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Jeff Galloway 13.1 in Atlanta

What a great day (and cold) to run a half marathon in Atlanta

plus, I never want to miss an opportunity to race something that involves the amazing Jeff Galloway.

Put the JG 13.1 race on your list for the following reasons:

  • beginner-friendly
  • run-walk super friendly
  • great run-walk pace groups too
  • hilly but lots of downhills too
  • scenic
  • not-the-usual-Atlanta race course
  • nice and kind people racing and volunteering
  • a perfect-sized race – not too huge, but not too small either
  • ample cutoff time (4:30!)
  • amazing volunteers
  • hot coffee at the finish
  • disposable jackets at the finish to warm you up
  • photo ops with Jeff
  • ease of parking (Colony Square) and a short 1/2 mile walk back to the car

It’s a race weekend, meaning there is ALSO a 5k on Saturday – Barb’s 5k – with Jeff’s wife, Barbara.  (Who I actually saw also running the 13.1 today, too.)

I was fueled by this thread on Facebook for favorite running songs – had a great playlist, day and run!

I did a 2:30/:30 run-walk interval and I stayed in Zone 2 for the whole run, with a pace of 11:30–which is a great improvement from my Zone 2 training half marathon of last year!  Progress happens, yo… just at different paces for everyone.

I can say that this was THE most enjoyable running race I have had in a really long time.  I felt amazing until about Mile 12–then I was just ready to be done.  BUT, a great day.

Make sure you check out Jeff and his plans, and his races!

Until next year!

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