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A Freaking Long December

Today’s email went out, and I figured I would share here on the blog too, because it received such a huge response in my inbox.

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Love to you all.

Dear Friend,

Am I the only one who feels that this time of year is going to kill me?

Whether it’s the darkness, the chill, the extra sugar at every turn… I sometimes think that December is a month to just pull the covers over my head and wake up in whatever new year is coming.

I have spent a lot of my adult life feeling like I was suffocating. December sometimes hits it over the fence.

Years ago when I began training for triathlon, I realized that there was more out there for me, that I could become a better version of myself. I am not sure why it hadn’t occurred to me before then… but it hadn’t. And I was lost. I still lean towards the lost side of things, I must admit, but I am conscious, awake and trying. That is sometimes the hardest part out of the darkness.

When I feel like December is closing in on me, I try and remember that this too shall pass, and there truly is a season for everything.

I do like to be mindful of a few things going through December, as these few actions set me up better for the turn of the year.

  1. I reflect on what I want in the coming year. I not only set goals (and NO goal weights!), but I set intentions.
  2. I act as if I am already working towards those goals and keeping the promise of these intentions right here, right now. Why wait? There will always be another tomorrow, another Monday, another year… we have to start moving towards our best life now.
  3. I try to avoid trashing my body with food and booze (though I no longer drink, I know this is a tough time of year for it). I recognize that I will indulge, enjoy and do the holiday food things; but there is a distinct difference between enjoying and trashing. (I also avoid things I cannot moderate—because moderation is a dirty lie.)

Just remember when December feels like it’s closing in (the Counting Crows had it right, didn’t they?), that there is someone out there who knows how you feel.

I truly do.

I have walked through darkness, pain and addiction to get here where I am today. I have so much further to go–such is life, right? But I am fighting.

I am still here, where I am not immune from pain or darkness.

But there is also a light that I can always see. But I must open my eyes to see this light. As long as I can breathe and as long as I am willing to see it? There is hope.

Hope is all we need sometimes.

If I can ever be a tiny light of hope for you, all you have to do is hit “reply” to any of the emails (or contact me) and I’ll write you back.

Love to you all,


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