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Eight to Great: Day Five

I did not workout today.  That makes three days this week, and guess what? I don’t feel badly about it.  Why?  Because I needed to sleep.  And sometimes, it’s okay to tell your body – you need sleep. Chill out and sleep. So I did.

And I feel like a thousand bucks today (not quite at a million bucks yet). Except I think I am coming down with a cold. Of course.

The Expert is going through some serious issues with his conversion to clean eating.  He’s been a pretty hard-core Diet Evil Coke drinker for as long as I have known him (errrr…. so 20 years?!), and I think the chemical withdrawal is making his skin crawl.

I, on the other hand, am just a pure and simple junk food, peanut butter, beer & wine hound, so I’m not feeling too terrible on Day Five. I think my chemical withdrawals are much less severe.  Though I actually am thinking about Mexican food and margaritas today —it’s the Friday Pavlov’s dog in me, I guess.

Tomorrow is a long open water swim and a long bike.  Augusta 70.3 is literally around the corner, and it’s time to get back in the saddle.


Workout:  Nada

Breakfast: Organic chicken sausage, kale, avocado, red peppers.  I’m telling you I’m such a creature of habit (good or bad habits, doesn’t matter).  Had a weird allergic reaction to something is morning, though. Itchy throat and snorting. Either that, or I just have a cold coming in. Which is possible.

Lunch:  Salmon, one organic chicken sausage, spinach, raw cashews. (Come to find out the cashews I have been eating were not Whole 30 compliant in that they had rice bran oil. I am going to trudge forward with counting today as Day 5, because I intend to continue with the Whole 30 beyond 30 days…. so we’ll just roll with it. Otherwise, I’ll lose track of how long I’ve been working at this. Make sense?)

I was feeling great until after lunch. Then I started feeling really gross. Bloated. Gross. Weird.  And very full. 2 hours after lunch, I felt inexplicably full…

Which is good, I guess.

Dinner:  Going by Whole Foods and picking up shrimp for shrimp “tacos” in lettuce wraps.  I am going to eat them and that is all, but will likely throw in a sweet potato—tomorrow morning is a long swim and ride, which means I need to be creative in the fueling process tonight and tomorrow.   Can take a sweet potato tomorrow for the ride too. Stay tuned on that.

But anyway, I don’t feel the need to drink or gorge tonight. I just feel the need for peace and calm.

Tomorrow night, the Expert is cooking this: from PaleOMG.

IMG_0822-610x300 (1)

Image from PaleOMG:


What is SBM’s Eight to Great?

So I started the SBM Eight to Great to give us all some motivation and incentive to be better together.  Eight weeks of full commitment. So whatever changes are you are going to make, whatever eating regime you plan to follow, let’s do the healthy things together.  We already have almost 500 people on the Facebook group! You can join the Facebook group here.

The main tenets of the Eight to Great are:

1) Eat clean– no junk food, no (or very limited) processed food, low (or no) sugar, no booze or Filet-o-Fish sandwiches (written more with myself in mind here). I am following Whole 30, but there are many ways to get to healthy—-we all must find what works for us.

2) Train hard – work hard in your workouts with your big goals in mind. If you need a free beginner tri guide, go here.

3) Just Keep Moving Forward – if you fall down, you pick yourself back up and go!

Go here to sign your commitment to GREAT, and let’s get ready for an amazing, life-changing 8 weeks! Go here to download an awesome goal-setting worksheet from Whole 30.

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  • Amy

    August 9, 2013 at 4:22 pm

    The cold can be part of it, where you are. Detox is letting the bugs loose. (As is the gross and weird and bloaty-the-whale.) Get some plantains for those shrimp tacos! Just get black ones. Learned the hard way. I’m such a W30 cheerleader. 😉


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