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Your First Triathlon: The ONLINE Event


Online Event

A step-by-step, two night online event covering the basics of swim, bike, and run for a beginner—all the way to your race day.

A must-have seminar for the first time or beginner triathlete who wants to get a better handle on training and racing.  All of this information in a safe and comfortable environment of YOUR home and your pajamas!

Have all of your questions answered LIVE.  Even the “silly” ones – it’s okay! I promise!

Wednesday, May 18th and Thursday, May 19th
8:00 pm EST / 5:00 PST

Topics Covered:

  • I want to be a triathlete! Now, where do I start?
  • Swim:  training, pool swimming, wetsuits, open water swimming, training, equipment, race swims,
  • Bike:  training, cycling considerations, equipment, necessities, clipless pedals, rules of the road, etiquette
  • Run:  training, equipment
  • Transition: what it means, how to improve
  • Mental Toughness: in training, and race day
  • Race Day: broken down for you
  • PLUS: All Your Questions Answered


Both sessions will have live video feed AND include a recording link later so you can view at your leisure, or if you cannot attend.  You can also call-in via standard phone or cell if you cannot be at a computer, or have issues accessing otherwise, during the event.

Recommended race distance for this seminar:  sprints and Olympic.

While anyone is welcome to come join the event and listen to the information and laugh at my Southern drawl, I would request that all questions be limited to those distance races.  Longer course races present different issues, strategies and nutrition considerations that would fall beyond the scope of this particular seminar focus.

Space is Limited. Register Now.




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