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Hi World! Proud Mom Virginia here. Today was a kids triathlon for two of my kids, and I am super proud to report that they were awesome.



The morning started early and we headed out to get to the event in time for the 7:30 information meeting…which didn’t start until 8:00. Both boys were excited to compete, and they both had worked pretty hard lately on transitions, etc. Very cute. Both kids were in the same age group (8 – 11 year olds), and they had to swim 100 meters, bike 2 miles, and run about a mile (I think). I knew they would be super strong in the swim, and they were. It was actually pretty funny to try to watch them pass other kids in the pool….didn’t work too well…..lots of little pile ups.



Watching them role through transition was pretty funny. My younger son almost forgot to put on his helmet. I was standing on the side screaming, “HELMET! HELMET!” like a crazy mom. He finally heard.

IMG_9141    IMG_9138

We couldn’t see the bike ride, but we heard the story of our oldest son’s wipe out. Apparently he was going down a hill and didn’t take the turn quite right, hit the curb, and came off the bike. His arm is pretty scratched up, but my tough kid was able to get up and keep going. HE ROCKS! It was exciting to see them both running in at the end of the run. Both were hauling it and trying to pass kids in front of them. Super cute! My kids are ROCK STARS!

IMG_9156 IMG_9148

Most importantly, both kids had a blast! They both declared that the event was more fun than a soccer game, which is a BIG statement. Both are ready for their Iron Kids event next weekend, where, thankfully, they will be in different age groups. I am glad they are in love. Swim, Bike, Family! Woot! Woot!

Watching my kids tri was also very inspiring for me. I went to meet a new tri friend for an open water swim after their event, and I was absolutely on Cloud 9. It was a great day for an open water swim, but I was also completely on a high from watching my kids try a tri with such passion and effort. They rock! I’m completely convinced that KIDS TRI HARDEST!

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  • Wanda

    May 11, 2013 at 4:52 pm

    I’d never heard of nor thought of kids’ tri and other races until recently. Your story today is just the absolute best. I enjoyed reading about your kids’ tri today. Thanks for sharing!

  • Christine

    May 18, 2013 at 9:23 pm

    Wonderful triathlon!! I have to ask: how do you get then ready for a triathlon? My 8 year old is registered for the Chicago Kids Tri, and while he can swim, bike, and run, I don’t know what to do to prepare him for everything that goes into an actual triathlon. Thanks!


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