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I’m a slug….

Hi folks, Virginia here.

Today I am feeling a bit like a giant slug. I’ve had a week of doing very little. While it feels good, and I think it was needed, I am feeling a big sluggish….but as you can see from the picture, I’m trying to be a cute slug.

To start, I did do a half marathon on Saturday (not the behavior of a slug). I went to Georgetown, SC with my sister and mom and my sister and I ran the Bridge to Bridge Half in Georgetown. It was A LOT of fun. Sadly, my time was a bit cruddy, but I am trying HARD not to harp on that. I felt great the entire race, and I felt like I was MOVING hard, but my time was 2:03. I’ve never had a half marathon in over 2 hours. Now, BOTH of my half marathons in my HIMs were WAY over 2 hours, but my times for JUST halfs has always been below 2. I did this SAME RACE (SAME COURSE) last year in 1:53…meaning I added TEN MINUTES.

slug2I think my addition of time is due to two big things. First, my IT band has been an issue for a long time and my running has really suffered. Excuses, excuses, excuses!…I know… Second, I’ve focused a lot on cycling in the past 6 months, and obviously I haven’t given enough to running. Point taken, lesson learned. Maybe I am what is meant by the expression, “Triathletes are mediocre at three sports and masters at none.” JUST KIDDING…DON’T get offended.

So, you would think that after my mediocre run (which felt great), I would be hitting it all hard this week, but if you were thinking that…you are WRONG! I’ve done almost nothing. My 3 year old kiddo has been sick with a sinus infection most of the week. Monday night we got almost no sleep at all. This translated into my excuse to blow off my morning ride. Tuesday and Wednesday and Thursday….more of the same. Slackness abounds! I did go on a run after work yesterday, but it was only 4 miles. HOWEVER, I am 100% committed to my 10 miles before work tomorrow. I am meeting a friend at 4:40 in the morning, so I can’t leave her hanging. That is just what I need…….PEER PRESSURE!

WITH all of this being said, I think maybe I needed to be a little slack…a little sluggish…a bit of a sluggy slugerson. I didn’t take much time off after my HIM in Augusta and then ran a half marathon 2 weeks later. I think my body is giving me the STOP AND REST message. I got it…..I listened….I rested. Now, it’s time to stop resting!

I AM A SLUG. I admit my sluggish ways. I vow to take the rest I have had, use it, and cast off the sluggish nature that has held me in its grips! GEEEESH! Dramatic Much? YEP!

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