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Eight to Great! A SBM Commitment Challenge

So I have almost 8 weeks until Ironman 70.3 Augusta. The Expert just registered for Rev3 Half Rev Anderson for October 13th, and we are FLOUNDERING. Lawdy, we’ve been under some crazy stresses, yes, but we are desperately ready to get seriously motivated and committed to our “A” races.

After receiving emails and messages from many, stating that some of you are also struggling, I thought we could all sign a petition and make an 8 Week Commitment to change, that will, in turn, help motivate AND change us for the better (forever!).


By signing this Commitment below, you commit to:

1) Start the challenge no later than Monday, August 5th – because we all need one more weekend to expel the bad behavior. [Okay, so I do.]

2) Eat clean – no junk food, no (or very limited) processed food, low (or no) sugar, no booze or Filet-o-Fish sandwiches (written more with myself in mind here). If you are looking for a good plan, try the Whole 30 (I’m doing this) or the Metabolic Boost & Burn (which has been successful for me as well).

3) Train hard – work hard in your workouts with the big goals in mind. If you need a free beginner tri guide, go here.

4) Just Keep Moving Forward – if you fall down, you pick yourself back up and go!

So “sign” below, and let’s go.


SBM’s Privacy Policy is here.


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