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Tuesday Tri Tip #2: The Great Coach Debate

This week’s Tuesday Tri Tip article is by none other than yours truly.  Now, I didn’t choose this article simply because I wrote it.  (I mean, it does make it easier… but still).

But it’s actually very related to last week’s Motivational Monday post which was about getting rid of the self-hate clutter and working on creating the best version of you.

A coach can either help you feel really great about yourself, or pretty terrible. They can be uplifting and motivational, or flat out drag you down.

If you decide you want or need a coach, or are even contemplating it, I encourage you to read the article so that you can find one that best suits your needs. I’ve been around my fair share of coaches since I decided to take up this amazing sport. And I’ve seen and met a lot of inspiring coaches. I’ve also seen a good deal of coaches who have no interest in boosting your ego, but rather their own.

Having a nice coach who cares about YOU is absolutely paramount.

Beginner’s Luck: The Great Coach Debate by Meredith Atwood

Beginner’s Luck: The Great Coach Debate

You need someone who’s going to give you tough love. Someone who can be brutally honest with you when things aren’t going the way we want them to.

(And THAT is not letting you down.  That is not “making you feel terrible about yourself.”  Sometimes it’s a coach’s job to give you a WAKE-UP CALL. [Hello! Is anyone out there!?!]

But…. you also need someone who’s able to bring your spirits up when you’ve had a rough couple of days, or just aren’t feeling 100%.

And most of all, you should find a coach who loves what they do.  (Because it’s not about the money!  If you breakdown how much time and energy coaching actually takes, you’d realize that none of us are in it for the money.)

I love being a coach, and it’s a part of my life that makes me super happy.

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