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Breakthrough and CELEBRATING with a Boozy Smoothie!

Hey SBK fans! It’s Virginia, breaking-through-the-wall, Tate! I JUST (hear me when I say JUST) had what I hope will be my breakthrough and I’m celebrating with a boozy smoothie!

So, here’s the deal. Ever since my marathon, I’ve been STRUGGLING. I mean really struggling. I’ve been trying so hard to channel my inner Meredith (SBM), but it is hard. Some days I just can’t seem to keep moving forward. Don’t get me wrong, for the most part I have been continuing to train, but I have given myself excuses to slack off, train less, take “easier” days, and just get out of it when things get busy. It’s not ME. It’s not the ME I WANT TO BE!

So, today should have been one of the excuse days. I planned to go to the gym for a short treadmill run, some weights, and a spin class after work. I was taking my youngest child because the middle boys had soccer and the teen isn’t home. When we got to the gym there was a sign up that Kids Care was closed due to an outbreak of SCABIES! What? Yes, SCABIES! GROSS! We left. I was mad. Sweet baby was sad (he loves it). I came home pouting. My husband left to do soccer duty and I had about a minute of frustration and then decided to STOP!

Virginia_Trainer1SO…..I made a quick dinner for the little buddy, put him in a high chair, and hopped on my bike on the trainer. I rode and rode. Now, it’s hard to explain how much I HATE the trainer. I HATE IT! I read Meredith’s post about getting over it and embracing the boredom. I tried. She’s my hero, so I TRY to listen to her, but I still HATE IT.

But today….I RODE! My baby talked to me. I posted to facebook. I rode. I hopped off for about 10 minutes to clean him up and take him to bed, and then I rode more. All total, I got in 90 minutes. For a Thursday after work, that is a big deal. HUGE! Breakthrough! HUGE! I also have to say….I feel great. Maybe I finally channeled my inner SBM.Virginia_Ride

After hopping off I was left with what I should eat for dinner. I thought about cooking several healthy things, making a salad, etc., but I’m just not in the mood for it. Finally I decided JUST to drink a protein smoothie. Then…..BRILLIANT LIGHT came down from above…. I decided to make a boozy smoothie! So, my low calorie, high protein dinner tonight includes a celebratory shot of Malibu Rum!

Here’s the smoothie… case you are interested:

  •  1/3 of a frozen banana
  • 1/3 cup frozen berries
  • 1 cup Crystal Light Strawberry Banana (weird addition…but I was looking for an “island” flavor) ice
  • 1 scoop of vanilla protein powder
  • 1 shot of Malibu Rum

 Virginia_BoozysmoothieDELICIOUS! I’m having 25 grams of protein with my booze. HOW WEIRD IS THIS!?

 So, as I type, please know that I know that it is hard. Some times things are just overwhelming. Sometimes we all need a breakthrough and a boozy smoothie.  Keep on pedaling!





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