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#SportsBraSquad and Kelly Roberts

I became a member of the #SportsBraSquad over the summer with this Instagram post:

The caption went like this:

When I was young, I was told I would never be a runner. I was also told that I had a gross fat belly. It’s funny what we absorb, believe, embrace and make a part of us for so long. 
Today I ran an easy 10 miles.
That’s right–easy. 
Halfway through, I was really hot. I took off my shirt and ran the rest in my sports bra… on a crowded trail. 
When I got to my car, holding my sweaty balled-up shirt, I burst into tears. 
The realization hit me—that it has been a stupidly, long damn road …to just arrive at the simple of action of running in a big circle with my “gross fat belly” showing. 
I will never let someone’s words occupy my headspace for that long… ever again. 
It doesn’t matter what people say. Life is so much easier to live when we are free, on our own terms.  #sportsbrasquad

Turns out, that someone behind this amazing “Sports Bra Squad” hashtag is Kelly Roberts (formerly of Run Selfie Repeat, now She Can and She Did), and I was thrilled to have the chance to speak with her in an interview.

Episode 63 with Kelly Roberts on The Same 24 Hours Podcast is now live!

Can I tell ya how much I love this girl?

How I wish that I had her wisdom in my her age in my twenties. What amazing self-awareness, self-confidence and earned–all of it.  She had to go to the bottom in order to find the top–like so many of us do.

Not only that, but she’s funny as all hell too.

Check out the Episode!

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