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Decisions, decisions, decisions….

Swim Bike Kid here….

In my last post I was unsure of where to go…what to do….etc. I was stalled. I stayed there a while. BUT…last week I finally made a decision and registered for Ironman Augusta 70.3. While this race had a higher registration fee than I wanted to pay, I decided that I would likely SAVE the difference in travel costs, etc. All others were going to require a longer travel, etc. PLUS, there are lots of folks from my area (Columbia, SC) who are doing the race, so I’ll have a “community” to train with. SO…decision made.

NOW I am ready. It is amazing how much a decision will change things. Once I registered, I had a very sure sense of purpose and vision. I’m SO DARN TYPICAL. I wish I was more …. I don’t even know….but I know that I am a person who needs a goal.

So… of today there are 111 days until Augusta. Yesterday began the 16 week training program. I started the training program with the Tybee Island Sprint triathlon……which means I didn’t stick to the “plan” from day one! LOL! But, I had a great day and a great race. Now, I’m at the beach with the family for a week. I had a great (flat) bike ride this morning, but the next 5 days will involve too much beer, etc. BUT…my plan doesn’t say a word about beer.

I believe there is great power in a decision. It was a simple decision to try a sprint that started me on this path. Every accomplishment has started by making a decision and plopping down my money. So…here we go….another decision made. I’m going to KEEP MOVING FORWARD.

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