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100 Days & 10 Blocks of Love

The big milestone… 100 days until Ironman Coeur d’Alene …is here.

100 days has always freaked me out.

But I have turned a corner.  The 100 Day Corner. As I was kicking a ball around in the yard last night with the Expert and the kids, I realized that my life was calmer; that my constant state of panic, worry, driving, and fretting no longer had to be part of who I am.

For almost 6 years, the Expert and I were in some sort of life limbo. Hard to explain really. But I didn’t like the way things were–with my family, my kids, my job.  So we changed.

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Now, granted our family didn’t have a real choice after the Expert lost his job—we had to change—but for so long, I had been putting out into the universe that I wanted things to be different.

And now they are.

And I have this enormously sense of peace …along with a giant, empty hole where all of my worries and fears and anger used to live. I hope the empty hole has made me lose weight….Because while I will always have stress in my life (I know), right now all the stress feels a millions times less. I feel like I weigh less. 🙂

Two and a half years ago, I decided to change ME by starting to tri.

And I owe so so so much to my family, to the people in the sport of triathlon for being a part of the change.

As I was having a very grateful moment this morning in spin class, I realized that I wanted to somehow pay proper tribute and thanks to some very important people in my life—and especially during these next 100 days—as the Swim Bike Family becomes an Iron family.

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So I have decided to break up my 100 days into ten blocks of ten days.

And I am going to dedicate each block to a very important person or group of people in thisIronman journey. And when the training gets tough, I am going to look inside and get through the workout “for” that person, or group.

This is sort of like my mile-by-mile dedication from Ironman Augusta —where I ran each mile of the 13.1 “for” someone important to me.  I loved having that to cling to during the tough times in the run. So I wanted to have a similar motivation here.

So… here goes with my next post… I dedicate the next ten days of training to my Dad

The Twin "Crazies" :)

The Twin “Crazies” 🙂

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