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Peachtree Road Race, Kids and an Ode to “the Bird”

I’m not sure how this weekend happened so quickly.  It’s already Tuesday and ask me how much I have accomplished this week and over the weekend, and I will say, “Nothing.”

I feel like I am falling behind in every. single. part. of. my. life.  The laundry? Forget it.

The poor kids are like, “Moooommmmmmmm…. I have no underwear!”  (Turn it inside out kids! Double the wear!)  Just kidding. Yes. No. Yes… 🙂

So. Nothing is going according to my grand plan.


(And that’s okay…. can you tell?!  I mean, I am totally sane.)

My to-do list is insane.  It’s insane! I’m losing my ever-loving mind.

And somewhere in between all of this, I decided that we needed a fish tank… the Swim Bike Kids have never had  a real pet (because I’m allergic to everything), and I thought, “Fish. Fish are easy.”  (Fish are not effing easy.)

Breathe. Breathe. Okay.  Ah-hem.

Updates.  What’s going on in the Swim Bike World?

Well, I have been wearing capes and sparkles. (I thought it would help things).


Heh. Yep!

I ran the grand Peachtree Road Race (a 10k huge event / running race) on July 4th, which was only the second time I have done it.  The weather was AMAZING = like 70 degrees on race morning. Hello! Georgia? Wowzers.


The first and last time I ran the race in 2011, it wasn’t so super, and my time was 1:26:45.

Ran all of “Cardiac Hill” and really enjoyed myself, despite all my preconceived notions about the race.  (I had a bit of a hard time last year).



So anyway,  this year, my race time was 1:11:12.  

Love the number.  


So I knocked over 15 minutes off my time. Daaaaamn.

And it’s not like I was that speedy – there’s still plenty ‘o room for improvement.  But I was very proud of it.

(Must have been the cape.  Or the dude on the course with the red shirt, doughnuts, big smile and beer).

Maybe I was trying to not let Meb pass me.  You know.


And I saw a bunch of friends on the course… which is AWESOME in an event of 60,000 people plus.


That evening, the Expert and the Kids and I hit Roswell for the fireworks.


There was beer and whoopie pies and lots of cheering. #that is all


Fireworks made me cry.  Always do.  (Moving on….)

On Sunday, I took the Swim Bike Kids to the Peach Kids triathlon in Alpharettta.



Whereby the girl child declared that next year, “Oh, I am so doing this!”

…and the boy child said, “I will never do this dumb race.”


Well, then…

Eventually there was, somewhere, like in a dream–a long ride wearing some vintage SBM Gear.


A long(ish) run.  Some swimming.

Me trying to eat well, and failing—and picking up the pieces and doing better, then worse.

Rinse. Repeat.


It’s all a blur as I try and fit in all the things that I need to fit in… and some things that I don’t  need to fit in to boot.

Work is not slowing down.  Nothing is slowing down. Everything is getting faster and faster, and I’m on some freaking Tilt-a-Whirl, and I can’t even remember the last time I talked to my Momma.  (Hi Mom!)

(Oh, I talked to Dad yesterday, because he helped me with the stupid fish tank and the fact that Guppies and Mollies and Tetras were dying left and right…)


Today, the Swim Bike Boy was sick, so there was a sad attempt at a morning ride, then rush home, pick up kid from camp, doctor, and dropping off, and work and yet another bike fitting…


(And bike injury when I dropped said bike on foot. Awesome.)


The prescription pick-up and dinner and dishes and laundry (okay, so I tried).

My head is so full. My heart should be so full.

But I’m learning everything the hard way. As I always do.

I’m examining lots of stuff, and I think I just need some heavy drugs like meth. (I’m kidding. Drug addiction is not funny, Swim Bike Mom.  I know. Sorry.)

But lately…

I swear I am the Asshole Whisperer.

And I am tired of doing that too.  I don’t like whispering to assholes.  Literally or figuratively.


Speaking of middle fingers…. ^^^^  (Insert manical laughter here at this picture).

So, most of the time I just feel like I am on a treadmill to nowhere.  And I am glad I just have my two middle fingers to just point to things.

Something has got to change.

And it will.  It always does.

Just when I am sure of things… something changes.

Maybe this time, it might just be me. 


Have a great rest of the week friends!


  • Shane

    July 8, 2014 at 11:32 pm

    Omg! I love you! Met you a few weeks ago at Tri G Tri! Your humor against real life is what we crazy tri moms need to hear! Thank you thank you thank you for inspiring!

  • Joanne Kovac-Roberts

    July 9, 2014 at 11:16 am

    About your fish – if you purchased them from a store where you have to walk through the tall security detectors (like at Walmart) you have to carry the fish OVER those or you will zap them and they will start to die within a few days… Seriously.NOT.Kidding.
    Also – “Asshole Whisperer” !?! Must borrow that line!!
    Love your blog!!

  • Lisa

    July 9, 2014 at 12:51 pm

    Fish….so NOT easy. Life is always out of control and too busy when you’re raising kids but a sense of humor makes all the difference and it looks like you have that covered. 🙂


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