our common human struggles are based largely on experiencing life and allowing it to break and heal us, which is very different than labels applied by learning about suffering in text books. It is a growing team of therapists and life coaches all over the world- practicing transparency, living as the truest versions of themselves, continually growing, and in this process becoming Catalysts. It is also a school, teaching this new way of helping others and supporting them in that journey. It is a thriving community unlike any other. The Angry Therapist is a lifestyle.

The Angry Therapist on Social



Learn more about the incredible indoor cycling products from Cycleops.

And there’s a giveaway!

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Episode 33: David Dillard-Wright: Meditation and A Mindful Life

Meditation. Head space. Calm. Om. OMG! This is THE Elephant in the Room for Meredith Atwood: the topic of meditation. And yes, that’s MEDITATION, not MEDIATION, for the lawyers out there.

How DO we find time to start this practice? How does sports play a roll? What is moving meditation? All of these things are covered in this episode.

David Dillard-Wright, PhD teaches philosophy, religion, and ethics at the University of South Carolina, Aiken. His academic work focuses on philosophy of the mind and animal ethics. His practice in meditation originated in the Trappist tradition of contemplative prayer and then segued into Eastern practices. He is the author of A Mindful MorningA Mindful EveningA Mindful DayMediation for MultitaskersThe Everything© Guide to Meditation for Healthy Living5-Minute Mindfulness, and At Ganapati’s Feet.

The Books:
A Mindful Morning

A Mindful Evening

The 2018 Calendar

Meditation for Multi-Taskers

Episode 32: David Garrow: Barack Obama and Pulitzer-Prize Winning

Making Barack Obama, the High Court, and more. Meredith geeks out a little about favorite Supreme Court justices with historian and author, David Garrow. In this captivating epsisode covering Obama, Roe v. Wade and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Meredith and David really dig into some interesting legal and political topics.

In his book, Rising Star: The Making of Barack Obama, Pulitizer-Prize winner David Garrow addresses how Barack Obama’s speech at the 2004 Democratic National Convention instantly catapulted him into the national spotlight and led to his election four years later as America’s first African-American president.

About David Garrow


The Book: Rising Star

Rising Star is the definitive account of Barack Obama’s formative years that made him the man who became the forty-fourth president of the United States—from the Pulitzer Prize-winning author of Bearing the Cross.

Rising Star: The Making of Barack Obama captivatingly describes Barack Obama’s tumultuous upbringing as a young black man attending an almost-all-white, elite private school in Honolulu while being raised almost exclusively by his white grandparents. After recounting Obama’s college years in California and New York, Garrow charts Obama’s time as a Chicago community organizer, working in some of the city’s roughest neighborhoods; his years at the top of his Harvard Law School class; and his return to Chicago, where Obama honed his skills as a hard-knuckled politician, first in the state legislature and then as a candidate for the United States Senate.

Detailing a scintillating, behind-the-scenes account of Obama’s 2004 speech, a moment that labeled him the Democratic Party’s “rising star,” Garrow also chronicles Obama’s four years in the Senate, weighing his stands on various issues against positions he had taken years earlier, and recounts his thrilling run for the White House in 2008.

In Rising Star, David J. Garrow has created a vivid portrait that reveals not only the people and forces that shaped the future president but also the ways in which he used those influences to serve his larger aspirations. This is a gripping read about a young man born into uncommon family circumstances, whose faith in his own talents came face-to-face with fantastic ambitions and a desire to do good in the world. Most important, Rising Star is an extraordinary work of biography—tremendous in its research and storytelling, and brilliant in its analysis of the all-too-human struggles of one of the most fascinating politicians of our time.

Episode 31:  Kim Dinan: The Yellow Envelope

One Envelope, One Thousand Dollars, and One Life-Changing Adventure.  After Kim and her husband decide to quit their jobs to travel around the world, they’re given a yellow envelope containing a check and instructions to give the money away.

The only three rules for the envelope: Don’t overthink it; share your experiences; don’t feel pressured to give it all away.

Through Ecuador, Peru, Nepal, and beyond, Kim and Brian face obstacles, including major challenges to their relationship. As she distributes the gift to people she encounters along the way she learns that money does not have a thing to do with the capacity to give, but that giving―of ourselves―is transformational.

Kim’s writing has appeared in Parks and Recreation Magazine, Northwest Travel Magazine, Trailer Life Magazine, Go Explore Magazine and OnTrak Magazine, among others. Her popular blog, So Many Places, was named one of the best outdoor blogs by USA Today and has been featured online by sites such as Huffington Post and BuzzFeed. Her debut memoir, The Yellow Envelope, is available now. She lives in Ohio with her husband and daughter.

The Book:

The Yellow Envelope: One Gift, Three Rules and A Life-Changing Journey Around the World

Social Media Links:

Episode 30: Jeff Goins – Real Artists Don’t Starve

REAL artists starve NOT. Jeff Goins is the best-selling author of five books including the The Art of Work and Real Artists Don’t Starve. He believes that, “We all have a creative gift worth sharing with the world, and that is our art. So whether you have a business idea, a book in you, or some other project you want to start, my goal is to help you get that work out of you and into the world. And here’s the thing: you don’t have to starve to share your best work. If you have a passion for creativity and changing the world, this is the place for you. I invite you to subscribe and sit tight. This is going to be fun.”

Jeff on Social

Real Artists Don’t Starve: The BOOK

Episode 29: Annie Grace – Naked Mind and Alcohol

Naked Mind & Alcohol.  An interview with Annie Grace, author of the amazing book “This Naked Mind: Control Alcohol, Find Freedom, Discover Happiness and Change Your Life.”  She has an entirely new approach to cutting back or quitting drinking by addressing your unconscious thoughts and behaviors around drinking – the result is a permanent shift in mindset which gets rid of the desire around alcohol. Without desire there is no temptation – and willpower is not required. 

