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Meredith, a Marathon, and Logan: Week 1 of 17

Week 1 of the official marathon training is in the books.

For those of you who don’t know, I am running the Marine Corps Marathon in October as a pusher for this sweet boy, Logan, benefiting the Kyle Pease Foundation.


I finished Week 1 training with a 10 mile run today. I am doing this marathon AND the training with the Galloway Method for several reasons.

Training Method: Galloway for Long Runs

First of all, I feel that I am a little aerobically behind (in life and in reality).

After Ironman 70.3 Augusta last September, I definitely kept working, but the volume decreased, and I put my swim and bike on indefinite hold.

[As many of you know, I have been dealing with some pretty nasty neck issues (bulging disc and bone spur).  When I swim and ride, I experience a lot of pain and numbness in my right arm and hands, not to mention the neck and shoulders.]

Taking the time off the swim and the bike since Augusta was more for just finding some pain-free days, and it has worked.  I don’t hurt nearly as much, and that leaves a big question mark about my future swimming and biking (for now).

On the flip side, while I have done a great job on weight lifting, plyometrics, and speedwork runs—I have not reallllllly done a long run since Augusta. Couple that with not riding or swimming, and I know that my aerobic capacity has plummeted.

[Insert marathon idea. Insert I guess I should run long. Insert, oh crap]

Second of all, after interviewing Jeff for the podcast, I learned SO much about the Galloway Method, and knew that “if” (at the time) I ever did a stand-alone marathon, it would be the way to go.

[I did not realize that marathon would be so soon.]

Thirdly, I used 3:1 run/walk method in Ironman Louisville in 2015, and turned out to be my best and fastest Ironman Marathon. (Note: I am not fast, in general. I said, ‘fastest’).

Summary: that was enough evidence for me.

Galloway run/walk training and racing method was the way for this adventure.

How Far I Was Gonna Go Today

My training plan had a schedule of 8 miles (prior to the marathon add), and I asked my coach if I could bump it to 10 and try some new Galloway intervals.

Based off my Magic Mile, it seemed that my best interval choices were 3 minute run, 30 second walk, so that’s where I started.

He agreed.  10 miles for Week 1, with 17 weeks to go.


Some Other Thoughts

I tell my athletes and I know there are a million methods to get someone to a marathon successfully. This marathon is not only incredibly special, but I have the responsibility of another human with me for the ride.

I keep thinking these things:

  • must stay uninjured.
  • must get and stay very strong in legs and cardio, sure. But also, in upper body to push a race jogger for 26.2 miles.
  • I must learn to run and train with a jogger.
  • We (Logan and I) must stay safe out there on the race course.
  • We must finish.

To me, that takes the classic considerations of marathon training methodology and changes it up a bit. There’s a lot at play, and I am taking this responsibility very seriously.

What I Ate:

I have been doing the Metabolic Efficiency way of nutrition since January of this year, so my pre-run fuel consisted of coffee, almond milk, MCT oil, and a banana. Normally, I would have some nuts or something with it, but I walked out and left them sitting on the counter. I had Nuun tablets, and that was all I did for fuel. Since around March, I have been in a metabolically efficient state, which makes the longer and slower workouts much easier to do without much fuel, and especially sugar.

If I had been out there another 10 minutes, I would have probably needed something to eat – maybe a Larabar or something, but I felt pretty good.

I posted a thread on the Swim Bike Mom Facebook page about advice for the first-time marathoner, and there was an overwhelming theme of “fuel” and practicing that. I know that any runs over 10 miles I will need to really pay attention to my food and fuel.  I’ll keep posting on this as I go.


How It Went

So, I managed a great 10 miler with the 3 / :30 intervals.  I paced around a 12 minute mile for the 10 miles, and kept my heartrate in mid-zone 2.  It’s not speedy, but it was totally solid for a first outing.

I felt good. For the first long run in a long while? Really good, actually.

What I Listened To:

I started listening to the podcast “Up and Vanished” and that kept me in good company for the run. I would listen to my own podcast, but that would be weird. 🙂

I definitely have some time on my feet to do, and lots of work ahead, but I am hopeful for the joy in the process, excited for the opportunity, and blessed to “get” to do this with Logan.

Thanks for being a part of this new adventure with me!

#TeamLoganSBM #KPFMCM2017

To learn more about the race, Logan and more, please make a donation (no matter how small) to help reach our goal of $10,000 raised for the Kyle Pease Foundation. Each child costs over $3000 to get to a race like Marine Corps.

With this fundraising, we will cover the cost of THREE children to have this amazing opportunity at this race OR in the future.  #stoked

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