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Being an Artist… and Not Starving

Today is a celebration.  Episode 30 (!) of the podcast was released with the amazing, Jeff Goins, author of Real Artists Don’t Starve

I LOVE JEFF.  (In a mentor, fan-girl sort of way, of course).

Jeff inspired me early in my writing with The Writer’s Manifesto–which was a short eBook that basically said to quit writing for the approval and adoration of others—and write what matters to YOU.


I realized in that moment, after reading The Writer’s Manifesto, that I received an amazing gift: to write how I wanted to write. To know with a full understanding that people will read and like, or read and hate, or read religiously and continuously hate (because they have no other life, I guess)… but that with each person, there is immense value in the feedback.

First lesson in Episode 30?  Real artists do not starve.  You do not have to starve in order to pursue your art. 

I know my art.  And I have really jet-packed into my own form of “art” in the last seven months.  It’s folks like Jeff Goins that inspire me, and keep me believing in what I have to say, my purpose, and my art.

And knowing that I am helping people along the way, in my own special way, with my “art”.

Also, “art” can be anything that matters to you.

In the podcast, Jeff and I talk about the “haters” and the “critics” and the helpers, and why they may all appear to be the same—but really, they are all very different, play different roles, but are all superbly special and beneficial. [Spoiler: If you have “haters” per se, you might want to send them a thank you note after listening.]

Check out Jeff’s new book and his podcast as well.

Hope you enjoy the Episode—and thank you for continuing to make The Same 24 Hours Podcast a smashing success.

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