Another resource in the ever-necessary sobriety discussion for this day an age.

Resources Mentioned on the Podcast:

The Power of Now, Eckhart Tolle 

The Little Book of Big Change: The No-Willpower Approach to Breaking Any Habit, Amy Johnson PhD and Mark Howard PhD 

Healing Back Pain: The Mind-Body Connection, Dr. John Sarno 

Liminal Thinking: Create the Change You Want by Changing the Way You Think, Dave Gray

Follow Annie Grace on Social:

You Tube: 


Episode 28:  Mirinda Carfrae:  IRONMAN World Champion and Mom-to-Be

IRONMAN world champion and mom-to-be, Mirinda “Rinny” Carfrae.

Rinny is an Australian professional triathlete and an IRONMAN world champion. Carfrae has achieved podium positions in six of her seven attempts at the Ironman World Championships: 1st-place finishes (2010, 2013, 2014), three 2nd-place finishes (2009, 2011, 2016) and a 3rd place (2012). She also won the 2007 Ironman 70.3 World Championship. She has over 20 70.3 wins.

In short, she’s incredible. On the show, we discuss motherhood, training and other things—like her “slow” run.

Follow Her on Social:


Road ID

This episode is sponsored by ROAD ID! Learn more at

Right now, save 20% off with coupon (swimbikemom) until 7/27/2017. 

Episode 27: Natalia Cohen:  Losing Sight of Shore

Grit, rowing, and 8,000 miles. Four women set out to row across the Pacific Ocean, from America to Australia. As they row over 8,000 miles during their nine months at sea, they must overcome extreme mental and physical challenges to make history. “Everyone has a Pacific to Cross.”

Natalia Cohen is a writer, coach and motivational speaker and one of the women on the “Coxless Crew” who achieved the incredible feat and journey of this amazing row from America to Australia. The documentary, “Losing Sight of Shore” is a breath-taking account of the journey.

One of the favorites on the Same 24 Hours Podcast – talking about “Fernando the Shark” and “Eduardo the Shark”, rowing naked, and why the ocean really is the greatest resource and wonder we have.

The Documentary

Follow Natalia
Twitter: @EyeoftheNomad

Episode 26: Kyle and Brent Pease: IRONMEN Times Three

Bro. If you think you can’t do something, then think again. Kyle and Brent Pease are BACK on the show, with the UPDATE from IRONMAN Boulder. Check out their full story on Episode 4 -(

They are the ultimate “no excuses” brothers. Kyle was born with cerebral palsy with spastic quadriplegia, but that did not define anything in his life. Nothing stopped him or his brother, Brent, together from becoming IRONMAN triathletes. That’s right – they completed an IRONMAN triathlon together (that’s a race consisting of 2.4 mile swim, 112 mile bike ride, and a 26.2 mile marathon).

In this heart-warming and second inspiring podcast, Meredith Atwood sits down with the brothers in a story that will inspire, awe and make you belly-laugh. And then they flip the tables, and interview Meredith on her newest adventure with the Marine Corps Marathon coming in October of 2017, as a pusher for Team Logan. (More info here:

Through their Foundation, the Kyle Pease Foundation (KPF) creates awareness and raises funds to promote success for persons with disabilities by providing assistance to meet their individual needs through sports. Programs include scholarship opportunities, purchasing of medical equipment or adaptive sports equipment for others or contributing to other organizations that provide similar assistance to disabled persons as well as participating in educational campaigns to create awareness about Cerebral Palsy and other disabilities. KPF will provide these services directly to individuals as well as to partner with other existing non-profit organizations to achieve these goals.

Direct benefits will be limited to persons with disabilities who need adaptive sports equipment, mobility devices or medical care.

The Best Wrench in Atlanta:

We shared the love for Cannon Cyclery in this episode – Curtis Henry is the BEST local bike shop in the Atlanta area. Guess what? He also does VIRTUAL bike fits. Amazing guy and talent. He’s a sponsor of the Best Tri Club Ever as well.

Learn more at

How to Get Involved

Learn more:

Upcoming Events:

Make a donation:

Follow the Pease Brothers and the Foundation on social:
Kyle on Facebook:

Episode 25: Josh Mathe:  I, Athlete

You are an athlete. Yes, YOU.  In 2012, I published a book with the subtitle “You can be a Triathlete. Yes, You.”  And when I talked with Josh Mathe, I realized that he is cut from the same cloth in his beliefs.

His new book, “I, Athlete” talks about awakening that ATHLETE inside of all of us – whether to acheive massive goals, or to just be the best version of ourselves. I really enjoyed this chat with Josh Mathe. Get inspired with his outlook, upbeat attitude and sage wisdom on all the things—yes, even medititation.

More on Josh

Josh Mathe is passionate about squeezing every last drop from life, and helping others do the same.  He the best-selling and award-winning author of In the Footsteps of Greatness and I, Athlete, as well as a speaker, fitness expert, nutritionist, ultra endurance athlete, and life adventurer.  Josh is the owner of One10 Performance & Nutrition, and when not in the office he spends his days running, biking, swimming, backpacking, or lifting heavy things.  Josh holds a Master’s of Science in Human Nutrition, and is a certified sports nutritionist (CISSN), Performance Enhancement Specialist (PES), and endurance coach.  He lives in Sacramento, CA with his wife and three crazy animals.

