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Be a Part of the 140.6 Book!

As many of you know by now, I am (deep) in the process of writing another book.  Oh lawdy.  So much for making 2014 much calmer. Hah. But in all reality, I must write—it’s a compulsion—so I might as well write with a plan.

Like the last book, I will be including a section of contributions from the Army.

The focus of this book is obviously tackling Ironman (ah-hem…. 140.6 mile races… since I can’t use the trademarked term!)… anyway, tackling 140.6 miles as a busy, average woman (or man… yes, I know that men read the last book too.)

Book Cover by

Book Cover by

So what would I like to hear from you?

Answer ONE of these questions:

1) What HAS 140.6 miles MEANT to you?

2) What WOULD 140.6 miles MEAN to you?

I can go ahead and save some of you trouble— 140.6 miles is not for everyone to do, nor strive to do. I get that. But this book IS about wanting to accomplish 140.6, or just reading some scoop and humor about the journey. So, please no need to send me a comment that says, “It means NOTHING because it’s CRAZY!!”  I get that.  Your voices have long been heard–and are often heard at the grocery store or the breakroom. I get it. 🙂

But if you’d like to contribute, please think about those questions, and I would LOVE to hear your responses!  Please limit to 150-200 words.  By submitting you are acknowledging that I may publish your response in the upcoming book, with your first name and last initial (only).  Thanks as always!

To answer some questions:

The book is due out in Summer 2014.  And yes, I am accepting pre-orders now. The release is scheduled for July 18, 2014. ALL preorders will be autographed copies, and released before they are available to the public. Limited to the first 300 books sold.  Thanks ya’ll. 



  • Nancy M

    November 23, 2013 at 8:50 am

    Wow! Where do you get all your energy to do all that you do? – you have a family, you work, you train & race, you have the blog/ interview/design & sell clothes, now add on writing book #2?! YOU ARE AWESOME!!!


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