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Why a Starfish?

Someone in our new tri club asked about significance of the “starfish” symbol – in our logo, and of course, as some may have noticed, on our triathlon kits.
SBM & TriFecta Logo Final3 copyA friend reminded me of a post I wrote a long while back about “why” a starfish became “my” symbol–long before it leaked over into the “swim bike things”.

In a post from almost three years ago, I wrote this:

Maybe the Starfish is my symbol.  

I mean, you cut off a part of the starfish… it regrows.  It keeps growing. It’s like the ultimate “just keep moving forward” animal.

And did you know that a starfish will continue to regenerate as long as its heart is intact?

…As long as its heart is intact. 

Key. Words. There.

We can do whatever we dream.  

We can keep going, no matter the heartbreak and the fear.  

A heart may be broken and cracked and hurt–but as long as the heart is intact, beating… we keep going.

And that is why the starfish is “my” spirit animal, our tri club logo and the symbol behind the Tri*Fe things… because it’s all about heart and soul.

As long as the heart is intact, we will keep growing and going and reinventing ourselves.

Every day is a new day.  That is a gift.  Have a great weekend, friends.


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