For more information or to contact Josh directly, please visit

Episode 24: Sarah Hepola: Blackout

Alcohol. Blackout. Walking in high heels drunk. Things that Meredith and Sarah Hepola have/had in common.

For Sarah Hepola, alcohol was “the gasoline of all adventure.” She spent her evenings at cocktail parties and dark bars where she proudly stayed till last call. Drinking felt like freedom, part of her birthright as a strong, enlightened twenty-first-century woman.

But there was a price. She often blacked out, waking up with a blank space where four hours should be. Mornings became detective work on her own life. What did I say last night? How did I meet that guy? She apologized for things she couldn’t remember doing, as though she were cleaning up after an evil twin. Publicly, she covered her shame with self-deprecating jokes, and her career flourished, but as the blackouts accumulated, she could no longer avoid a sinking truth. The fuel she thought she needed was draining her spirit instead.

A memoir of unblinking honesty and poignant, laugh-out-loud humor, BLACKOUT is the story of a woman stumbling into a new kind of adventure — the sober life she never wanted. Shining a light into her blackouts, she discovers the person she buried, as well as the confidence, intimacy, and creativity she once believed came only from a bottle. Her tale will resonate with anyone who has been forced to reinvent or struggled in the face of necessary change. It’s about giving up the thing you cherish most — but getting yourself back in return.


Sarah on Social
Instagram: @thesarahhepolaexperience
Twitter: @sarahhepola

Meredith Atwood’s Sobriety Story

In December of 2015, I decided that I would never drink again.

A Sobering Thought: In the Beginning
Teetotaler: One Year Sober

The story of alcohol struggles is one that is not told often, and if it is told, I am not sure it’s told very honestly (or well).

I think the shame and the barriers to discussing struggles with addiction should be destroyed, and obliterated, so that anyone (ANYONE!) who needs help will have it – and have it with LOVE and SUPPORT.

Through my work, I am seeking to break down the shame, the barriers, and the negative associations with taking a stand, grabbing our power, and deciding to be sober people.

In April 2017, I created the online support community called “Grateful Sobriety.”

Who is welcome? YOU are if you:

  • want to stop drinking;
  • think you need to stop drinking;
  • have years of sobriety under your belt and love the support;
  • are stubborn and scared about your drinking;
  • know someone who you want to support in their quitting drinking; or
  • just want to give back to your community with your gifts of counseling expertise or sobriety.

Go to to learn more.


Episode 23: Scott Rigsby: Unthinkable & Making an Impact

Scott Rigsby was 18 years old and looking forward to his first semester at college. He was riding in the back of a pickup truck in rural Georgia with his friends after a hard day of landscaping work. He was talking about sports and his plans for the weekend, when suddenly the truck was hit by a passing 18-wheeler. The force threw him underneath a 3-ton attached trailer while the vehicle dragged him over 320 feet. His back suffered third degree burns, his right leg was severed off, and his left leg hung barely intact.

Rigsby endured countless doctor and hospital visits, 26 surgeries and additional amputation. After almost 20 years of depression, fear and uncertainty, he decided to change his life and seek his purpose for living, fueled by a prayer that if God would open a door for him, he would go through it.
That door opened, and a relentless and determined Rigsby arose and never looked back. On October 13, 2007, after enduring the elements for 16 hours and 43 minutes, Scott Rigsby became the first double amputee in the world to finish the Hawaiian Ironman triathlon with prosthetics at the 140.6-mile World Championship in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii. Rigsby used “swim legs” to navigate the difficult 2.4 mile ocean swim, “bike legs” to cycle 112 miles through the heat and gusting winds of the Big Island lava fields on a standard road bike and “run legs” to complete the marathon segment in darkness and intense pain.
Scott’s journey to achieving endurance world records taught him many lessons about himself and the possibilities for others. He realized in order to fulfill his purpose, he had to help the physically challenged who endured similar circumstances but lacked the proper tools, support teams and mentorship.
To expand his mission worldwide, Rigsby founded the Scott Rigsby Foundation.  Through his inspirational efforts, Rigsby remains true to his simple prayer:
Maybe they all can look at me and say, “You know what? Life is tough, but if this guy can make it, then I can make it.”

The Scott Rigsby Foundation

Founded in 2008, The Scott Rigsby Foundation, Inc. (SRF) is a Georgia nonprofit corporation dedicated to inspire, inform and enable individuals with disabilities to live a healthy, active lifestyle, and contributions are tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law.

Our primary goal is to promote the health and fitness of individuals with physical challenges by improving access to Prosthetic and Orthotic (P&O) care and resources, while supporting programs that advance prosthetic technology and empower individual lifestyle change. We desire to motivate individuals to set goals and cross their own personal finish lines.

Learn More at:

Read the Stories

The IRONMAN 70.3 Augusta Team

Register Here:

The Scott Rigsby Foundation is the exclusive charity partner of the 2017 IRONMAN 70.3 Augusta. Athletes can sign up to raise funds which enable injured and highly deployed military heroes to race with you as individuals or team members.

Episode 22 – Deb Cheslow: Unrealogical and Brave

Using your brain for good, not evil… breaking boards, flying supersonic jets, and teaching others to be badass and brave just like her—the incredible Deb Cheslow, peak performance coach, on this episode with Meredith.

Deb on Social

Program with Meredith:
Your Brave Mind –
Monthly LCM (Like Minded Community):

Order Unrealogical –

Get a Monthly Dose of Deb:

Other Books, Coaching Programs, and Events:

Episode 21 – Dr. Anthony Jay: Estrogeneration

Fat. Sick. Infertile. In this eye-opening interview with Dr. Anthony Jay, we talk about the devastating truth about a class of chemicals called “estrogenics” and how your daily exposures can cause weight-gains, depression, infertility and many other exploding health problems. His peer-reviewed research and book, as talked about in this interview, is not something you want to miss.  You will be shocked to learn where these chemicals are lurking – but have hope. There are things we can do. And products that we can substitute to make our lives better.

