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Enough is Enough!

Hi folks! Virginia here, and I am feeling a little “deep” today. My family returned from 6 days in the mountains last night. During that time it rained almost constantly. Because of that, I really got off of my 70.3 “plan” and mainly just ran. I wasn’t really feeling cycling or swimming in rain and thunderstorms on unfamiliar mountain roads. I did do a lot of running, which is pretty tough up there. I also didn’t really eat clean while up there. I certainly didn’t eat anything fattening (except for one dinner out), but I wasn’t clean, especially by SBM Eight to Great clean eating standards. So, in my typical way, I have found myself criticizing myself  a lot….which just isn’t productive.

I woke up last night about 12:30 and didn’t go back to sleep until about 4:30 (ugh). During that time I found myself reading blogs, Facebook, etc. Here’s what hit me in the face like a ton of bricks:

We are SUPER mean to ourselves.

Ok….I already knew that. I’ve even blogged about that…but it’s bad, folks. BAD. I see awesome mommy athletes criticizing their “slow” runs. People beginning posts with words like, “I know this isn’t much but….,” and others doing awesome events and downplaying their finishes. Don’t get me wrong, I do this too…..everyday….. but it has to stop. One of the MAJOR reasons I do triathlons (and really anything athletic) is for my kids. I want to be an example. I want them to be proud of me and to want to do it too. I want them to think that MOMMY ROCKS! BUT….If I begin a Facebook post saying, “This wasn’t very fast but today I ….,” I am only teaching them that I AM NOT ENOUGH. If my kiddos think I am not enough, maybe they will think they ARE NOT ENOUGH TOO! Crud! They SO ARE!

Yep....he's perfect! HE IS ENOUGH!

Yep….he’s perfect! HE IS ENOUGH!

So….I am going to add to my SBM Eight to Great Challenge! I am going to work to be on track with my training, eating, and SPEAKING/THINKING. I am going to try to think positively about myself, and even when I can’t, I am not going to say it out loud. For me, that will be the hardest part of the challenge. Who is with me?


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