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Ambassador Spotlight: Sarah Kelley

I had the joy of meeting this week’s Ambassador, Sarah Kelley, this past weekend at the Traincation.  She’s an awesomely funny and determined woman, and I can’t wait to see the great things she does this year!


Sarah Kelley

Sarah Kelley

Name: Sarah Kelley

City/State: Prairieville, LA

Age Group: 25-29

Biggest Inspiration: My daughter, my I Run 4 buddy Logan, and my friend, Cissy B.

Scary 2015 Goal: Cutting off 1.5 to 2 hours off of my 70.3 (70.3 Texas) and training for and completing my first Ironman at Ironman Florida. Last but not least, lose a ton of weight but keep it off this time!


How Triathlon Changed Me: Before triathlon I was a mom that felt like a mom and wife with nothing else. I felt like I didn’t have a place among my friends and felt completely isolated and lost. My identity was gone. I decided the day my daughter was born I decided to get into shape for my new family. While my daughter was getting cleaned up and having the usual tests done I got up and walked a mile around the hospital. I started from little to no fitness to just walking. I was determined to keep moving.



 (R-L) SBMAT members: Swim Bike Doc, Sara, Therese, Colleen, Sarah, and SBM


After a few months I completed my first 1 mile run, then I did a 10k and a half marathon. After 3 half marathons, I felt like I needed a bigger challenge. That is when a local triathlon came into play. I signed up on a whim with no training. I survived and placed third in the Athena division! On the way home I vowed I would NEVER do another triathlon.

Within 2 days I was signing up for another tri! Almost 2 years to the day after my first triathlon I did my first half Ironman. During the race it made me feel free, confident, me. I was… me! I was who I finally wanted to be! Triathlon made me change from “just” a former competitive swimmer to so much more. It gave me self worth and confidence. It pushed me out of my depression and into a healthy lifestyle. It has pushed me to overcome my eating disorder and stop the emotional eating and to put my emotions into a healthy activity. It pushed me to go back to school and finish my college degree. I figured if I can finish a bunch of triathlons I can and will finish college in May 2016.


Favorite Piece of Gear: My shoes! I like to pick the ugliest, loudest shoes! I may not be the fastest but I always have the most colorful shoes. That’s a win to me!


I Race For:  [Who / What / Reason] I race not only for me, but for those who can’t. There are so many people who have disabilities that aren’t as lucky as me. I race for them and I do it with a smile on my face because I am blessed and lucky to do what I do. I run for a little boy named Logan who cannot race. I get 2 medals at races, one for my daughter, Olivia, and one for my buddy Logan. They are the ones who deserve the bling! I also race to show my daughter that I am more than her mom. I want to show her a healthy, active lifestyle. I want to show her that she can do anything that she puts her mind to. She can have beauty, brains, and be strong! Last but no least I race for me. I race to push myself mentally and physically. I race so I can meet more people like myself and share epic stories and inspire each other. Plus I like to race for the bling 😉

How I Pay It Forward: With every training session and running race I use an app called Charity Miles. You can pick one of the many charities on there and with every step you take you earn free money from various large corporate sponsors! What is better than that?!?! I also cheer on fellow triathletes (men and women) at races! I’m usually the one with a big goofy smile on her face cheering everyone on while racing myself! I want everyone to have a good time just like I am!


What Else You Should Know About Me: Along with being a mom and wife I am also a full time college student! I go to LSU and I love all sports (Geaux Tigers and Who Dat)!

A few “fun” facts about me are: I wrecked at the same race, a year apart, in the same spot and the same EMT’s treated me! I am allergic to lemon and onion. I also am terrified of Gnomes. Not sure why! I was a firefighter for several years and it is still in my blood! I LOVE reality TV shows! It is my guilty pleasure! I hated running before I had my daughter. The day I had my daughter, I weighed 309 pounds. I had her and while they were getting her checked out I went and walked over a mile around the hospital. It was then that I decided to change my life and I haven’t showed down since. I like to smile. I giggle when I am nervous. I don’t give up, EVER! I am a multiple Grammy award winner… while singing in my car… by myself.

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