In this book, Estrogeneration: How Estrogenics are Making You Fat, Sick and Infertile, Anthony G. Jay offers a clear and fascinating look at:

  • THE Top 10 List of Everyday Estrogenics
  • Cutting-Edge Weight-Loss Strategies
  • New Muscle-Mass Building Discoveries
  • How Estrogenics “Feminize” Males
  • How Estrogenics Harm Children
  • 3 Detailed Estrogenic Avoidance Plans
  • Specific Food/Water Estrogenic Numbers
  • Simple Clear Language and Definitions
  • The US and EU Legal Status of Estrogenics
  • A Direct Exposé on Scientific Bias
  • Brand New Epigenetics Discoveries
  • Amazing Fishing “Tail” Chapter Openers
  • An Actionable Summary Appendix
  • And much, much MORE…

Learn More
Book: Estrogeneration: How Estrogenics are Making You Fat, Sick and Infertile:

Download the TOP 10 List Here:

The WHAT I USE List:

Episode 20 – Michelle Kalinski

Bring the Kidz! That’s right. Michelle Kalinski is making it easier on parents to accomplish their goals and dreams by providing childcare at races – currently in Colorado, but hopefully coming to a race near you SOON! What a great idea! Listen to this quick episode with Michelle and learn more at

Bring the Kidz on Social:

Episode 19 – Lesley Paterson: The Brave Athlete

Abs and a$$-whooping. Lesley Paterson is a three-time world champion triathlete, professional mountain biker, coach, motivational speaker, reluctant fitness model and foul-mouthed Scotts lassie. Growing up in Scotland, Lesley was the only girl on the rugby team – when she was banned from playing with the boys with the arrival of boobs, she went after running and triathlon. Lesley went on to become a national champion in cross country and an international triathlete. With her husband, Dr. Simon Marshall, an international expert in mental toughness and exercise behavior change, Lesley owns Braveheart Coaching, a San Diego based company that trains endurance athletes to be faster and happier. Lesley’s athletic journey is one of passion, grit, toughness and an unwavering ‘Braveheart’ spirit in overcoming obstacles. Lesley uses her on-camera training, media-ready personality, and accent to create meaningful as well as “entirely useless” content for endurance athletes (her words). 🙂


The Book:
The Brave Athlete: Calm the F*ck Down and Rise to the Occasion; Available on Amazon; Learn more at:

Lesley on Social:



Episode 18:  Jeff Galloway: Running and Walking and Running

Running and walking and running again—the beauty, strength and brilliance behind the Galloway Method (and Injury Prevention!). Jeff Galloway is one of the kindest, most compassionate people I have ever met – AND maybe the biggest ambassador for ALL levels of runners. Meredith sat down with Jeff Galloway in his home in Atlanta for an hour that gives some laughs, lots of sound advice and explains what in the world “monkey brain” is. Enjoy!

Jeff Galloway on Social

Running Store – Phidippides – Atlanta

Training Groups


Buy Books and More


Episode 17:  David Leite: Notes on a Banana

Food. Love. Manic Depression. This interview warmed my heart AND gave me some serious things to think about in my own “rollercoaster” world. A big thanks to David Leite for amazing work with “Notes on a Banana,” and for his kindness, compassion and light in this world.

About David and “Notes on a Banana”

In one of spring’s most poignant, astonishingly courageous, and unapologetically hilarious titles, three- time James Beard Award-winner David Leite brings a dash of Anthony Bourdain, Augusten Burroughs, and Kay Redfield Jamison to his memoir, NOTES ON A BANANA: A Memoir of Food, Love, and Manic Depression (Dey Street; April 11, 2017; ISBN: 9780062414373).

In a true tale that dazzles, touches the heart, and inspires, three-time James Beard Award winner David Leite lays it all on the table.

Born into a devoutly Catholic, food-crazed family of Azorean immigrants in 1960s Fall River, Massachusetts, David had a childhood that was the stuff of sitcoms. But what no one knew was that this smart-ass, determined dreamer with a vivid imagination also struggled with the frightening mood swings of bipolar disorder. To cope, “Banana,” as his mother endearingly called him, found relief and comfort in food, watching reruns of Julia Child, and, later as an adult, cooking for others. It was only in his midthirties, after years of desperate searching, did he finally uncover the truth about himself, receive proper medical treatment, and begin healing.

Throughout the narrative, David takes the reader along on the exhilarating highs and shattering lows of his life, with his trademark sense of humor: We watch as he slams the door on his Portuguese heritage in favor of blond-haired, blue-eyed WASPdom; pursues stardom with a near-pathological relentlessness; realizes he’s gay and attempts to “turn straight” through Aesthetic Realism, a cult in downtown Manhattan; battles against dark and bitter moods; delights in his twenty-plus year relationship with Alan (known to millions of David’s online readers as “The One”); and shares the people, dishes, and events that shaped him.

NOTES ON A BANANA is at once a tender look at growing up, a candid take on the power of selfacceptance, and an unflinching tale of the hell of mental illness. David’s story is brutally honest and necessary, creating a sense of universality and enduring hope that today’s readers need more than ever.

