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If Only There Was a Zipper…

Week 16.5 of training. I have never had a bicep when flexing this way. 🙌 I can see the build really starting to show in many places. I’m bigger …yet smaller. It’s perplexing, really.

I have a lot of muscle underneath all this other extra stuff. Getting the other stuff to go away AND keeping that muscle is the fine art of bodybuilding. Read the first post about it here.

👉And look, there’s nothing wrong with my body. I know that. 👈

But the reason I am on this journey is because I have carried a 🖕DESTRUCTIVE belief my whole life that I could NOT transform my body. Not really. Not me. It was impossible. I can’t have the body that I want. Ever.

I am on a quest to shatter that belief set. Because I am tired of that story.

This is not about shrinking myself.

This is about *exploding* INTO the best version of myself that I can be: hardworking, focused, relentless, goal-oriented and nonsense-busting.

I won’t ever apologize for THAT quest.

This 140 pounds of lean muscle mass I carry must be revealed.





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