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About Optimal Thrive

Optimal Thrive Nutrition consists of programs created by Dina Griffin and Meredith Atwood that answers the question of “what is next for my nutrition and life”?

Optimal Thrive will give you all the tools to learn how to THRIVE in the OPTIMAL way for you, to be the master of your whole health, and to THRIVE just as you need to do.

Whether you are off-the-couch, interested in athletics or not, a new or experienced endurance athlete–it doesn’t matter–we have a program that fits your needs.

Okay, so that sounds great, right?

Whether you choose the Foundations or the Athlete program, the core of the programs are based in the concept of Metabolic Efficiency.

BUT wait… WHAT is Metabolic Efficiency??

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The best place to begin is perhaps to explain what Metabolic Efficiency Training™ is NOT.  

There are many misconceptions about the concept, including the following:

“It’s a no carb diet and I have to go into nutritional ketosis.”

No.  Actually, there are five identified dietary strategies that can be used to improve the body’s Metabolic Efficiency.  Not one of them includes nutritional ketosis.  Metabolic Efficiency does not promote extremes and while nutritional ketosis may be useful for some, it is not the preferred long-term dietary strategy to improve the body’s ability to use fat as energy.

“I will just train aerobically and burn more fat.”

While it is true that you can improve the body’s ability to burn more fat through aerobic training, it is only about 25% of the Metabolic Efficiency Training™ equation. The majority of improving Metabolic Efficiency lies in daily nutrition changes and the ability to control and optimize blood sugar through eating proper amounts of protein, fat, and fiber.

“It’s just another diet that I will follow and then stop when I don’t see results.”

There are so many things wrong with this statement.  The first is that Metabolic Efficiency is not a diet. It is a daily nutrition plan that will change as your health and fitness changes.  Secondly, adopting a metabolically efficient nutrition plan is a journey and one that should be adopted as part of a lifestyle change for improved health and fitness/athletic performance.

Metabolic Efficiency Training™ can be defined as improving the body’s ability to use its internal stores of nutrients, specifically carbohydrate and fat, more efficiently, through proper dietary and exercise strategies.

More Facts:  The average person has approximately 1,400 – 2,000 calories worth of carbohydrate stored in their body and 50,000 – 80,000 calories stored as fat.  The body is a very complex system but surprisingly, it can be taught to oxidize (burn) more carbohydrate or fat in a surprisingly short amount of time. Burning more carbohydrate will allow the body to store more fat.  (Which we don’t want, right?)

Obviously, burning more fat will allow the body to preserve the small amount of carbohydrates… which has more profound positive impacts on health and well-being, fitness, and athletic performance.

THIS is the foundation of Metabolic Efficiency.


…Many people do not understand that uncontrolled blood sugar can have a significant negative impact on health. When it comes to discussing health parameters, the one that resonates the most is metabolic syndrome. Metabolic syndrome is a series of five risk factors that can predispose individuals to chronic diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, obesity, and stroke.

The five risk factors include: 1) a large waistline, 2) high triglycerides, 3) low HDL, 4) high blood pressure, and 5) high fasting blood glucose.

Clinically, if you have three of these risk factors, you are classified to have metabolic syndrome and a higher risk of developing chronic diseases. Even though you may not present with three of the risk factors, having even one significantly increases your risk of heart disease and stroke. …a person having metabolic syndrome is twice as likely to develop heart disease and five times as likely to develop diabetes as someone who does not have metabolic syndrome.

The great news is that a good portion of disease risk can be controlled by simply following a metabolically efficient way of eating to control and optimize blood sugar.

Fitness/Athletic Performance

It doesn’t matter if you participate in athletic competitions or not, adopting Metabolic Efficiency Training will improve your body from the inside out and allow you to move better.

Athletes embrace Metabolic Efficiency Training™ because the performance improvements can be significant. It doesn’t matter the type of athlete (strength, power, aesthetic, endurance), there are benefits no matter who adopts this lifestyle.

Of course, the benefits will be different depending on the athlete but in general, athletes usually experience the following when they become metabolically efficient: 1) decreased body weight, 2) decreased body fat, 3) improved and sustained energy levels and mental alertness throughout the day, 4) improved recovery, 5) improved cognitive function, 6) improved power to weight ratio, 7) improved running velocity, and 8) better sleep. This is a short list as each athlete will have different interactions and improvements based on their starting point and level of progression.

Who is Optimal Thrive and Metabolic Efficiency for?

Optimal Thrive is for men and women of any age, health or athletic ability who are wanting to take their nutrition to the next level.  If you are off-the-couch, a budding athlete or someone else, you will benefit and learn from the program.  If you are an advanced athlete–definitely–there is so much for you here!  If you have been through the primers of other programs such as Whole30, prior SBM offerings, Weight Watchers, and even Atkins, this is a great and new opportunity for you to build upon your current level nutrition foundation. Optimal Thrive goes above and beyond basic nutrition and gives you a new level of information, research and advanced expertise.

Metabolic Efficiency Training™ is a SIMPLE and SUSTAINABLE way of life.

Like what so many of us are seeking, this is a lifestyle, not a trendy fad-filled diet. MET is extremely beneficial for the athlete trying to make sense of the carb/low-carb craze. This is not a “diet” – diets are only short term (especially deprivation-oriented diets!).

Come join Optimal Thrive in the IntensiveFoundations or Athlete program and  learn how to THRIVE in the OPTIMAL way for you!

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