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Race Report: 2014 Acworth Women’s Triathlon

RacePT Solutions Acworth Women’s Tri
Location:  Dallas Landing, Acworth, Georgia
When:  Sunday, August 3, 7:30am
Distance:  Sprint: 400 yard swim, 13 mile bike, and 3.1 mile run


It’s my FOURTH year at the race. (Race Reports here:  201120122013.)


This is such a wonderful race… I say it time and time again, but it truly is such a great race. 312 women only. Fun! I raced Athena group (women over 165 pounds), and there were 17 of us in that group, and 37 in my AG (35-39).


I think I will come back every year, as long as Georgia Multisports will let me! 🙂



Something is happening with my swim.


I am not nearly the water creature I used to be. I don’t know what in the world is going on.  Help me, Tom Cruise!

I’m good with a 9:15 (which is a 2:19 / 100 pace…)… but really, I swam the whole 2.4 miles in Ironman at 1:58/100 so I have no idea what the deal is.  This swim still landed me a 4th fastest AG swim, and it was 2nd fastest in Athena group.


Cool thing about this swim?  I had the chance to use the fun Dolphin Dive technique that Sara McLarty showed us at the swim clinic last week. How groovy!

Here’s a not-so-flattering shot of it… (Looks more like whale than dolphin from rear. Heh!)



I swallowed a TON of water at the start.

Each time I turned to breathe, I sucked in water–so by the third try, I was choking and had to sit up for a moment to get my act together, and then it was business as usual. Swim swim swim, and then hustle out of the water, dying and ripping my hair out along with my cap.


And while flailing my swim cap and goggles wildly (apparently).


Holy fast T1, Batman!


44 seconds! Boom. Lawd, I was heaving and huffing like a freight train, but there’s always time for a crooked helmet and a smile. IMG_1532

I saw PTS Sports Coach, Holly, in T1 and she got lots of these fun shots and cheered me on. Go go go!!

Out and on the bike in a jiffy…


I always enjoy the bike, even when it hurts.


Came back into transition after 13 miles in 41:47, which is an 18.7 MPH pace.

So close to 19! (4th fastest bike AG, 1st in Athena).

Was stuck behind a truck for 1-2 minutes, so I am going to blame that truck. Beep beep!

I really pushed this leg–or at least in my mind, I did. Considering on Friday, I ran 11 miles, then the day before was 53 hilly miles on the bike plus a brick run… I felt pretty strong working all this on “tired” legs.


I was only passed two or three times–by one person who I think won the whole darn thing, and another girl who shouted, “Come on pigtails, I know you’re faster than that!” She heckled me several more times and we hugged at the finish together.  Of course, she tore past me on the run and that was that.


1:00 minute even on T2. I took time to put socks on. Always do. Otherwise, my feet KILL me, and it’s just not worth the 8 seconds it takes me to put on the socks.


The run is always my special challenge. Mentally and physically. This course was the same as the one I did at Allatoona last month, where I SUCKED on the run. Okay, it wasn’t suck… but it wasn’t great.


^^Best aid station ever!!!^^


So this is the FIFTH time I have run this course.

Although someone mentioned that they changed it… I wasn’t sure. That may be right.

Regardless… the things I know:  I know that it’s hilly and it’s rough…  Still, I really wanted to lay it out there this time and give it my best effort. And for the love, not walk in the 5k. (Yes, it’s okay to walk in a race. Not saying that.  But when I am scheduled for a 140.6 in 80 days? No, this girl should NOT be walking. No no no. Bad Mere.)

I was pushing and pushing, and looking at my Garmin, thinking: I am so slow.


And I was trying so damn hard to RUN like a mother. (Though I look like I am dancing or something in the picture above!)

So I pushed hard, “There, that is faster.”

Up and down the hills, Zone 5, and sweating like crazy.


Go go go.

I ran like there was beer at the end!  There was chocolate, but beer would have been divine. I ran like there was a carrot in front of me… Or a cookie!

Just kept pushing.

Really, I think I have always been “afraid” to actually “race” – that I never quite take myself to the serious “dark place” – and I was close at this race. Really giving that last mile everything I had.


The last hill to the finish, then two left turns, and there’s the chute! Amen! Even on a 5k, the best part is the END!

As proven here:


A solid in-triathlon-5k for me at 32:47, which is a 10:33 pace.  Good time for me.

And I think this might be my first race picture (ever) where I have both feet off the ground.  (Just barely.)


Total Race Time = 1:25:32

Which meant a first place Athena win! Woot.

I had told my friend, Yoda, last year. I am going to get that first place Athena next year.  (And I did! Seize the day! Carpe Diem! Carpe Medal! Carpe 1st place!)

My time translated to 11 out of 37 in Age Group, and 58 out of 312 overall.  My “time” and my “place” has never really mattered to me. Just never has – I guess because I have spent so much time at the middle or the back.


When I told Coach Brett this… he said, “Told ya you had potential.” 🙂

But looking at all the results, and really looking at them…

I realized a few things.  First, that at any size or weight, I can get out there and push myself.  And I was VERY proud of this race.

But analyzing with my coach brain and from an outsider’s perspective the best I can, I just see that once again, my run (and my weight) is really the one thing holding me back from being the best triathlete that I can be.  Irrespective of others–I can do better and work harder. And I will.

My technique is improving constantly with Coach Brett’s help. So I am just more motivated than ever to work harder on both–run and keeping the bodyweight steadily moving down, instead of up.


A beautiful day to cheer on SBM Army members, meet new friends and get out and race.  Thanks Georgia Multisports for once again putting on a great event where EVERYONE finishes feeling like a rockstar.



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