David Leite has tackled everything from chocolate chip cookies to Welsh cakes, from the foods of Portugal to the tribulations of being a super taster—for print, radio, and television. In 1999, he founded the website Leite’s Culinaria, and in 2006 he had the distinction of being the first winner ever of a James Beard Award for a website, a feat he repeated in 2007. The following year, he won his third James Beard Award for his article on fried clams for the New York Times. His first book, THE NEW PORTUGUESE TABLE: Exciting Flavors from Europe’s Western Coast, explored the food of his heritage and won the 2010 IACP First Book/Julia Child Award. David is also a regular correspondent and guest host on NPR’s “The Splendid Table.” He splits his time between Connecticut and New York, but will travel anywhere for a good meal.

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Episode 16:  Lauren Handel Zander:  Maybe It’s You. (Cut the Crap)

Maybe YOU’RE the problem? LAUREN HANDEL ZANDER is a life coach, university lecturer, public speaker, and the Co-Founder and Chairwoman of Handel Group®, an international corporate consulting and private coaching company based in New York City.

Lauren is also the author of Maybe It’s You: Cut the Crap, Face Your Fears, Love Your Life (Published by Hachette Book Group, April 2017), a no-nonsense, practical manual that helps readers figure out not just what they want out of life, but how to actually get there. She has spent over 20 years coaching thousands of private clients: entrepreneurs, couples, families, professors, politicians, Emmy, Peabody and Academy Award-winning artists, Grammy-winning musicians and Fortune 500 CEOs. Her corporate clients have included executives from Sony BMG, The New York Times, News Corp, J. Walter Thompson Agency, Citibank, Dropbox, LinkedIn, Uniworld, The Gap Inc., BASF, NYU Langone Medical Center, and Vogue. She has fixed corporate business relationships, mediated contract negotiations, reconciled marriages, and helped resolve complex family issues.

In the early 2000s, Lauren created a groundbreaking methodology, The Handel Method®, which is supported by top educators and psychologists, and has been taught in over 35 major universities and institutes of learning across the country including MIT, Stanford Graduate School of Business, Stanford Medical School, NYU, Columbia, Yale School of Drama, Wesleyan, Fordham, Rutgers, Middlebury College, Scripps Research Institute, and in the New York City Public School System. Elsewhere, internationally, The Handel Method was taught for the first time in October 2015 in the esteemed CEMS Program at Vienna University of Economics and Business, one of the largest business schools in the world.

With her unique, honest and irreverent approach, Lauren is a contributor for several publications and media outlets, including: The New York Times, BBC, Harvard Business Review, Forbes, Self, Women’s Health, Men’s Health, Vogue, Ebony, Cosmopolitan, Experience Life, Marie Claire, Family Circle, Elle, Prevention Magazine, and The Huffington Post. She has appeared on television and in film, starring in A&E’s Biography Channel TV Special, “Celebrity Life Coach,” as well as the critically acclaimed feature documentary, “My Own Man,” produced by Edward Norton. She has been an expert on The Dr. Oz Show, The Meredith Vieira Show, The Dr. Drew Show, MTV’s True Life and Businessweek’s “Coaches Corner.” She has also worked with Dr. Phil McGraw on his TV special, “The Marriage Test,” which starred two of her senior coaches, using The Handel Method to help fix troubled marriages.

In 2015, Lauren was the spokesperson for Marshall’s national “Go Ahead Campaign,” guiding women to lead a powerful and fulfilling life. She’s led seminars and conferences all over the world for organizations, including: the World Bank, the US Department of Justice for Judges, Rodale Publishing, Mayya Movement International, Leading Age, Prevention R3 Conference, Donna Karan’s Urban Zen, Soho House, Empowering Latin American Women’s Conference and and the Journalist Salon series: A conversation about Feminism (with best-selling authors, Gail Sheehy, Esther Perel, and Miki Agrawal). Also, Lauren presented her coaching methodology at the world renowned TEDx Women’s Conference in Amsterdam, and was a moderator running the roundtable for the White House Office of Center for Social Innovation Conference at Stanford University. Lauren is happily married, has three children and lives in Westchester, NY. She is an artist in her spare time, specializing in pointillism.

In This Episode:
The Weather Reporter, The Chicken and the Brat.
The Dentist, The Accountant and the Lawyer.
Two baby birds.
Some curse words.
And a really long Lie List.
Meredith Atwood stole smoothies in college.
[That about sums it up.]

More About Lauren:

What Lauren does to make her days extraordinary:

  1. I get my favorite joke that there is no maybe about it, I am my life’s biggest obstacle AND solution. I remind myself of this often. It puts all the power, all the time, in my own hands and my fingerprints on every crime scene AND success story.

  1. Every day I’m in actions to forward my own dreams. There’s the right formula of what makes you deeply happy in your life and truly, we all know what it is. Whether we do it or not is another question.  See the species packaging: we’re excusers, blamers, and feel-bad-ers. So long as we have a good enough excuse to have not gone to the gym, not jumped our mate, pushed snooze four times, cheated on our diet, so be it. And so long as we feel guilty about it, we’re still “good humans.” I’ve figured out my formula. It includes working out 3x weekly, having sex with my husband twice a week (yes, a week), finding gatekeepers to help in my crusade to heal the planet, painting, and hanging with my kids.

  1. What I’ve found, and what I teach, is Personal Integrity: keeping promises to yourself that are a match for your dream is the secret sauce to happiness, period. We’d never mess with our friendships, and say we’ll meet a friend at the movies, and then just not show. But we have no problem saying we’ll eat healthily this week, and then blow that promise in a minute. We don’t realize that it directly affects our relationship to ourselves and inevitably, how we talk to ourselves about ourselves.

  1. I design my day, everyday, BEFORE it unfolds.  I write out how my day is going to go, from what I feel like to what happens. It gets me in the driver’s seat of my life. Authoring how each day will go versus sitting back and weather reporting how the day went…It has me not only connected to my friends, but causing my own life.

