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On Respect with Melissa Hartwig

So I’m interviewing Melissa Hartwig for the podcast in two weeks. That’s a pretty cool thing.

[*Update:  it happened!  Here’s the interview!]

(For anyone doesn’t know, she is a founder of Whole30, a four-time New York Times bestselling author (It Starts With Food,  The Whole30, Food Freedom Forever, and The Whole30 Cookbook) and someone who really started my journey towards whole food back in 2013-2014.  You could say that I’m a slow learner.)

In other words, Melissa is a bit of a badass.

So how did this interview get booked?

I recognize that interviews sometimes fall through, but regardless, I think the process of booking it was interesting and encouraging.

This interview came out of an Instagram post of hers that rubbed me wrong–but only because she was basically saying she did NOT agree that “we all have the same 24 hours”–in that some people use that expression like a mic drop–figure it out and stop complaining sort of way. (More on her reasoning in a bit…)

But when I saw it, I was like, “Holy sh*t–stake through my heart! My podcast by that same! My work!”

So of course, I receive a dozen messages:  “Have you seen Melissa’s post?!”

I knew I had to defend my idea, my podcast.

I knew I also paused at some of her points.

So I responded to it, and tagged her on Instagram with this post.  — which can be summed up with this:

We DO have the same 24 hours–and while mine might not look like yours–it’s exactly about hope. It’s about power and finding our own strength in our own realms, in our own 24 hours, in the best ways that we can…  Turns out, we all DO have the same 24 hours… And it’s our power to be great, to find that greatness.  Like John Young says, sometimes you’re the hammer and sometimes you’re the nail—be the hammer (@dwarfparatri) …We all have the same 24 hours. It’s what we do with them that makes us become the best US possible. ⠀

So naturally, Melissa responded. I couldn’t believe how quickly she responded… but she said:

I respect your clarification, but please don’t just analyze MY message based on the opener. The point of my post was really summarized in the last real paragraph: You can’t just say to someone “We all have the same 24 hours,” drop the mic and walk away if you want to make a real impact. If you are trying to inspire change, platitudes like this without context or practical solutions are the laziest way out, and generally ineffective. You can certainly OPEN with “We all have the same…” but then a true leader’s job is to follow that up with context, advice, and specific motivation to the topic at hand (fitness, entrepreneuring, parenting, etc). Which is exactly what it sounds like you do with your podcast.

Which I then responded:

Yes ma’am—which is exactly what I try to do… but based on my podcast by the same name, I had to clarify MY message when everyone starts sending me your post. ❤ Now… care to be a guest on the show and let’s find out what makes your 24 hours great… ? ❤??#seewhatIdidthere#womensupportingwomen #alwaysafan

And then she said:
I totally got that! And with such a respectful, productive, collaborative intro conversation like this, I’d love to… 

SO we booked the podcast interview.

But what I loved most about her and the interview was the fact that yes, we had a respectful conversation on social. But also – she said she wanted to further this discussion on the podcast.  Maybe I did feel like her post was a little excuse-enabling… perhaps she thinks mine was a little harsh. But we are going to discuss that on the show–open dialogue.

When women quit talking and shut down–things freeze, progress dies, and previously good things come to an end.

I love the idea of women supporting women, but also collaborating, challenging and making things happen–all in the name of helping others where we can.

I love when women respect  each other’s viewpoints. I see hers; she sees mine and she understood my response in light of the podcast name.

It’s all like, nod nod, I get you, you get me, and what can we do TOGETHER?

And while we may not always agree on things–smart, strong and feisty women are forces.  When ego and selfishness get in the way, that’s when we all lose and crumble.


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