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Beginner 12 Week Mentoring Program

Are you a beginner triathlete who wants to finish a tri before the end of this season? Are you looking for some one-on-one guidance, a custom training plan and direct interaction to have your questions answered as they arise?

I just launched the SBM 12 Week Mentoring program  which includes:

  • 12 weeks of personalized workouts, customized to your exact ability level (even if you can’t run for a minute right now!)
  • one-on-one phone/email/text mentoring as your questions arise
  • daily interactions and feedback to help you reach your goals for your first (or next race)

The program is a limited 12 week committment—-think of it as a jumpstart and a mission for your race— for only $20 a week.

There are only a few slots available right now, so if you are interested please contact me.  And I’ll be in touch ASAP.



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