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Totally Rinny

Our eight year-old son plays baseball, and I melt when I see him in his little uniform.  I’m a baseball fan and I love love love being a second season baseball mom.

Baseball, however, wigs him out.

He likes it.   But… like any human, he wants to win–all the time, and it really sends him into a tailspin when his team loses, he strikes out, etc.  When he gets a base hit or makes a good play or his team wins?  Top of the world.  The rest?  Down in the dumps.

And man, I know how he feels.

We were in the kitchen yesterday before his game, and we talked about how attitude is everything.  We discussed it, thoroughly–well, as thoroughly as one can discuss theoretical things with an eight year old. He had a great game. I would love to credit the pep talk… but you know, who knows.

Actually, he said something very Brady Bunch, such as, “Gee Mom, attitude really is everything.” And it was way cute.

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And it wasn’t just lip service. I meant it, when I said that attitude is everything.

But really. Attitude is.

What I think, I let escape into my action and my habits. I watch myself time and time again… make laps around the kitchen wanting to shove my face so deep into the ice cream container that I come out the other side.  Don’t stress. Don’t think about the ice cream. Just keep moving freaking forward….

It’s HARD to think good thoughts, and to believe them. I can spend all day telling myself that I am a penguin, but convincing myself of it might be more difficult.

Sometimes it’s just HARD not to let your mind make you nuts. Especially in between work and jobs and school and and and… [Especially when you’re injured.] My pressure release valve isn’t working so great without cycling and running. Ack. 

I swim. I strength train. I swim. I strength train. Repeat.

But running – as difficult as it is – I do love it. So.  All I do in my head is dream of running–and I am so damn fast in those dreams, let me tell you.  

When I get cleared to run, I will need to be told: You are not Rinny.  

Because in my mind, I am totally Rinny right now.  Because I am positive-thinking myself to death… because, well, attitude is everything.

I am totally a runner like Rinny.  Twinsies. Me and Rinny…

At least in hair color spirit.  #GirlYourRoots

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  • Mariale

    April 26, 2016 at 8:18 pm

    What about trying an AlterG treadmill? I’m injured now as well with plantar fasciitis, and my PT and coach have authorized me now after 4 weeks off running, to start using once a week for 30min that fancy treadmill, I’d run with only 35% of my weight and so far no pain during the run and hasn’t aggravated either the injury. Those 30min feel glorious! And bonus points you totally feel like Rinny because no weight means you can go faster!!!


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