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Making Time: Can We Do It?

I have had interesting conversations with people over the last few weeks about the concept of “the same 24 hours” and the great debate of “I don’t have time.”

The thoughts and interest continued with a great conversation with Melissa Hartwig last week, some more conversations with family and friends–and my recent news about a time-crunch that is squeezing me in new, but awesome ways…

I was forced to pause and ask myself (once again) about the ever-elusive time and what does it mean to “have time”?

I have, over the years, “found” time in interesting ways to find time.

I have created and shared tools and methods (the Suck Line), made early morning wake-ups a part of life, and learned the art of re-shuffling priorities. I have given up drinking and bar time (a giant time suck and health drain, mind you) and taken to a life of lunchtime smoothies (a giant time saver), saying no to coffee dates with people for periods of time, and checking my email inbox at only, special prescribed times. I make and adhere to lists. I put my phone on silent. I never take naps (ever).

And more.

I go upside down. I have turned to CrossFit–which is a serious “bang for your buck” workout.  I set timers, turn on “state” music, and work without peeing for hours (okay, so that’s not part of the plan usually, but it happens).  I have read all the books about time management, taking hacks from 4-Hour Work Week and High Performance Habits and Tools of Titans). I am efficient and hard-working as I can be. I believe whole-heartedly in the hustle. I also believe in rest periods (of really not more than a day or two, I’ll be honest). I believe in self-forgiveness and love, but also not giving ourselves “outs.”

[[[Dude, I’m trying to figure it out.]]]

Ah-hem. And with all of this “figured out,” I said to the Expert yesterday, in light of my new deadlines: “I have no idea how I am going to get these things done. I just am scared I don’t have the time.”

He said, “Well of course you will get them done. These two things matter the most to you right now.”


With all the tools and tricks and people telling us how to find time and be more efficient–what have I learned? 

It’s pretty simple:  if something matters, there is always time for it.  And that is the simple part of “we all have the same 24 hours – it’s what we do with it, that leads to our greatest health, happiness and success.”

In other words, the WORLD does not define what is success–we do.

We can create and define what is success and what matters IN OUR WORLD and TO US- and suddenly, we are all time-makers.

We learn the subtle art of “no nonsense” and “I can’t” and “no thanks.”  We learn to get rid of toxic people and things. We truly hem and haw about “not having time” when we have a life and list of things that are crushing us–because so many of those things are not important.

What is important? That is the question to ask about making time. (*I will caveat:  life is hard.  Sometimes the curveballs of sickness, loss, and more–that’s not what finding time in this post is about.  Those things require certain processes of grief and a different time-frame altogether; please do not mistake this in any way for addressing these complexities in life.)

My thoughts recently have centered around time and how we can make our lives what we want. 

I have spent years working towards making time in the way that I needed.  And then I found myself saying, “I don’t have time.”

I almost slapped myself.

I know better.

Truly, it’s up to me to create the time I need–doesn’t meant that’s easy. But it is up to me to say “no” (to whatever and whoever), go to bed, turn off the phone, put my head down and work.  It’s up to me to wake up at 4:30 and get my day started.

I have to ask myself: what matters and how do I focus on those things?  The constant juggling act requires intense focus and care. At the end of the day–we must ask these questions and stick to our priorities. Give ourselves kindness, but not “outs”; give ourselves a break, but not a breakdown.

Summary: we can do this!

Turns out, I needed these thoughtful discussions this week, and I think you all might too.

Today’s episode on the Same 24 Hours Podcast is with Bob Clagett – author of “Making Time” and host/founder/genius behind the addictive DIY YouTube channel “I Like to Make Stuff”.

Bob figured out how to “make time” for what he wanted–to escape his day job in software–and chase his dream AND inspire others in the process.  He likes to makes stuff, AND help others find their inner crafts-person–through an amazing YouTube channel with well over a million subscribers: I Like to Make Stuff.

Whether it’s music, websites,  software,  furniture,  vintage scooters or motorcycles—you name it–he likes to make it. He is the father of four, husband of one and loves his life completely. He recently left the software industry to make stuff for a living and started I Like To Make Stuff.  I Like To Make Stuff is a place to chronicle the work and interests of Bob Clagett with the aim of providing inspiration to the DIY and maker community.

I loved this episode. Hope you will check it out!

Love to you all,

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