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Losing Sight of Shore (and a GIVEAWAY!)

Podcast Episode Sponsored by Saris
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Four women set out to row across the Pacific Ocean, from America to Australia.

As they rowed over 8,000 miles during their nine months at sea, they overcame extreme mental and physical challenges to make history.

(Um. Let me say that again…. they ROWED from San Francisco… to Australia.
Nine months at sea.
Over 8,000 MILES.)

Okay… now we continue.

“Everyone has a Pacific to Cross” is the theme of the documentary film, Losing Sight of Shoreand it was WOW.

What a documentary. Seriously – watch it, y’all.

After I watched it, I thought, “I have to talk to one of these women!”

[And so I did.]

Natalia Cohen is a writer, coach and motivational speaker and one of the women on the “Coxless Crew” who achieved the incredible feat and journey of this amazing row from America to Australia.

Natalia is also the one who did the video and photos on the documentary, which was awesome to talk about as well!

(C) Natalia Cohen

One of the favorites on the Same 24 Hours Podcast – talking about “Fernando the Shark” and “Eduardo the Shark”, rowing naked, and why the ocean really is the greatest resource and wonder we have.

I got the MAJOR giggles at one point when Natalia talked about massive waves and Fernando (or was it Eduardo)?

Oh, she’s such a gem!

(C) Natalia Cohen

I loved talking to Natalia, and really this is one of my absolute FAVORITE episodes—for the reasons you will hear.

I hope you enjoy the episode as much as I enjoyed talking with Natalia.

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  • Cheryl

    July 14, 2017 at 2:07 pm

    Your podcast with Natalia was a brilliant companion to the documentary. There was so much stuff she mentioned in your podcast that was never mentioned in Losing Sight of Shore. Thanks so much!


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