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Yoga this morning.  Unlike my usual days at yoga, I was restless.  Couldn’t stop fidgeting. Was struggling with being in the moment, with meeting myself where I am.

I had a long chat with Coach T-Bone yesterday about my laundry list of  real issues coupled with a smattering of first-world problems. Regardless, I’m working through some major bat-shite right now.

The biggest first-world problem I have is my perceived inability to put down the fork. Bat-shite.—–[By the way, sidebar. For Halloween, we got the boy Swim Bike Kid a little stuffed bat… so cute… anyway, he says, “What should I name him?”  and I jokingly tell the Expert, “He should name it Bat Shite.”  And the Kiddo heard me. Bet you can guess what that bat’s name is. And he carries it everywhere—“Where’s Bat Shite?!”  Horrible. I know. #motheroftheyear]

Anyway, so working through some stuff. Yes. Eating everything that doesn’t eat me. Yes.  Feeling kind of at peace and miserable at the same time, if that makes sense. Internally, I think I am fighting off some demons, but feeling very thankful and happy for my family. But externally, whoa nelly, I’m like Buddha with the belly I am rocking right now.

Today’s yoga introduced me (e.g., gently slapped me across the face) to the concept of Santosa. 


I was working on some serious Santosa yesterday… Coach T-Bone ordered “off the trainer” squats. Ride 1.5 hours. Then squat. Santosa.

Santosa = Contentment.

Santosa is the “acceptance of what is, without judgment or desires of what you would like it to be.  To practice Santosa is to practice the perfection of every moment, no matter how difficult or uncomfortable. It means being happy with what we have rather than being unhappy about what we don’t have.”  (Quote, from Yoga Part VIII).

True peace comes from being content, even while undergoing and experiencing the bat-shite that life can throw at us. When we view life as a growing process and that all the experiences are lessons, that everything has a purpose and a time and a season (sound familiar?)… then we are practicing contentment.


Pure joy. Pure santosa last night on the couch with the girl Swim Bike Kid.

I am diligently working on contentment …as it goes against my very nature.  I am a constant striver—always looking for the next thing, the next project.  (In case you guys missed that memo).

To be happy with what I have —is a foreign thing for me. But I am working on it. #swimbikethankful  

Contentment is not only tough in our society, but also in triathlon.  We want to be faster, fitter and stronger.  I don’t think triathlon is the polar opposite of santosa however.

I see santosa and triathlon as simply the same idea as being grateful for what our bodies do every day, every workout, every race. No matter the end result. They do. They work. Every body, in every unique and special way.


Santosa = to be content in the strength and glory and possibilities of what our bodies can and will do for us?  Yes. If we can try to view our growth in triathlon, in life, while simultaneously being grateful and content where we are—-then I think we’re on the right path.



  • Sue

    November 21, 2013 at 4:32 pm

    Love this post! Focusing on getting contentment from things other than food is my big challenge at the moment. I’ve been a long time reader and your struggles have echoed my own. I’ve been doing a lot of reading on food and exercise verses you brain chemistry (the Hunger Fix by Dr. Peeke, and The End of Overeating by Dr. Kessler if you have time to read, which, since I have been a long time reader, I’m betting you do not) and to sum up some relevant points, you get a dopamine release when you “cheat” with junk food that reinforces the habit and heavy exercise can lower acetylcholine levels which in turn lowers you resistance to temptation. “Detoxing” from the junk food dopamine hits by increasing contentment and enjoyment in other areas of your life (fresh flowers,main/pedi,meditation) is supposed to help make it more of a level playing field, so that’s what I’m trying. At the very least, you get flowers and nice nails out of it. 🙂 Good luck!

  • Tri Fatty

    November 22, 2013 at 12:55 pm

    Great post Meredith. This is one of my long-term goals as well. I get caught up in all my past failures then on what I have to enjoy in this moment right now. Thank you for reminding me.


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