  1. I manifest daily. I see and feel whatever wish I want fulfilled as done, and I imagine it, feel it, and see it. I do this during the day, and imprint it before I go to bed. During the day, I search for signs it is so.

The Book:

Maybe It’s You: Cut the Crap, Face Your Fears, Love Your Life (Published by Hachette Book Group, April 2017), a no-nonsense, practical manual that helps readers figure out not just what they want out of life, but how to actually get there.

Episode 15: Megan Melgaard: Fix My Swim

Swim, swim, swimmy swim. A sit down with Megan Melgaard, with “Fix My Swim” in Atlanta, Georgia. She is a swimmer extraordinaire and Swim Across America events director. A fun interview about swimming, technique, stunt car driving and more.

Superman Catch up:
Accelerated Catch up:

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Fix My Swim:

Episode 14: Dr. Darryl Johnson:  Marijuana (Yes, Really)

Legal Statement: Medical marijuana is legal in the state of Nevada, where Dr. Johnson conducts his research; Adult-use marijuana legal in NV, sales begin July 1, 2017 in the state of NV. Marijuana might not be legal in audience home state. Listener discretion is advised.

Marijuana. Cannabis. Yes, that’s what we’re talking about. In this incredibly informative and educational episode, Meredith talks with Dr. Johnson about the new research, safety and information on the wacky weed (okay, that’s Meredith’s term).

Darryl Johnson, PhD is the Scientific Director at Ace Analytical Laboratory (AAL), a cannabis safety and potency testing laboratory in Las Vegas, Nevada.

AAL is at the forefront of cannabis analysis, adhering to the world’s most stringent safety testing requirements. In addition, Dr. Johnson is also a contributing writer for Vegas Cannabis Magazine, and served on the Laboratory Working Group for the Governor’s Task Force for the implementation of Question 2 (legalization of adult-use marijuana in Nevada).

Dr. Johnson received his PhD in bioanalytical chemistry from the University of Georgia in 2013. While at UGA, he worked at the Complex Carbohydrate Research Center (CCRC) developing novel separation methodologies for high-throughput mass spectrometry based proteomic analysis. Following graduation, he took a Research Chemist/ORISE Fellowship position at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in Atlanta, Georgia. During his time at the CDC, he was part of the Special Topics Team in the Chemical Terrorism Method Development Laboratory, developing bioanalytical assays to measure human exposure to organophosphorus nerve agents. Dr. Johnson has authored nearly 20 peer-reviewed scientific publications, and was part of a team of scientists awarded the CDC’s Excellence in Emergency Response International award in 2015.

Show Outline

Personal Background of Dr. Johnson

NV mandatory safety and potency testing of all medical (and adult-use) products

Why is cannabis illegal?

What do we know about cannabis?

What exactly is cannabis?

There is way more to marijuana than just THC: way more than just “getting high”

Combination of more than 400 pharmacologically active compounds

How does marijuana “work” in the body? Endocannabinoid system

Are there other ways to consume cannabis besides smoking?

Why are edibles different?

What is the future of marijuana?


Medical Jane:


Episode 13: BethAnn Telford: Brain Cancer and Beyond

BethAnn Telford, in 2004, while running the Marine Corps Marathon, she felt a “pop” in her head around mile marker nineteen and over the next couple of months started to experience problems with her balance and unclear thoughts.

After several weeks of tests in the early winter of 2005, she learned she had a brain tumor and that her life would forever be changed. In April of 2005, she had her first brain surgery and had to learn to walk, talk, and move all over again. As her rehabilitation began, she was determined to run again. Six weeks later she ran her first 5K race and trained throughout the summer to run and finish the Marine Corps Marathon. Stopping at mile marker nineteen to say reflect on her journey and to silently thank her doctors, family and friends that have supported her during her struggles.

Since then, BethAnn has undergone a second brain surgery, a nuerostimulator implant and bladder augmentation surgery for issues related to her brain cancer. Through it all, Beth has competed and finished Boston Marathons (six (6) times), Marine Corp Marathons (thirteen (13) times), the Lake Placid Ironman (twice (2)), the Kona Ironman World Championships (in 2012), and Crossing the Canyon (a 9 hour rim-to-rim trek of the Grand Canyon). She has currently completed an epic adventure in January 2017, the World Marathon Challenge, which consists of running 7 marathons on 7 continents in 7 days.

In addition to her pushing her physical boundaries, BethAnn has dedicated herself to helping raise awareness of brain cancer and toward finding a cure. BethAnn founded Team BT as part of the Race for Hope – DC 5K Run/Walk and has helped raise more than $800,000 for brain cancer research. She has participated in countless charity and fund raising events, including rappelling down the side of a skyscraper as part of an ABC2 event to help raise awareness and funds for brain cancer research. In addition to fund raising, BethAnn has testified before an FDA committee on the benefits of advance drug therapies, advocated through lobbying Congress, and advocated as part of the National Cancer Institute (NCI) and White House briefing since the fall of 2014. She has also had two (2) NBTS grants awarded to the Cleveland Clinic and the University of Florida in her name and been awarded the Triumph of Spirit award. She has also been featured in countless articles, news stories including the front page of the Washington Post, and has been featured in a Discovery Program documentary.

Get Involved

ABC2 breaks through the boundaries of academia, nonprofits, industries and other research fields to find the cure. To reach new treatments faster, we’re helping our partners connect, learning from our failures and sharing one another’s successes.

As venture philanthropists, we “buy down the risk” for researchers to connect with the companies that can develop new patient treatments. We have to push more research through that drug development “Valley of Death” before we can start learning from results — from successes and failures.

