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I’m So Busy

I took a broad-stroke and wiped my calendar from now until October 1–my second book final manuscript deadline.  The time is ticking. I can’t believe how close it is.

[Did I mention that there’s already a book landing in March 2019? This deadline is for the one landing in FALL of 2019. #HolySmokes …hence the hashtag #2Book19.  It’s a thing.]

The writing process is fascinating on this particular book because the book itself is–well, different. I am in foreign waters, bearing my soul and apparently conducting a bit of a bloodletting in many ways. I swing wildly from “this is some good shit” to “this is literally the worst book ever written and it’s going straight to the bargain bin.”

I am told this is normal.  But when have I been normal? That doesn’t make me feel better.

I suppose that the deadline feels like “a lot.”  I was thinking that I was feeling very “busy.”

Then I interviewed a time-management expert for the podcast. #Fitting

But I truly cannot complain–about anything.  Even though I feel “busy,” I don’t feel lost.

Years ago, I was lost in so many ways.

Now, I have the opportunity to write yet another book and tell the story that has changed my life–forever?  That’s insane. I always dreamed of just being a writer, an author. Of walking into Barnes & Noble and seeing a book that I wrote on a shelf there. At the end of the day, that has been my life’s dream.

And now–at the end of next year, I will literally have two places in the Barnes & Noble to see said books:  one in the sports section, and one in the who-knows-where-they-will-put-it.

Sometimes I feel like the luckiest girl in the world. Sometimes I feel like this is hard-earned–because have mercy I have written a lot of words. But most of the time I feel completely unworthy. #PrettyMonster

Regardless of how “busy” we all are, I wanted to say THANK YOU.

This quick post–even though I realize I am not saying much here–is to say Happy Anniversary.

Eight years ago, I wrote a post: “I have decided to become a triathlete.” I kept writing and training and spilling my heart and soul–good things, sometimes bad. I have gained followers, lost followers, gained life-long friends, lost a few of those too. Maybe even lost my mind a few times.

But… it has been such an amazing journey.

One that wouldn’t have even started without a wild dream to tri. 

Happy 8 Years!  Thank you all for being a part of my life – and I look forward to what’s coming.

Love to you all,

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