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The Power of Consistency

I preach to my athletes:  Triathlon “success” is all about consistency.  Hit your workouts, put in your time, don’t ignore your HR zones, and you’ll get there.

Where in the hells bells have I been?  Oh, that’s right… not following my own advice.

Sure, I was a little burned out after 140.6 in October, then I was ill several times, then the holiday madness… and well, most of January was just one giant rebellion against New Year’s resolutions

So here I am, and it’s almost February. I am purporting to do Gulf Coast 70.3 in May and Ironman Louisville in October–and I’m boycotting the pool.

unnamed (1)

I woke up and shook off the cobwebs and said, “Get with the program!”

And for the past week or two, I’ve been putting my caboose back on the train tracks. It’s been rough.  I won’t lie.  A handful of 8-9 mile runs (whereby I could hardly walk the next day)… a spattering of 1-2 hour trainer rides (God save the Queen!)…

unnamed (3)

But then the rudest awakening of all happened this morning at the pool.

Yes, I have been running and cycling fairly consistency over the last few months. Not as a much as I should have, but I haven’t been tragic.

unnamed (2)

But swimming.  Ah swimming.  

It’s arguably my best discipline.  But the pool had not seen my butt in it… in a very, very long time.

And my scheduled workout today was a swim performance test to gauge my time trial pace.  To which my coach wrote: “It’s been long enough. Get in the pool.”

Touche.  Welllllll…

After my “performance” in the pool this morning, I learned that not only did I forget how to swim (sorta), but my feet were sinking like rocks and, the most horrifying thing…  I had gained approximately 20 seconds on my 100s (e.g., slowed down 20 seconds off my best 100 times).

Holy slow swimmer, Batman!


But, alas, all is not lost.

Here’s a few things I know:

1) Swimming comes back quickly (or if you are just starting out, you’ll see fitness gains fastest in swimming, I believe).


2) It will all be okay.  It’s just time to get back on the consistency wagon.

Consistency is tough, sure. But once you get rolling, the funny thing about consistency is that it turns into habit and then all of the sudden, your Training Peaks is screaming bright, happy green instead of the mean, you’re-such-a-loser red.

Consistency leads to race day confidence.

Consistency allows you to feel like you are winning, even if you are the slowest runner in the entire world.  You know in your mind and your heart–that at that moment, you are giving your best, putting it all out there–and that’s magical fairy dust and unicorn stuff.


Aw. Isn’t she the cutest? ^^

So, here’s to a new week, full of consistency and unicorns.

Fist bumps all around.


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