By challenging long-held attitudes about brain cancer research, we’re charting a more direct course towards the cure.

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Episode 12: Audrey Sanchez: Balanced

Following the health primer with Dr. Michael Greger (Part I), I talk with Audrey Sanchez, the Executive Director of the new non-profit: BALANCED.

Balanced is a nonprofit aimed at making healthy food more accessible in workplaces, schools, hospitals, universities, and retail spaces across the country. Formed in collaboration with leading nutrition expert, Best-Selling author, and founder of, Dr. Michael Greger, Balanced was created to help end the ongoing public health crisis that is associated with the overconsumption of unhealthy foods.

“As a mom, I know first-hand the challenges associated with finding healthy foods. The inspiration behind Balanced is simply the belief that it shouldn’t be as hard as it is to feed our families well,” Balanced Executive Director, Audrey Sanchez said. “Making healthier options more accessible in workplaces, schools, health care facilities, and universities is something I take very seriously. Given their scale, major food companies and institutions have the ability—and responsibility—to make simple but meaningful changes that will make it easier for our families to stay healthy. It’s time they stop serving foods that have such a negative impact on our health, and instead, serve more foods that reflect the best available nutrition evidence.”

Unique in its approach, Balanced’s efforts focus on campaigning for alternatives to the unhealthy foods served by major food companies. Balanced’s goal of mobilizing consumers to demand these changes sets it apart. Balanced is calling on these food companies to reduce the amount of meat and foods high in cholesterol, saturated fats, and carcinogens they serve and increase health-promoting foods such as grains, beans, fruits, and vegetables.

Echoing Sanchez’s sentiments, Dr. Greger had this to say, “The science is clear. The research has shown, time and again, that diets high in meat are associated with increased risk of a variety of our leading killer diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, certain types of cancers, and premature death in general. One of the most significant ways a person can impact their overall health is to instead maximize their intake of whole healthy plant foods.”

Get Involved with BALANCED:

“Healthy food is a RIGHT, and we are going to FIGHT for it. For too long, too many major food corporations have prioritized their profits over our health. They’ve ignored federal dietary guidelines and the best nutrition evidence, and our families have paid the price—with diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, and premature death.

“These companies have created a public health crisis and blamed it on us, just like big tobacco did two generations ago. Like big tobacco, they’ve called consumer health an individual choice—not a corporate responsibility. The truth is, we’ve been set up to fail. When cafeterias, restaurants, and grocery aisles are overstocked with disease-causing foods, when major food corporations are promoting these products at every turn and piling them high on our plates, how much choice do we really have?”


Learn more and sign up for the newsletter:

Balanced on Social

People interested in joining the fight for balanced options can connect with the organization at its website, or on Facebook and Twitter. For more information, email and direct media requests to


Episode 11: Dr. Michael Greger: How Not to Die

A health primer with Michael Greger, M.D. FACLM, the author of “How Not to Die,” founder of, and founder of the new non-profit: BALANCED.  Learn the THREE THINGS you must add to your diet AND remove from your diet to improve your 24 hours.  Listen to Part II, with the Executive Director of Balanced – for more information on this ground-breaking non-profit, BALANCED.

What can YOU do in your 24 Hours to make your life better?

Dr. Greger says, “Eat BETTER!”
– Three things to ADD every day: berries, greens and beans
– Three things to REMOVE from your diet: Trans Fats (deep fried foods), processed meats, and soda

Get Involved with BALANCED:


Learn more and sign up for the newsletter:

The Trump Administration’s Recent Act:

Dr. Greger references President Trump’s recent directive unwinding Michelle Obama’s nutrition efforts.
Read more here:

Other Links:
Dr. Greger’s Podcast, Nutrition Facts: –

Episode 10:  Jason Cohen : #BigChangeTheFilm

Inspiration, one pound at a time. Check out this short episode with Jason Cohen, his story and all the amazing people who have made “big changes” to inspire Big Change, The Film.

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Episode 9: Bridget Quinn: Art and Life

Bridget Quinn is the author of Broad Strokes: 15 Women Who Made Art and Made History (in That Order), which NPR’s Susan Stamberg calls “a terrific essay collection” with “spunky attitudinal, SMART writing,” marking the second time “attitudinal” has been used about Bridget’s work (first: Kirkus Reviews, 1996). It is a book about 15 “underknown” women in the history of art, but it’s also very much about perseverance and sticking with the hard things. Bridget’s own story is woven into the biographies of the 15 women artists. In her life, as a young woman and now as someone who has entered the fifth decade, these women artists were lifelines for her: as inspirations and role models. She calls their art “a balm to [her] soul.” Summary: these women are a f*cking big deal even if history hasn’t always recognized them enough.”

Raised on the high plains of Montana with two sisters, six brothers, a devout mother and a WWII Marine father, in a home surrounded by cows and nuclear missile silos, today Bridget lives in San Francisco with her husband, two children, two dogs and a ridiculous number of bikes. She’s a grateful denizen of that lively creative community, the San Francisco Writers’ Grotto where she is co-host of the GrottoPod, a lively ongoing conversation on writers and writing:

She’s also a triathlete, mom and pretty much awesome person.


Follow Bridget:

Episode 8: Sika Henry

Sika Henry is a two-time marathon winner (yes, that’s right—WINNER), and recently finished a marathon in 3:00:06. She found triathlon a few years ago, and has been hooked ever since. In this episode, we talk about why those six seconds make her crazy, her goals for being the first African American female professional triathlete, diversity in a largely un-diverse sport, and more.

Sika is a fun and inspiring woman, who is headed for big things.

