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Running Andy Potts’ Life

…Okay, so maybe not his life.



I am taking over Andy’s whole Facebook page tomorrow Friday, August 28th — ALL. DAY. LONG!

Who knows what kind of shenanigans will happen!

Who knows what kind of trouble Swim Bike Mom will get into!  {Okay, okay. No trouble here.}


But everyone knows that I am one of the BIGGEST Andy Potts fans in the world.

[Go here to read about our fantastic Andy Potts weekend in ATL in 2013.]


Yes, he’s a killer triathlete. Yes, he’s so very nice.

But I think he is such a fantastic ambassador for this sport– showing that you can be such an amazing athlete but also–nice and kind and make time for the “little folks.”


I am thrilled to have the chance to stop around in his Facebook playground for an entire day.

Make sure that you “like” his page AND have your Facebook set to get notifications from his page.  Now… let’s have some fun!

– Meredith




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