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Hi all! Virginia here. A bit ago I started a post called, “The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly.” I decided that both the good and bad were pretty boring. Yes, the good can be uplifting, but it is still boring. What seems interesting to me is THE UGLY!

So, this is my “the ugly” list, as of late. I am sure that many of you can relate to some of these uglies of triathlon training.

  1. Frozen mucus – Ok, I live in South Carolina, so this is something that I didn’t know could happen until last week. When Mama “Polar Vortex” hit the South, I got to enjoy this little gem. Last Wednesday I set out on a run with some friends in the lovely 17 degree chill (windy too). When it was over my hat was covered in ice (see picture), but I also had FROZEN mucus on the outside of my nose (no picture….you are welcome). Hmmmmmm….didn’t know this could happen.


    I realize it is hard to see the ice is this picture…but it is there!

  2. Winter trainer rides – This could go on a “bad” list, but it is really more of an ugly thing. I do them…I smile…but I have yet to experience the Meredith Atwood ZEN of riding a trainer for hours. I am just ugly on this thing….whiny…complainy….ugly! (BUT…I had a GOOD outdoor ride on Sunday because we had a minute of nice weather.)


    I smile…but it is ugly!

  3. Rumbly tummy – I’ve been experiencing this more and more after long run. GRRRR (nuff said)
  4. Sports bra smile – Yep….I am getting a scar on my chest from my sports bra rubbing the skin. Before you offer advice, I THINK I have tried it all (new bras, lotion, Vaseline, Band-Aids). For some reason, my sports bra rubs a line on my chest that seems to now be there permanently. It looks like my chest is smiling.
  5. Hokas – Ok…these awesome shoes could certainly go in a “the good” column, but they are so DARN UGLY. This is UGLY LOVE. These shoes are awesome….can’t stress it enough. This latest addition to my running is really wonderful….but goodness they are ugly. I’ll take ugly. Honestly, I’m not complaining because awesome = awesome, but awesome = (also) ugly.
  1. hoka

    LOVE this shoe….but it IS UGLY!

Well, that list isn’t too long, but it’s what’s up in my world. Training is awesome right now (largely in part to a solid plan provided by my trainer), but I am experiencing some fatigue-induced stupidity. Shoot….that’s probably just an excuse. 


  • ronni

    January 15, 2014 at 9:09 am

    hi virginia,
    i have had the “sports bra smile” too. the worst is getting in the shower after, boy that smile stings when the water hits it! like you, i tried all of those things to try to stop it. i FINALLY found the solution. i cut out a 2″ x 2″ square of material from an old t-shirt, including a 1/2″ strip of material on two opposite sides. i wrap it around the lower portion of the pod and tie the strips together at the top. i still apply body glide, just in case, but the cloth there keeps the actual pod from rubbing. ta da! much better showers afterward and the smile is starting to disappear.

  • ronni

    January 23, 2014 at 10:29 am

    duh, i just realized (a week later!) that my response was about the abrasion/smile from a heart rate monitor. however, you can do basically the same thing for an abrasion/smile from a sports bra. but a piece of an old t-shirt in there. it will stay put when you sweat and will guard the sore area. hope that helps!


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