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The SuperStar and Sweet Girl


Swim Bike Sell just released TWO new Tri*Fe kits designs- in stock now!  We have one pieces, tri tops (with and without bra), and tri shorts (yoga bands or drawstrings) available now in sizes XS up to 4XL.

The SuperStar

superstar bra yoga

 The Sweet Girl

sweet girl no bra drawstring

Don’t forget that all SIX of our designs are available now! Get them now, before they are gone. 🙂

Why Tri*Fe?  Tri*Fe is a nod towards “triathlon” and “female” [and if we are getting super-nerdy, the chemical symbol for the element, iron: “Fe”]. In the spirit of “Triathlon for the Every Woman,” we are pleased to offer triathlon clothing and gear in sizes for “every” woman… from extra small to 4XL.

Why the Starfish? The Starfish is a symbol of growth and regeneration.  As we travel through our life and triathlon world, we must continually change and grow. When we are hurt, we must regrow. We can “lop off” limbs of thought that are poison, and grow new, inspiring ones.  We can cut off our bad ideas and habits, and in their places, grow new ones. The Starfish reminds us that we can grow our own path, while trusting our instincts along the way.

The Addie KateIMG_8023

The Stella Rae

The Swim Bike Mom
by Betty Designs

Starfish & StripesIMG_7981

Swim Bike Sell Logo2


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