Interested in supporting Sika in her journey via sponsorship?
Email us at:

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More Resources:
Black Triathletes Association
I Race Like a Girl – Tri Team:

Episode 7: Susan Wintersteen: Savvy & Generous

Susan Wintersteen is a San Diego interior designer and the founder of Savvy Giving by Design – a non-profit organization whose mission is to provide comfort, support, and healing to families with a child facing a medical crisis by transforming the interior spaces of their homes at no cost to them.

Susan is the mom of five (!) daughters, a business owner and entrepreneur, and an all-around amazing woman. In this epsiode, she and Meredith sit down as friends and discuss things from raising kids to people who suck at conflict management, and the way that giving helps everyone heal.

Learn more about Susan’s design work:

Savvy Giving by Design:

Watch Savvy Giving in Action:

Join the Savvy Giving Facebook Group – to learn how YOU can help:

Episode 6:  Holly K. Dunn: Sole Survivor

*Warning* This episode contains sensitive, adult content, and should be listened to with care.  Holly K. Dunn is the only known survivor of the Railroad Serial Killer, Angel Maturino Resendiz. She was sexually assaulted, beaten, stabbed and left for dead. After recovering physically, Holly began the lifelong process of healing emotionally.


Though Holly’s life has been dramatically affected and changed by the attack, she prides herself on living as a survivor, not a victim. In 2008, she co-founded Holly’s House, a child and adult advocacy center for victims of intimate crimes and today tells her story to promote safety and awareness.

Learn More About Holly

Book: Sole Survivor 

Episode 5:  Danielle Grabol: Fear No Distance

The EPIC Danielle “Dani” Grabol is mind-boggling… in a good way. After developing “terrible eating habits” in her teen years and into her twenties, she had a rude health awakening. Losing her breath while walking up a small flight of stairs, Danielle realized that her health was on a downward spiral and it was time to make a serious lifestyle change.


She then lost 70 pounds, became an ultra athlete, and not only that—she literally proved that she feared NO distance: she was the FIRST woman to complete Epic 5 (5 iron distance triathlons in 5 Days on 5 islands of Hawaii). She has shattered the stereotypes of females in ultra sports with this feat—not to mention she is also a double iron distance finisher (281.2-mile Double Anvil Triathlon), and the Race Across America (RAMM) (a bicycle race from coast to coast) 2-Person Female Record Holder.

In her new book, Fear No Distance, Danielle opens up about overcoming injuries, and discovering the world of ultra bike racing and long distance cycling.  Her story is one of incredible grit and determination. 

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Buy the book:


Episode 4: The Pease Brothers: Together We Wheel

If you think you can’t do something, then think again. Kyle and Brent Pease are the ultimate “no excuses” brothers. Kyle was born with cerebral palsy with spastic quadriplegia, but that did not define anything in his life. Nothing stopped him or his brother, Brent, together from becoming IRONMAN triathletes. That’s right – they completed an IRONMAN triathlon together (that’s a race consisting of 2.4 mile swim, 112 mile bike ride, and a 26.2 mile marathon).

In this heart-warming and inspiring podcast, Meredith Atwood sits down with the brothers in a story that will inspire, awe and make you belly-laugh.


Through their Foundation, the Kyle Pease Foundation (KPF) creates awareness and raises funds to promote success for persons with disabilities by providing assistance to meet their individual needs through sports. Programs include scholarship opportunities, purchasing of medical equipment or adaptive sports equipment for others or contributing to other organizations that provide similar assistance to disabled persons as well as participating in educational campaigns to create awareness about Cerebral Palsy and other disabilities. KPF will provide these services directly to individuals as well as to partner with other existing non-profit organizations to achieve these goals.

Direct benefits will be limited to persons with disabilities who need adaptive sports equipment, mobility devices or medical care.

The Best Wrench in Atlanta:

We shared the love for Cannon Cyclery in this episode – Curtis Henry is the BEST local bike shop in the Atlanta area. Guess what? He also does VIRTUAL bike fits. Amazing guy and talent. He’s a sponsor of the Best Tri Club Ever as well.

Learn more at

How to Get Involved

Learn more:

Upcoming Events:

Make a donation:

Follow the Pease Brothers and the Foundation on social:
Kyle on Facebook:

Episode 1: Heart Rate Training with Gerry Halphen

Have heart! In this episode, Meredith sits down with Gerry Halphen, IRONMAN athlete, coach, catalyst, life-changer and friend to talk about the burning (or should we say, “beating”) question about, “Why do we REALLY care about heart rate training?”


For MA, heart rate training was key to getting her fitness journey on the right path. Gerry was the man behind the infamous “Spark” that changed Meredith A’s life back in 2009. A heart-warming episode with a good soul, it’s always a joy to tell old tales, think about new goals and keep things real with the Coach Formerly known as “Coach Monster.”

Show Highlights
In this episode, Gerry and Meredith A. discuss:
– what heart rate training really is and what’s the point of it
– how does this impact new athletes
– how does going SLOWER actually make you FASTER
– what Kind of TIME FRAME does heart rate adaptation take
– why we MUST incorporate the other end of the training zone (anaerobic)
– the best way(s) to determine your HR zones:

1) Inexpensive and non-testing way.
Generic 220-age (Max HR), then percentage of that sets zones

Example, a 33 year old female… would be 187, then:
Zone 1: 112-130 (60-70%)
Zone 2: 131-149 (70-80%)
Zone 3: 150-168 (80-90%)
Zone 4: 169-177 (90-95%)

2) Field Testing / Resource:
Joe Friel:

3) Blood Lactate Testing

Older Show Notes