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A Low Speed Tip Over! So What?

This was a great share from my friend, Yoda… the 7 Habits of People with Mental Toughness.

I read it this afternoon coming off an almost-50-mile ride with Coach Brett where I almost broke apart and into a million little pieces.


And I had a Low Speed Tipover (LST) at a stop light.  We were about to go, and a firetruck came a’blazing down the road.  Brett stopped, and I teetered, trying to get ahold of myself.  Nope. Clipped in.  #ameatur  #goingdown  #splat.

By the way, a LST is very common, happens to everyone at some point.  It happens to me maybe more frequently than others…. but… Actually, I was proud – this was like my first one in a very, very long time.  I was overdue.

The evidence: boo-boo and dirt, post-ride:


So anyway, as I read through the post, I thought… I have NONE of these attributes! I am not mentally tough nor physically strong, nor anything in between. Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.

For example….

Number one: Always act as if you are in total control.

Hmmm… was this before or after all the f-bombs I was throwing out while we were climbing mini-Everests today?

Number Five: Never allow yourself to whine. (Or complain. Or criticize.)

Well, aw hell.  I was whining like crazy. And complaining.  And criticizing myself.

[But I did myself some props for finding this Queen cream.  A big fan.  Made by DZ Nuts, it’s for the Queen.]


I woke up sick.  I did not eat enough yesterday.  I felt like crap, popping a headache around Mile 12.  I was struggling all around.  Just haven’t been in the saddle climbing  in quite some time–and it showed.

Number 6: Focus only on impressing yourself.

Oh! I got this one… because there’s no way Coach B was impressed with me today.


[Even though he says he was. ]

I have spent way too much time lately giving a flip about what people think.  I mean, we all care and must care to make the world go ’round–to a degree.  But I have had some run-ins with people lately–people who I don’t even like– and I let them get to me.

So I’m climbing and thinking, “Ugh! These people! I’m going to kick their asses!” …when I really should just be thinking, “Climb WOMAN!  Get better for YOU! Who cares about THEM!”

Next time. Next time I will do that.

Number 7: Count your blessings.

“It’s a beautiful day to climb on a bike!”  Okay, so I did say that a few times.  And I meant  it about zero times–but the mere thought of positivity got me through.

I mean, I had a brutal ride.  Almost 4000 feet of climbing in a little under 50 miles. And the Roswell hills are much steeper  than I am used to… I like long, slow climbs.  Not ones that pitch up and remind me just how much I weigh.  (And lawd, I’m down some pounds too–and couldn’t tell.)

But man, climbing on a bike is such an exercise in mental toughness. It really is.  I forgot just how character building a tough ride can be.

And in the last three days, I’ve put down 6100 meters of swimming, 80 miles of riding and 10 miles of running … I mean, that sounds like 140.6 training to me.  Feels like it too…

And that’s what I signed up for!  Pfffft.  What am I whining about?


And as I am home now, not seeing spots on my eyes (!) and trying to re-fuel, I am counting my blessings.

Now that I decided I will not completely QUIT the good sport of triathlon… I am better.

I am grateful that Brett puts up with me, that my family still loves me… and tomorrow is a new day (with a fun clinic on tap!)

All good things!  Have a great weekend friends.  Good luck to all those racing, and IMLP folks—go show those climbs who’s boss!


  • Laura

    July 25, 2014 at 3:35 pm

    I had a LST last night too. Was accidentally dropped on a group ride, got lost, and tipped over while stopped in someone’s driveway to look back at the street signs from the intersection (left foot was unclipped, right still clipped). My knee looks a lot like yours. It’s been a while since I’ve fallen in my pedals, so I was overdue. Haven’t been dropped since early May, so that was coming too. But I made it back to the LBS in one piece, and today I’ve decided that I still like cycling (LOL).

  • Ang

    July 26, 2014 at 4:55 am

    Great read Meredith, sounds like my ride last weekend, coach not impressed – nor was I . I just need to dust off my ego and move on, better rides ahead 🙂

  • Hilary

    July 28, 2014 at 10:22 pm

    Low speed tip over is the worst! Well actually when you get up from a LST and are flustered, try to start up again and fall again is the worst 😉 I had a LST which landed me in surgery for tears to the cartridge and ligaments in my wrist and a fracture near my elbow. Yep I’m graceful!

  • Denise

    July 29, 2014 at 9:48 am

    I’ve had a few myself, the only thing to do when you see its about to happen is land on your side, not your knee! I stuck my knee out to break my fall too (I think it’s a natural inclination) and it hurt like heck! I got a nice bump and scrape on my knee and its actually a little dented still in that spot today, lol. Anyway, just wanted to say, You rock!

  • Allison

    July 29, 2014 at 2:50 pm

    I had my first LST this weekend with my shiny new clipless pedals (I’m doing my first tri in September and have been loving your book!). I was all proud of myself for figuring out how to adjust the tension and I was clipping around the parking lot like a pro, so I decided to take my new shoes for a spin on my usual neighborhood loop. In Greek mythology they call this “hubris.”

    About 3 blocks out I did something bad with my gears, popped my chain off, and…over I went. Luckily there was a patch of poison ivy to break my fall.

    I’m proud to say I finished the loop before dousing myself with Technu, but I have war wounds to match yours!

  • cherylann

    August 4, 2014 at 8:07 pm

    I have been riding in clip-ins since they were invented and have been fortunate to never fall over while clipped in! Love my bike and love riding. THe real test was getting clip-ins on my mountain bike! Now I wouldn’t ride either any other way!


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