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You Are What You Eat

Well, on Tuesday, I  did, in fact, tear into some fried chicken and macaroni & cheese.  Yes, I threw *most* of it into the trash, and *most* of it did not get eaten.

However, I am pretty sure that I had enough in that few bites of chicken and one giant mouthful of macaroni to teach me yet another valuable lesson about food.  And like most lessons in life, I had to learn the hard way.

photo (2)

[Only including this picture because it’s precious. Come on. Yes it is.]

Very early on Wednesday morning, I woke up with my stomach turning.  Oh no.

Thirty-minutes later, I was in cold sweats on the bathroom floor… and the process of food poisoning had grabbed me and was destroying me from both ends (sorry).

Hours and hours of just disgustingness as my body tried to get rid of whatever was wrong.

I tried to get out of bed and the room would spin.

I stayed in bed until almost four in the afternoon.  Then I got up, packed two boxes of shoes for our move (which is tomorrow ah-hem), and got back on the bed. I bathed some kids at some point and sat on the couch for yet another viewing of the best movie ever—Wreck-It Ralph—and then I went back to bed.


The top two shelves of packing progress I made yesterday.

After literally almost 24 hours of laying and hating myself for all the disgusting things that were happening to my body, I woke up this morning feeling great and rested.  And because I didn’t eat anything all day yesterday and my body got rid of everything else… I was down a few pounds too.  Ha ha.

You really are what you eat… you eat crap… and well…
photo (4)

Check out this horror of a picture.  The Expert unearthed it during packing today.
Our trip to London in 2002.  Me…always with some sort of food product.

So tomorrow we’ll move, and then the progress towards Ironman continues. Settling the kids in a new school on Monday, picking up on my workouts Saturday, trying to figure out which corner of the house to make the bike trainer’s home…

The only thing… I have NO idea where I’m going to ride each weekend!  By the way, many of you were asking—we are moving to Sandy Springs, GA.  Sunday I have a 65 miler, but I don’t know WHERE to go! Yes, there is Silver Comet trail. But I kind of swore that place off since the two bike crashes and two low-speed-tipovers I’ve had have taken place there.

So if any of you can post links to your favorite riding routes in the Sandy Springs, Alpharetta, Atlanta areas… I would be most thankful.  I need long rides 50+ miles with some climbs if possible.  And if any of you are riding on Sunday and will let a girl tag along…  let me know.

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  • Katie

    March 7, 2013 at 3:24 pm

    Oh I feel your pain! I got food poisoning for the first time in my life in December (luckily post-IM). I spent an entire day without moving, eating, or drinking. I was miserable. Hope you bounce back quicker than I did. Can’t complain about the weight loss though! 🙂

  • AliKane

    March 7, 2013 at 4:47 pm

    Also…do you have a Garmin and are you on Garmin Connect? If so there is a new feature in the Plan section of Garmin Connect that highlights safe routes etc….might be worth a try.

  • AliKane

    March 7, 2013 at 4:55 pm

    OK…my previously 2 posts are awaiting moderation, so I’m going to post without the url. Try MapMyRide dot com, should provide you some route options in your new hood 🙂

  • Becky

    March 7, 2013 at 5:23 pm

    Do you ever use — it has so many maps and options. There are rides out of Cadence Bikes on Sandy Springs Circle on Wednesday and Saturday. And Columns Drive (just across the river in Cobb) and Riverside/Azalea (just across the river in Fulton) are veritable highways of cyclists-although flat and somewhat boring. I live in Sandy Springs, but I will only ride on Columns, everything else is too trafficky and scares me. I do weeknight rides at Columns or the Silver Comet and Sunday rides up in Cartersville at the Budweiser plant when there is not an organized century somewhere. If you’ve never been to Cartersville, it is a great low traffic area with lots of well-marked routes (maps are on saddlebred, too, but you really don’t need them). On a nice weekend, there are probably 200 cyclists up there.
    For organized rides, so far I plan to ride the BRAG Oreo Cow Century on April 6 (not doing full century!!), Up the Creek without a Pedal on May 11, and Jackson Brevet on June 16, and you are welcome to carpool. Feel free to email me with Sandy Springs questions!

  • Debbie

    March 7, 2013 at 5:31 pm

    The only good thing about being sick is losing a few pounds 🙂
    Happy moving day. You are a tiny bit closer to Chattanooga now!

  • justin

    March 7, 2013 at 5:42 pm

    Sunday’s at 9am we do the Roswell Bikes group ride (normarly 8-15 people)….. 44 miles but the course is marked so you can add additional miles if you want to, average pace 17-18mph and its got some good hills and rollers. If not I can send you the Webb Bridge route (Alpharetta) which is hilly and around 56m.
    Enjoy as the area has some great rides

  • Diana

    March 7, 2013 at 7:24 pm

    Check out the Bike Roswell website, they have a 25-miler that starts by the river. It’s a good mix of hills and flats, and the course is well marked. There’s also columns drive, it’s a 5 mile loop (2.5 mile long street) that tons of cyclists and runners use. It might get a little boring for 50 miles though!!

  • Jennifer

    March 10, 2013 at 10:30 am

    Roswell bikes and Lifetime fitness in woodstock and in Alpharetta have some marked routes that go through roswell, milton, alpharetta and woodstock. LOTS of climbing, but some nice roads, too. My husband and I typically ride around the area and it’s not to crowded with cars. Also, we drive up to the Bud Plant in Cartersville for longer stuff. Have you ridden there? Beautiful roads, very few cars, tons of cyclists, and rolling hills. Let me know if you want more info on the Roswell stuff.


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