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Wowzers! Team TriBike!

I am honored to be a part of a triathlon team for 2013!  [Holy guacamole! (Me!?!)]

Super excited to be joining Team TriBike – the official ambassador team of Tri Bike Transport – for the 2013 race season!


And look—-someone else who loves Tri Bike Transport.

tribiketransport printscreen
That’s Andy Potts, people. It’s meant to be, I declare!

Tri Bike Transport is carrying my precious Andy (the bike) to Ironman Coeur d’Alene, and what fun it is to now be representing TBT at the race.  149471_10151532015653514_910314532_n

Congrats to the others on Team TriBike… and I look forward to meeting you!

Kyle Welch
Stephen Kilbourn
Neilia Bliss
Christine Kenney
Doug Vreeland
Mary Holt-Wilson
Jared Tootell
Emi Berger
Keish Doi
Misty Harris
David Kornfield
Richard Kalasky
Sydney Cornell
Ann Seiler
Andrew Rosenman
Tana Jackson
Courtney Haile



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