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Keep Building.

Tony Robbins said in a recent podcast (I am paraphrasing) that in order for someone to be the tallest building on the block–there are two ways to achieve this end:

1. You can work hard and build the tallest building, brick by brick OR steel by steel–which takes incredible effort, time, money and energy.


2. You can attempt to blow up all the other surrounding buildings and hence, by virtue of destruction, there you stand–the single super tall building.

Sure—taking the destruction route might be faster, but it destroys everything around you in the process.

Somehow, I think it also destroys you.

Because… well, now you’re just standing around rubble, with your dynamite and dust, with everyone… like… gone.

In this day and age, I am striving and encouraging others to work harder on process of building ourselves up.

Make your choices. Decide what you want and what you don’t want. And instead of tearing others down to make ourselves look and feel better, just move forward in the way that is best for your life.

Stand in the truth. Speak the truth (or stay silent when necessary), but keep moving forward doing your own thing, building your life, health and world—without dragging down others.

I’m good with hard work, brick laying and building.  I’ve got calluses on my hands and a really sore back to prove it.  It’s ALL good! Who wants to join my sweatshop? The pay may be lousy, but the rewards, friendship, bonds and laughter are great. 🙂

Happy Thursday everyone!


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