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Stuffitts Giveaway & Promo Code!

Time for some great Stuffitts gear to giveaway!   I have been using Stuffitts for Shoes in my cycling shoes for over two years now.  After 70.3 Augusta, my Shimanos smelled so very foul after having the Savannah River (and other things) pour down my legs during the race… I thought I would have to throw them out, despite repeated sprayings, washings and prayings.  stuffitts-logo-e1320855240986

But I had been using Stuffitts, so I thought—well, maybe they save these shoes yet.  I put in my Stuffitts for Shoes in my Shimanos… waited about a week, and the stench was about 80% gone.  Another week, 90% gone… and now?  They smell just like flowers (well, cedar trees) and are holding up for yet another race. I kid you not.  Good stuff. And one of SBM’s Favorite Things, for sure.

So… I wanted to pass along the love, and thanks to Stuffitts- we have FIVE great things to giveaway.

Stuffitts for Shoes (original)


Stuffits for Shoes (sport, 2 pairs)


Stuffits for Helmets


…and the big one—a giant $109 value Stuffitts gear bag! (We’re giving away one in gray)VOLSGBQCP-1

Can’t wait to win? Just go to now and use promo code GREEN20 for 20% off your new order!

Otherwise, check out the form below to enter, or go to !  Rules for contest on widget, but giveaway ends March 15.

03 Stuffitts GREEN20

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Stuffitts is also a proud sponsor of Swim Bike Mom and the 2013 Racing Kits! Woot!

No bra option

No bra option


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