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Getting Schooled

I found a new riding buddy up here in the new ‘hood.

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Carrie’s a self-proclaimed klutz, and said she’d only been on the bike 10 times. She comes from a swimming background, and looks like an athlete, head to toe (first clue that I might be in trouble). Another friend from the gym, Bill, was going to take her out on the infamous Alpharetta Loop – and Carrie invited me to tag along.

Well, it can’t be that bad, I thought. She’s only been on the bike 10 times… surely I can keep up.

I told the Weatherman that I was going today with Bill and Carrie-“I-Just-Barely-Ride-A-Bike,” and he said, “Oh man. They’re gonna smoke you.” 

(Ignore the calories—I forgot my HR monitor today.)

And man, was he right.

This was a hilly route, and where I could keep up with the pair on the short rollers and straight-aways… when the road pitched up hard… they were g-o-n-e.  And when it pitched up hill after hill, they were g-o-n-e even further.

After the ride, I told Carrie, “I should throw a 70 pound weight vest on you, and then I could keep up!!” Such is life. Such is my fat ass.  We had a good laugh about it—and she and Bill were great fun to ride with! It’s great to ride with SUPERIOR cyclists, for sure. I just always feel bad – like I am holding someone back.  But they were awesome.  

And Bill was a fearless leader! He took us on an amazing route. 

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It was a tough ride, but after the 47 miles, I felt okay. I wasn’t completely bonked or exhausted. I felt fine, actually, which told me that all those trainer rides have paid off. I wasn’t fast today… but I was faster than I normally would have ridden a course like this.

Plus, I grew a little today…I realized that while I am an okay cyclist…that I will never keep up with the Carries and Bills of the world with my body weight where it is.

So it’s another lesson about keeping my food intake in check…good motivation.

Now… time to eat! 😉

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