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Ambassador Spotlight : Rebecca Reynolds McIvor

Spotlight for this post is on SBMAT Ambassador, Rebecca Reynolds McIvor

Last but certainly not least my friend and tri sister.  

Rock Star on the bike, Rebecca is headed to Ironman AZ next month.


Rebecca Reynolds McIvor

City/State:Portland, OR

Age Group: 35-39

Biggest Inspiration: My son – he makes me want to be a better person in every aspect of life.Mom and son Tri

Scary 2015 Goal: Ironman AZ – oh, and getting married in June.

How Triathlon Changed Me: Confidence. Plain and simple.

I was a competitive swimmer back in school, always active. Yet somehow after marriage, a child, a career, divorce and too many moves to count, my confidence in the strong woman I knew I was had been lost, buried by life. Insecurities began to take over and I had become my biggest enemy. Triathlon has since pulled me out of the mess that is my own head and continues to prove every single day what crazy awesome things my body is capable of doing, regardless of size. Weight is slowly being taken off my radar and instead I am back to focusing on how much faster and stronger I can be. These things now drive my thoughts and actions once again – and it is totally freeing.

Swim Training

Favorite Piece of Gear:Naute Sport sunglasses. They are ridiculously durable, light as a feather and never fog. Oh, and did I mention cheap?First Duathlon

I Race For: For my son. To be an example of what beauty in a woman should truly resemble; the value of her heart and soul, her determination, independence and strength. Not the helpless, stick figure Barbie doll that Hollywood wants these young men to buy into.First Triathlon

For myself. I train and race to keep me sane, of course. But most of all I do it for the challenge, for the sense of accomplishment. To prove to myself that regardless of how old I get, this body is mine and by golly we are going to do some pretty amazing things while we’re together – heck, why not add 140.6 miles into the mix! This life is a gift and I don’t intend to sit back and watch it pass me by.

How I Pay It Forward: As my son gets more and more involved in triathlon, I’d love to look at ways of making this sport more accessible to the kids in our area. Can you imagine putting “triathlete” on your college application? How exciting would that be?!


What Else You Should Know About Me:  I studied classical voice in school, love all things beer related, am a San Diego Chargers fanatic and regardless of the heels and buns I wear to work, will always be a tom boy at heart.

Lake Stevens Medal Downtown Portland Commute IM Boise Finish

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  • cherylann

    October 9, 2015 at 9:07 pm

    Good luck with your IM AZ training….it’s a “fun” course as you get to see your loved ones many times throughout the day. I will be there cheering on my tri-friends. Hopefully I will see you!


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