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How to Create Return Labels for Your Customers In Shopify

I apologize to my typical blog readers for this post.  However, I have had this problem with online commerce platform I use for YEARS about return labels. I figured out a hack, and I figured I would share.  So pardon the deviation.

One of the issues with the Shopify E-Commerce platform is the impossibility (within the Shopify interface) to create a return label for your customers. I have found this more than annoying on several occasions, so I created a hack. This is how to create return labels for your customers within the Shopify interface.

It costs you nothing, and yet, you can see everything you need within the Shopify interface.

Summary of the Hack:

  • Create a fake product that costs $0
  • Like a customer, buy your fake product from your storefront
  • Using a free shipping code you create
  • Fulfill your fake product from Shopify admin
  • Print the fulfillment labels for your customer
  • Send the label in a package or email to them
  • They use the label to return the product to you (the buyer of the fake product)
  • You have tracking
  • You pay just the Shopify shipping cost as normal

Here are more details:

Create a Fake “Return” Product that Costs $0

What I mean by this is that you need to make a fake product because you can’t apply two discount codes.  So go to Shopify and log into your account. Create a new product and name it something you’ll remember like “Fake Product” or “Return Label.” Make the product cost $0.

You will need this product later.

Make sure you make it available only on the Store sales channel and don’t add it to any collections or home pages (we don’t want it popping up in the actual store).

Create a Shipping Discount Code for YOUR Eyes Only

Go under Discounts and create a Free Shipping discount code for your internal use only with no expiration date, no limitations.  Remember the code.

Go to Your STORE (Not the Shopify interface)

Go to your Store like you are a regular customer.

Create an account if you need to.

Go to the “search” feature and search for your Fake Product.

Add the Fake Product to your cart.

“Buy” your Fake Product 

Checkout, and use your Free Shipping Code. The transaction is therefore 100% free.

“Fulfill” the Order and Print Your Label, Shipping To Yourself

Now, from your Shopify Admin account, you can “fulfill” the order.  You can add notes about the order and connect it to the other order by including the Return Order’s number.

The label for shipping will print TO YOU and a return address TO YOU.

Print the label or save to PDF.

Include the Label in the Package to the Customer Who Has a Return

Or alternatively, you can email it as a PDF for them to print off and attach to a package. They can drop in the mail, and you’ll receive the return.

You’ll Simply Be Charged the Standard Shipping Cost.

This would be a large deviation for every product, but in the event that you need it sometimes, I have found it super handy.

Hope it helps!


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