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The One Thing Today

If we feel healthy, we act healthy. If we feel well, we are kinder to others, we have more to give.

It builds on itself.  Happiness and health breeds MORE happiness and health.



When we FEEL terrible, other things also FEEL terrible.

When things FEEL terrible, things BECOME terrible.

Then we can think:  “I am terrible.”  (And then we treat people terribly.)

But we are NOT our labels.

One of the biggest things you can do for yourself is to figure out a path to FEELING better.

This can be a major task.  Don’t feel that you need to figure it out right now. Just start thinking about it. You can join a fitness group, nutrition program, go to a camp or a retreat. You can totally immerse yourself in the obsession of trying to “FIX” yourself.  It’s daunting.

And guess what? There is NO one right answer. You have to figure out what you need.

But one thing that is 10000000% true?  YOU are NOT broken.


When our kids or animals feel bad, we work to heal them. We feed them good things and make them rest.

We don’t declare them broken and give up on them.

So. Why do we GIVE UP on ourselves?

Many reasons: it’s overwhelming, change is scary, money, energy, time, we don’t trust ourselves, we lie to ourselves, we listen to the bullies in our brain, other people are mean, we can’t or don’t trust other people …the massive overhaul is a really tough path to take.

(But I tend to like massive overhaul… so I get it!)

But instead of focusing on ALL THE THINGS that ‘must’ change, let’s focus on just something.  That’s right. Just one thing.

Today, do ONE THING that will make you FEEL better.

And yes, you deserve it.  No matter how much you drank or ate or sabotaged yourself YESTERDAY (if at all), you deserve to feel well TODAY, starting RIGHT NOW.

And if you like this, then keep going– check out this “Do One Thing A Day That Makes You Happy” journal, which inspired this idea.

Additionally, Tim Ferriss talks about morning pages, jotting down some things FIRST thing to shape your day.

I have been doing this practice for 5 months, and it’s really fantastic.

That could be the ONE thing.

Ideas for the “one thing”:

  • Get a nice new journal and pen. Write something in it. (If journals make your perfectionism bells ring, get a SPIRAL notebook – like SemiKolon – so you can rip out your mistake pages… trust me on this). Read about the benefits of journaling.  Blick Art Materials has 20% for its customers 4/22 and 4/23. 🙂
  • Eat a big salad (here’s 24 salad ideas)
  • Start a new crafty DIY project  (Here’s some fun ideas)
  • Make a list of the things you like about your life
  • Go for a walk
  • Get or give yourself a pedicure
  • Clean out or organize your sock drawer (yes, really. You won’t believe how easy that one is, and how good it feels!) – love this Pinterest board
  • Wander around a beautiful place or city or store you love
  • Color or draw or paint
  • Call an old friend (a real friend)
  • Tell someone you are GRATEFUL for them, or do something nice for someone else
  • Practice gratitude (some amazing goodness here)
  • Pray/meditate (even if you don’t think you can)
  • Read a new book with a lovely cup of coffee or tea

If you are at a loss for something… and don’t like any of these, think about what you enjoyed as a kid.


And do one of those things:  play, ride a bike, skip, jump rope.

The list is endless.  Have a great weekend, friends!

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