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Taking the High Road…

I’ll never forget the words of the managing partner of a firm where I worked as a baby attorney…  “You must always take the high road. Even when opposing counsel digs deep and comes up with mud—you should always, always take the high road.”

Well, I didn’t feel like taking the high road today in my life.

Sometimes I get tired of trying to do X–and fighting a Y result or a Z comment (or an F person). Haters gonna hate.  Yes, I know. Thank you Taylor Swift. But I am tired of entertaining folks who don’t show the same level of respect or ability to interpret the simplest of social cues. (Some people really were raised in barns…I am certain of it.)  Take the high road… yes, yes.  That’s what you should do–even when you want to punch a face.  Take the high road.

I didn’t wanna.  So, instead, I ran biked from it all.  I finally got both of my wheels back (…the wheels were in the “hospital” – I had popped two spokes–one on the rear and one on the front–within a matter of two weeks of each other… one from sweat corrosion; the other from a dropped chain that actually cut the spoke. Wowzers).

(Don’t worry… Stopped selfie.^)

So first outside ride in about 10 days.

And I got on my bike and I climbed.  (And those were some high roads.) And while I didn’t solve the world’s problems by the end of the 30 mile ride with 2,600 feet of climbing, I felt that I was a little saner.


Up and down. Up and down.

Ironman Lake Placid is zooming close with only 107 days to go (oh em gee)… and I still have Gulf Coast 70.3 in four weeks.  I am feeling pretty good all around.  Lots and lots going on, but good things happening with training and life and all that.  Life is hectic, for sure.

In good news, I’m obsessed with my new 920xt and the Swim Bike Mom Club on Strava, which is helping to keep me honest and motivated.  I love having swim data for the first time ever.


Still… while training and life is good, overall, I feel the overwhelming need to stick my head in the sand.

Am I the only one?

Is it just because everything is so busy… or am I letting the annoying/minor things get to me too easily? Probably both.  The suck line is struggling this week… but laundry is definitely losing!


(Head out of the sand and into the clouds? This was a good start!^)

Well, look at that.  I guess I did take the high road afterall. (Sometimes I can never tell until I am finished writing! 🙂 )

Cheers… and on and up we go… taking the high road on up!  Up up up!  Happy Thursday, ya’ll.


  • cheryl

    April 12, 2015 at 7:33 am

    We rode hills last week and were planning on doing it today also…but it’s raining! So going shorter, later-there’s always plan “B”! (Or an indoor ride…!) It will all come together race day anyway…

  • Lisa

    April 12, 2015 at 4:30 pm

    Just started reading your book and I had to pop over here to see if you were for real. I also stalked your result from the 2013 Couer d’Alene because Im just at the part of the book where you decided to make that your crazy goal. When I saw you had finished it I actually said “well, I could do that too!” My point is you are inspiring me, your words are making me ask myself some hard questions and I hate how much fear I have inside me. Looking forward to reading more pages. Thank you for writing the book and this blog.


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