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A Snowpocalypse Angel

My dear friend, Heather, is looking for a man named Rick, who is in the Sandy Springs area…

She wants to say thank you.

This is

Two of my best buds… Heather and Andy Potts. 🙂

Her story is below:

“I spent 5.5 hours in the car yesterday trying to get home, and I had to call it quits, abandon my car, and commence walking.

After falling half-way into a sewer drain (literally), I began what was to be a long and dark walk home — alone, in the snow, 19 degrees, in ballet flats with no socks — until a man, dressed head-to-toe in cammo, on a 4-wheeler stopped and asked urgently, but nicely, ‘Ma’am? Hop on. Where ya going?’

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With another young woman already on the vehicle, I made a split-second decision to hop on this thing with a stranger and take a chance. Normally, I would have at least thought, ‘I hope this guy’s not a serial killer,’ but the thought never crossed my mind. I hopped on and prayed for the best.

It would have taken me an hour or more to walk home, and this man, who could have been at home with his family, instead picked me me up and drove me — up the icy roads, down snowy embankments, over the pedestrian 400 bridge, up another road, and delivered me to the front of my neighborhood. Not because he had to, but because he wanted to.

After thanking him (not nearly enough), he zipped off with the other young lady to get her to Marta to meet her husband…probably another 3 miles away.

His first name was Rick, and he deserves some recognition for what he did to selflessly help his neighbors during the Snowpocalypse 2014.

If there is anyone out there who think they might know who this awesome guy is, I’d love to connect with him just to give him the thanks he deserves.”

If anyone knows the Snowpocalpse angel, Rick, please contact me, and I will forward along to Heather.

* * *

Social media is an amazing thing. Some people hate it. I (obviously) happen to love it… but after seeing the connections made, the help delivered and the way that everyone has really reached out to help their neighbors, I love it even more.

This is still the scene in parts of Atlanta.


The Expert is glued to the news.

I am, unfortunately, working like a madwoman from home—but I hear him muttering, goodness and oh geez every so often.  We have two reported deaths in the area already. People are still not home.

Prayers are being sent up for my Atlanta area people.  The Swim Bike Family, is thankfully, snug at home.  And even had some snow fun early this AM.

I hope you all get there soon too.






Swim Bike Klutz. Fell on my butt.


  • Danielle

    January 29, 2014 at 2:31 pm

    Angels all over the place, all of my family is in Atlanta & THANKFULLY save & sound after several of them spend MANY hours on the road!! They even started a FB page on ‘SnowedoutinAtlanta’, which helped me communicate to my Mom & feel like I could help some, from far away AR!!!
    Be safe!!


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