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Swim Bike Kid …is Back!

I am happy to announce that, after a hiatus, the kiddo division of Swim Bike Mom has returned.

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Todd is the newest addition to the Swim Bike World, and will be blogging regularly about his experiences with coaching youth and junior triathletes.  Oh, and from a dad perspective too.

He’ll be working with me and Virginia to growing Swim Bike Kid.  (By the way, head on over here and “like” Swim Bike Kid on Facebook!).


So what’s the scoop with this Todd guy?


(Besides being the comic in labor & delivery? ^^^ )

Well, I met Todd during the USAT triathlon coaching certification back in January in New Orleans.  Little did I know that we were kind of neighbors (okay, so not really–but in Georgia) AND, we’d passed each other in many of the same races.  (Ah-hem.  He was likely passing me.)

[And he had never heard of Swim Bike Mom.  (Whomp whomp whomp) ].

2012-10-12 20.00.24

Well, he quickly learned about SBM and the Army, and dove right in by posting a play-by-play in the Tri-Fecta  group during his epic 20 mile treadmill run. So you all may know him by now anyway.

Married:  Yep!

Kiddos: Three of them: Two girls, 8 and 18 months,  and a boy, 5

Occupation:  Environmental & Safety Compliance administrator (SAFETY FIRST!)

Credentials:  Todd is a USA Triathlon Youth/Junior and Level 1 coach and a USA Cycling Level 3 coach. He has been competing in triathlons for several years, completing Rev3 Cedar Point 140.6 and several half iron distances. He also qualified for the 2014 Rev3 National Age Group Championship.


Annnnnd… Todd has a huge passion for kids and triathlon.

Currently, in addition to his day job, he’s the head coach of  a youth triathlon club in Augusta, Georgia. And his little two oldest kidlets are quite the triathletes, too.


Welcome, Todd!  We look forward to hearing what you have to say, and watching more 3-6 hour treadmill runs.  🙂


Some of you may remember Virginia–she has been the voice of SBK to date.  She is a working mom with a tri-ing husband AND tri-ing kids.  She blogs at Tri Mommy Tri. 

As we ramp up Swim Bike Kid with an eye towards local teams/chapters starting in 2015, Virginia will continue to guest blog from time to time, and admin Swim Bike Kid on Facebook with Todd.


Occupation: Mom, high school teacher & program director
Kiddos: FOUR of ’em:  girl age 17, boys 10 (almost 11), 9, & 4.
“As I child I was fairly active. I grew up ice skating and loved it, but I thought of myself as “that kind” of athlete, not an endurance athlete. In fact, I have asthma, so I always thought that I “couldn’t” run. Like most women, as I got older and started having kids, I found myself more and more tired and carrying more and more weight. After my third child, I started running. I joined a running group and ran a few 10Ks. Though I didn’t get “skinny,” I felt better about myself running. My “oooops” baby came along a bit later, and I found myself feeling uncomfortable in my own skin. I didn’t KNOW my body anymore. At the same time my job responsibilities were increasing and I thought I had no time for exercise. I had plenty of time for ice cream though. Occasionally I would run, but it wasn’t very regular.
“In October of 2011, I had enough. I started dieting, running, and going to spin class. My husband suggested triathlons, and I thought he was crazy. THEN….ONE DAY….I decided to do it. I haven’t looked back.


“As I got into triathlons, my middle sons did too. They both got road bikes about 18 months ago and have completed in several kids triathlons including the IronKids at Florida 70.3 and the First Coast Kids Triathlon in Jacksonville, Florida. Both are pretty big athletes, playing soccer and swimming year round. They both also run with a school running club. Recently they completed another 5k. My 10 year old finished in 22:45 and my 9 year old finished in 24:50. Though I wanted to run with them, I knew I couldn’t because I would never get to see them finish. They are so much faster than I am!
“We are all IN LOVE! Triathlon has given me confidence, purpose, and pride. While I once viewed all athletics as a way to lose weight, I now realize it is much more.  I am proud to be the mom that my kids are proud of. I am proud they are triathletes because I am a triathlete. It is contagious!”
Thanks, Virginia! 🙂


You can contact Virginia and Todd via the SBK Facebook Page:

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